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If you react to every barking dog, if you stop for every barking dog, you’re never getting home.

What I love doing is taking my dog for runs.

You gotta love Rick Perry’s swagger. The Texas Governor is out there in the Iowa cornfields, unabashedly going to toe-to-toe with President Obama, doing his best to instantly cast himself as the big dog in the Republican pack.

The ‘Chronicles of Narnia’ have been favourites of mine since my childhood when I misread ‘Aslan’ as ‘Alsatian’ and was struck by the genius of naming a lion after a dog!

The media should be ready to cover every event at the Oberois’ residence. If Vivek’s dog has dysentery tomorrow, we should be prepared to hear Vivek talk about it on camera for three hours.

In one way or another, President Obama’s critics will dog him all the way to Oslo for the Nobel Peace Prize ceremony, and even his admirers will continue to have doubts about his accomplishments if not his promise.

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  • Julie Berlier: I love the way she smiled when you got in the car with her. She knew you were taking her in.
  • WhatAboutAGirl ?: Im 13. I really really want to donate but I don’t have any credit cards, so I’m going to support you!! I know that won’t help you very much but I hope it will… I plan on becoming a vet one day.
  • earthworm sally: I honestly have no idea why people thumbs down these videos i guess they just dont care about other living things but themselves ?
  • Ricky M: I’m not usually and emotional guy but man these videos get to me alot. Great work guys .
  • Untidyticket172- Fortnite: Whoever reads this hopefully you have a nice day 🙂
  • yarnpower: Oh, I love how she smiled at her rescuer once he got in the car! Such a sweetie.
  • Andrea Fizette: Thanks for helping these poor fur pups
  • Kimberly Barry: So thrilled when she followed him and stole the treats! Too funny…Eldad laughed! Clever little angel?
  • Molly Hannah: Love at the end how she got her pink toy and sat in her bed. So cute!
  • darby here: Awe the smile she had for Eldad when he got in the car is everything to me. Thank you Hope For Paws for all you do. I hope she finds her forever home???❤️
  • WookieCookie 2014: *+Hope For Paws:*
    Any news about Snowbird’s condition. I’m sure all of us would love to know any updates… yes, even if it is bad news. I have been praying for her. She deserves a chance for a forever home, they all do. All love and prayers for Snowbird! ~Peace!
  • mr. crane: “That was a nice trick… But I have tricks too..”

    *Detonates snack*

  • JSJ L: Another precious life rescued to be loved and cherished..God Bless you..
  • Jay Brown: “I have tricks too!!” Haha!!
  • Clash Smchitcle: I love animals, and I love rescue stories
  • Cici: So cute! I really like her! Even though I’m not in US, l will keep donate to help animal that they really need someone like hope for paws to help them!! =)
  • DeMon Spencer: My friend’s poodle would balance himself on his front paws everytime he had to pee. His back legs would be off the ground and after he finished he would go back to all 4’s. Weirdest thing ever. Has anyone else seen this kind of thing with their dogs?
  • Jean Blythe: What a sweet sweet sweet rescue, and wonderful doggie! I hope she will be okay without surgery, but we know if Snowbird needs that, she will get it. I love how she stole the treat 😀
  • wendy roberts: she is beautiful.
  • Joséphine Kérézit: She’s a perfect little dog! Too funny how she stole your bacon, little sneak ???
  • FlappyCatPlays: This cute lil doggo was rescued on my bday aww
  • Rashida Islam: What happened to Snowbird after the medical diagnosis?
  • Adrianna Skraban: It sad that there are so many animals just laying around in the road and here you are saving them
  • Kristi Baker: Oh my gosh! I wish I lived closer. She’s a sweetheart ❤️!! I live on the east coast! ?
  • M. Hertling: “Super-Eldad” my HERO! Always love to see, how gentle and patiently you rescue those poor souls.Thank you so much Eldad ?❤
  • IG : Jetstakeoff: I wish I could adopt it but its in California and I’m in New Jersey.
  • Susan Cripps: She’s so cute! I love how she stole your treat and retreated to the safety underneath the car, but trusted you enough to come back to you. Eldad, you have the magic touch! ❤
  • Pusheen2.O Love: I want to adopt her but I’m 10?
  • Celebrity Videos: Dear Hope For Paws
    You are my inspiration and in my future I plan to
    save animals just like you do. I am still a child but I have big plans. I am fond of baking so I will bake at certain times of the week and then look out for the animals the rest of my time. Animals are my passion and I wouldn’t be me if my dog wasn’t there. I’m so agitated about the orangutans homes being destroyed and I’m going to make flyers soon to stop people from buying lots of cheap products made from Palm oil. I hope you save many animals
    From a big fan
  • Lover_Of_Cats: Oh my god, she’s such a sweetheart and that just melted my heart ?
  • mluu510: She look just like my dog that I rescued from the street; lovely
  • Lisa Staudt: “That was a nice trick… i have tricks too”??
  • missychelle33: The second you got her in the car she started smiling!! Such a huge smile!! She must have loved car rides!!
  • justsomegirl x0x0: I remember when we last got on trending, this one was special though, I love the doggie!
  • Wolfgang M: 0:53
    Why you showing me your teeth?
    Doggo: Because I want to show you how clean they are
  • nancy vega: I love how amazing this rescuers are so gentle and kind, I love people like this they deserve the best in the world ?
  • apocalypsemio: I love these videos. I cry everytime. Love dogs with al my heart
  • Ashley Hensley: My poodle mix smiles like that too. When we found her we thought she was trying to eat us up, but she was just so happy to see us!
  • R Cooper: “That was a nice trick… I have tricks too” hahahahaaaa!!
  • Eimz Yu: evertime your rescuing im crying but today i was laughing while watching this video the smart dog stole your treats lol beautiful snowbird ???
  • Layla Jordan: Fingers (and paws) crossed here for this lovely girl
  • sexyskydoll: I love Bichon Frisé breed. She’s absolutely gorgeous. ??❤️
  • Ping Zhang: I am only 10 I would donate but I don’t have any money!   🙁
  • Ximena Lucia: how she stole the treats lmao love her ?
  • Ally Johnson: This is one of my favourite rescues, she’s such a little character, makes me smile
  • MakeupMenaree: Another amazing rescue to make my day just a bit better. I cant say enough how much I think of you guys as heroes. Love you! And thank you!
  • elsie lim: Ready love the way you talk to dogs?
  • R E D-: I think ~THIS RESCUE~ Was My FAVORITE???
  • OSuperCrab100: I’m glad that this got on trending ❤
  • YOCH TWINA: Omg she’s adorable
  • Elisaxxx Rblx: Poor Snowbird
    Like if you read the description
  • momo lefebvre: this video reminds me of my dearly departed Bichon Frise Minuette
  • a: Is it just me or am i crying when the video ends 🙁
  • Jennifer Wagner: OMG I WANT HER….SO CUTE????????????
  • Lacey Jones: U guys r a big inspiration and when I’m older I’d love to do what you do and one day u may see me working there thx pl reply
  • Kawy Thowy: She knew she was saved. After you comforted her she really calmed down. Great story. Great people. Great great channel and organization. I’m proud of all of you for what’s its worth. God bless you all.
  • Gricchetti0828: It truly hurts my heart that someone left her in the street, alone.
  • AV Don’t Drop the E: That’s real love we need more people like this god bless you for saving a life in need
  • Timothy Brewer: I love how you guy so save all these poor animals! I watch your channel ALL the time! Thank you for saving all of these animals!
  • Jael Raphael: She is a true beauty ?
    Thank you guys for all the love she gets?
  • Jesse 94: Amazing rescue once again guys! Great start to my day. You guys are the real heros. Thanks for everything that you do, god bless??
  • Bakugou Is gay: MORE AND MORE CUTE DOGGIES <3
  • Arcelli Dizon: Ilove dogs ang i wish i have dog’s ? like that im from Philippines .
  • Colin Jones: Yes you’re back!! Please stay more of this I’m absolutely loving them you are amazing!
  • YourQueen S: She’s so cuteeeee I hope she’ll find a loving family ??
  • Nathaniel 02: That was the most wonderful video I have ever seen in my life.
  • Amy Queen: Sometimes I wonder if that’s my dog when you rescue poodles beach I had two and the ran away I hope they have a family
  • Eshaa Bichpuria: She is the cutest furball Everrrr?❤️❤️❤️❤️
    Also thankyou for rescuing these dogs and giving them a proper life. Keep going guys. You r doing a great thing!??
    Jenn Australia. GOD BLESS ?
  • Kookies, Suga and A little bit of Tae: Thanks for being AWESOME! I want to step back and appreciate what you do for animals.
  • Adrienne Terzen: What a sweet ‘lil dog Snowbird is! Thank you Eldad for all of the hard work that you do for all of these dogs. What would Los Angeles do without you?
  • トマス・チャン: This just melted my heart, I have two bichon’s and this just hit close to home :’)
  • Anonymous: 1:30
    LIKE A BOSS!!!??
  • Lara Roman: Oh my she is precious and sweet!!
  • StarsFelineFierce 8683: Dog: steals treat

    You:oh she just stole the treats!!!

    Me:PFFFFFFFFT HAHAHAHAHA that’s a smart dog XD

  • S A: Any update on this little rascal? I hope the heart issue was under control?
  • CookieKat 104: I subscribed this was amazing <3 Thank you for doing this
  • 4K Game Benchmarks: When you find a lost dog its more important to offer them water first.
  • Lou Tenant: Poor baby, I wonder if someone’s out there looking for her. At least she’s in good hands.
  • Thomas Sumida: It was cute when he said let’s be friends ?
  • Casper Wallace: Such lovely wee fur babies…………. love how you care for them.
  • Antwan Burns: 1:30 – Snowbird, “Give me them snacks!” LMAO

    Snowbird was calm, cool and collected. More humbled than Ocean. 😉

  • Scotty Fang: “Why don’t people out microchips?”
    Me: RIGHT?!
  • Nikola Lubczynska: I wish I can be as nice as you one Day!
  • Mia Brook: I would love to work for Hope For Paws one day. It’s my dream ?
  • Justin Smith: This makes me so happy, I can’t explain the pure joy I get from theses video?❤️
  • Val Lobriguito: I dont why ive been so emotional everytime im watching youre videos..???
  • Come be my teacher: You guys are incredible. Thats not normal, people are helping homeless dogs. But thats beautiful, most of people like me are crying. Thanks for that youre doing
  • Sarah Verity: You guys are on the trending list wow! So happy ♡
    And as always, amazing job. I watch EVERY video you guys share, you’re inspiring
  • Anna Agnew: Thank you for ALL that you do for these lovely creatures!!!
  • Katherine Barnett: Awww she was so happy when she got in the car
  • Sn0wyy SpamsL2R2: THATS MY DOG ?
  • Luminus: Awesome rescue and I hope Snowbird will recover and find her forever home..Thank you for your great work guys!!?
  • Juliana Fonseca: Such a sweet dog!! Looks so happy now with her toy and bed!! Thanks for saving her!! ❤️❤️
  • Ossie Dunstan: Love your ethics thank you putting humanity back in human .
  • Supernari vlogs Legends: We’re do you live so I can get him
  • Ana Sh: Aww you were so gentle and loving to her! God bless you
  • Sonia Helen Ponce: Awww! She is the sweetest little thing.
  • K.J’s Kaleidoscope 1229: A cute rescue ?
  • Liz Llanes: Oh my you are so so so cute…God bless u swettie…???

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I know every part of their lives. I know about their animals; if they’ve got a dog, I know its name. My players love their dogs. I know about their partners; I know if they go to the cinema – it’s the detail you need to be successful. If they have an ice cream, I know about it.

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A dog is like a liberal. He wants to please everybody. A cat really doesn’t need to know that everybody loves him.

If I did meet somebody, I would only ever make room for someone that loved me how I deserved to be loved. Until then… I’ve got my shoes, I’ve got my album, my dog.

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They tell you in Washington that if you want a friend, get a dog. That is not true. Get a family. This is a hard place to be.

We’re a working-people’s band, and we love America and what she stands for. Also, we love doing shows, whether it’s a huge amphitheater or a corn dog fest. We don’t care.

Great Pyrenees Puppies Near Me – German Shepherd Puppies For Adoption

Being in front of a camera, in a nice dress, getting all dressed up, is extreme. There’s a lot of other extreme situations, you know, just getting out of bed sometimes is extreme – but I do it. Just got to do it, just got to get up. Put your sweatpants on, brush off the dog hair and just get out of the house!

Sooner or later we’re all someone’s dog.