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The dog has got more fun out of Man than Man has got out of the dog, for the clearly demonstrable reason that Man is the more laughable of the two animals.

Most of what happens in the world is far beyond a dog’s comprehension, so they must turn to their faith in us to help them navigate life’s treacheries. Don’t we, also, have unanswerable questions about the vagaries of modern existence for which the answer is beyond human grasp, so that only our faith can guide us?

Growing up, my uncle used to always have dogs, and we always had a dog growing up. I couldn’t remember a time when I never had a dog. It was part of the family. So once I actually got old enough, I got a dog in college, then I felt he needed a friend, so I got another dog. They just started adding up from there.

When a man’s best friend is his dog, that dog has a problem.

Acting is invigorating. But I don’t analyse it too much. It’s like a dog smelling where it’s going to do its toilet in the morning.

Bella is my little dog. She’s an imperial Shih Tzu. She’s a little cotton ball with flecks of gold. She’s super, super cute, and she eats like she’s a Rottweiler.

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  • Hope For Paws – Official Rescue Channel: Hello everybody. We are actively trying to capture their feral mom, but she refuses to walk into a trap.
  • Adrian Andrade: Most popular comments question are: “Where’s the mom cat?”
  • Mary Durham: Ummm???… You have over 285 Comments asking about the Mama… They were obviously well taken care of by her… And I know Eldad would of at least set a trap for Mama, for when she returns!!??… Please let us know when and if she’s been found!!!????… Thanks!!!??
  • Patricia Liddie: Where is the Mama Cat???????????????? You can’t have just left her there! That’s not who Hope for Paws is!!! Didn’t you do anything to find her?
  • Amy Atkinson: What about the mom cat? Did you look for her?
  • Goober Fries: ? Ummm. The mom is going to be devastated!! Y’all didn’t wait until mom came?!
  • Chepepon Carlos: Imagine how cat mom is going to feel when she gets back to her empty nest!
  • ggerdagg: Mother must be looking around for kittens I am crying ?
  • Roosa Kallio: Please come and comment if you looked for the mom or not. Even sad news is better than not even mentioning about her. She musta be so worried
  • Chloee Konsam: What about the mother cat? Please look for her as well.
  • J P: This is one hope for paws video that leaves the viewer with more anxiety and worries. Or is it just me….?
  • Bucket List Retreats: Thank you all for saving those babies. Prayers for Mama kitty.
  • KING: *Hope for Paws, we need to know about the mother cat !*
  • Betsy Ross: The poor mom cat!!! ???? The mom did a nice job keeping them fed and she will be sad that they’re gone. So sad.
  • Natu El: There is no information about mother? Maybe you should wait for her? ??
  • Nefetiri Sian Nephele: did you guys also try and trap the Momma Cat to get her Spayed?
  • Ronda Meier: Eldad, can you update us on what happened with the mom? Please!
  • Lch Coco: So I think it’s really sad that you have not been waiting for the mother!!!!!! Eldad would have done it, you have seen too often, in some videos. Not good….
  • Thu Lekovish: The kittens look happy and healthy once bathed, fed and being in a comfortable place. Their chance of being domesticated, neutered and having a safe life is very good. The next challenging thing is to find their mom and reunite her with her babies, then take care of her from having future litters. Good work, HFP. Thank you.
  • Libby Jensen: They are adorable and so glad you could save them…wondering about the mom? Did you ever find her? Did I miss something in the video that explains where she is?
  • Gubbah: Not a single mention of the mother. They could have at least left a trap for her for when she came back, which she would have.

    Do you know how desperate mother cats are when they lose their kittens? That poor dear abandoned girl.

  • Patricia Bilinkas: I’m happy you guys helped cats this time. I love them.? Those kittens are so young that their mother was probably nearby. I hope you got her, too.
  • HijackedGiraffe: Did all their eye infections get cleared up? I’m assuming so since they all look super healthy and happy! Yes and what about the mom cat?
  • Leelee Waters: An update on the mommy cat world be greatly appreciated! But good job saving the kittins?
  • Simon ‘s: Wouldn’t the mom still be around, them being so young?
  • Faeza Khan: I hope mom cat gets rescued soon!
    beautiful precious kitties! ❤
  • rosana S: Please keep trying to find their mother. How devastating for her.!
  • Crystal Romero: Where is momma cat??????? Please save her too!
  • Arianas Butera: Thank you for saving them but what about the mother
  • What a Life: Their mother must have felt lost. But thank you for rescue them
  • Cat Lady: Thanks for saving those precious babies ! Will u go back for mama ??
  • NorthShoreMoana: That poor mother will be searching for them. Smh
  • Craig Stenehjem: Aww so cute. Was any effort made to TNR momma cat? Otherwise, she’ll keep on having litters.
  • anaviveri: But mom is now in panic! And she will have new onrs in 3 months!!!
  • Glass: Where’s Mama cat? Did I miss that part?
  • L P: I felt sure the mother cat would have been mentioned at some point in the video, but no 🙁
  • Elani Aniyvwia: Most adorable rescue ever!!! Just wonder what happened to mama??
  • Monica Molina: thank God and thank you sooo much I’m happy that you guys were able to rescue them , but I wish momma cat would be there too. thank you ???????????❤???
  • suzana yuk: Where is the mama? She is looking for her kitties! She is gonna be anxious.
  • Inge Hammerstein: You make it wonderful, but were is their mother?? ?
  • Rob Johnson: 4:05
    Police: “911 what’s your emergency?”
    Kitten: “mew”
    Police “???”
  • Quiet bird: 99% of the comments
    “What about the mom?”

    “ThEy ArE aLl MiNe!!”

  • Thodoris Galanos: Did you saved the mother and the father of this cute kittens
  • Jane Omandam: rescue their mom too she will miss those angels of her please reunite mom and kitten
  • Valerie Ellen: Hundreds asking for information regarding mother cat and possible attempts to find and catch her. Reply please?! Unusual silence in this video on mother cat.
  • s hannaby: Why was there no attempt to trap the mother cat??? Even if TNR. I am very shocked and disappointed with this rescue.
  • Andrea Orlopp: My thumb down because there is no information about the mom!!
  • Bill Holtz: 4:02 *Kitten calling ex* “No! you’re just jealous because I’m living the luxury and you aren’t! Now don’t cal me again!”
  • R A: Oops. Hope for Paws…you need to attempt to find mama!
  • sally simonds: How do you think the mother cat felt going back and finding her babies missing???????????
  • cynthia180msncom: Eldad wold never been forget their mother ??
  • chevlinton: Wonder if the mom went back looking for them. Breaks my heart for her.
  • tipontoe: youtube algorythm just showed me the video of Flatbush Cats called “How to rescue kittens with a feral mom” and the rescue there was a way better example of how the rescue like this should be done. I’m dissapointed this video above of Hope For Paws is showing actions of these women, because it is a bad example of how it shouldn’t be done, giving watchers the idea that you can just take away kittens like candies from a bowl without even taking actions towards mother. This video is focused on cuteness of kittens rather than on reasonable rescue like Eldad does.
    I’m sorry, but this video receives thumbs down from me, I believe in what Eldad and Loretta are doing for Hope For Paws, either train better the generation, or don’t post videos, which are not educational.
  • sammy bubba: were you able to find the mommy?
  • Canine Connoisseur: Those poor kittens! They’re so adorable and deserve to be cared for.
  • Froz Slushieez: It would be so sad if the mother came back and didn’t find her babies??
  • Cris: The mom will be sad and depressed! I remember the mama cat in our neighbor when all her kittens gone. She cried all day and night for so many days. Not a good rescue.
  • 피아ARMY: Aww cute kittens! I wish I can touch them and carry them and hug them ;w; ?
  • AJ Llewellyn: Hey guys the kittens had eye infections but seemed well-nourished. Where is the mom? Did you set a trap for her at least?
  • ꧁Cat G꧂: What about the mom? You left mom behind? That breaks my heart.
  • Lisa Parsons: There all so Beautiful ❤️ Kittens ?? love Cat’s.Hope the mother cat’s alright .
  • First Name: Awww they didn’t even cry during their first bath lol so adorable ❤?
  • TheZombieKing52: Me: Sees new Hope For Paws video

    My heart: sad heart noises

  • Margaret barker: Not happy with this video, you rescued babies, but no mum! She would have returned to all her babies gone left me feeling very sad she would also need rescue
  • i hate myself uwu: i wonder why my heart feels warmer~
  • Andrea Grace: All I can think about is the poor momma cat coming back to see all her kittens gone. How awful for her. Wouldn’t it have been easier to rescue her first, then her kittens. Now her kittens are gone she has no reason to come back. Also she can get pregnant again so quick. Dont get me wrong, I’m grateful though that the kittens are safe
  • Night Rain: Oh my God! They’re so cute!
    I just want to snuggle them!
  • Nature Silhouette: Practically all the comments are mentioning the mama cat, I hope you find her <33 I want to adopt them all! They're such adorable sweeties <333
  • my busy life: thank you so much for rescuing those little ones. Could you try to TNR the mom? If she doesn’t get neutered, she will have a new litter soon, that might not get rescued and will further reproduce.
  • Stephanie Johnson: Oh my gosh, they’re so cute! Love the names you gave them.
  • Vegan Nikki: Beautiful babies, hope you were able to find loving homes for them ???my heart breaks for their lil mama, praying shes ok ??
  • Dave C: Awww, cute kittens, let’s take them and separate them from their mother who might be out searching for food. Great job!
  • Black Wolf: It’s so great to see some new faces! And these kittens are so adorable, I love them all! It’s great to see rescues with all kinds of animals.
  • armpitfuzz: I’m glad they are safe, clean and well fed, but what about mom ??
  • manue blingbling: poor poor mom!! She did such a good job and then they were just taken away!!!! my heart break for her!!!
  • Amalia Richtarikova: SOOOOO GLAD YOU SAVED THEM ?❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
  • Azam Edwards: Their mother must be went somewhere to find a food for kittens.
  • cvgreycat4: Made me so happy to see this❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
  • Richard Vu: Where is the mother!! At least inform us about her ?
  • akmar sani: ORRHMMM!!! i wish i could get my hands on them! they will be very MUCH LOVED!!
    all the best of luck with getting their momma Hope For Paws!
  • Cindy West: Please give an update when you catch the mom.
  • IrgentwasWieHelden: You should have waited for the mom smh. Sometimes I am wondering if you even know what you are doing. Those kittens looked fine and well fed, sure it is important to get them but the mom is more important and you made a dumb choice by not waiting for the mom.
  • Bernadette Baca: Me and my mom need a kitten so we might get one! ??? love the vid!
  • Tami: Where’s their mother?
  • Christine Stange: So adorable. My Boo used to like perching on my shoulder when she was a kitten too. Did that until she was just to big to perch there. Sweet. ?
  • CannonFodder: The kittens seemed clean-ish and fed. the mama cat was probably somewhere close.
  • Heidrun Schwartz: i hope that the mome walks in your trap soon ! <3 so she can be reunited with her little ones <3
  • wkruit1: They’re so cute!! ❤️❤️
  • Lincoln Danijela: What about the mama? She’s going to freak out when she comes back and sees the kittens are gone…
  • Joseph Sokoloski: From a life long soldier and a single cat man.. Love you ladies gteat job!
  • Sin: SO CUTE. Love their names.

    What music did you use at the end of the video? ;u;

  • Luna Bella: There so cute ♥️♥️???♥️♥️
  • Daphne Loose: those kittens are so precious!! what about the mama cat? wonder what
    happened to her? I really hope that you tried to look for her!!
  • Samantha Sam: Please . Where is their mother. They were healthy and well fed. Mom was certainly around
  • Adrian Bates: Hope for paws you do an amazing job ???? I hope you rescue their mother and she can feel a touch of love ? to pls keep on rescuing animals in need and one like equals a prayer for neglected, sick and stray animals Keep up the good work hope for paws keep it up?????????????????
  • Chocolerry POP: I respect that you saved the kittens, but be aware that the mother could still be out there so please do find and rescue her as well
  • Donna Symons: Oh poor Mum having her kittens taken. Imagine how she must feel. And now they been washed in an unfamiliar smell. Terrible planning.
  • robin kishmiller: I love kitties!!!!!! Thank you and I hope mamma gets rescued eventually
  • Ariana Roy: Where is theirs mom ? How they’re survive without mom poor baby’s i hope you all find loving caring home????
  • Amwaj Eshkontana Rawass: My heart melts ♥️❤️

I’m a mad dog whose only concern is winning.

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I like to be controlled, but that doesn’t mean controlled like a dog.

One thing that I have thought ever since Temple of the Dog is that I would never say no to an interesting collaboration, and that’s partly where Audioslave came from.

Dog Adoption Shelters Near Me – Korean Dog

Don’t accept your dog’s admiration as conclusive evidence that you are wonderful.

I usually think to do pep talks on Twitter if I’m on the road, at home and my girlfriend is out of town, or if I’m at home and up later then my girlfriend and our dog Bizzy – like, if they’re both asleep but I’m kind of wired.

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Everything I have has dog hair on it, and that’s just the way it is.

I love the dog. She comes for drives with me in the back of my car. Darby is not aggressive or judgmental. She just is. That’s what I love about her. She sits there and watches ‘The Fugitive’ with me.

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The press is a watchdog. Not an attack dog. Not a lapdog. A watchdog. Now, a watchdog can’t be right all the time. He doesn’t bark only when he sees or smells something that’s dangerous. A good watchdog barks at things that are suspicious.

I like to lift and do cardio to stay in shape, so I can walk the dog on somebody, and I like to be strong, but running 10 miles or a decathlon? That don’t support my interests.