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The dog can only become what’s in your bubble. The dog is imitating the energy that is in your bubble. You are the source, the feast of energy. If you feel anxious, the dog becomes anxious with you. If you become nervous, the dog wakes up nervous with you.

If my dog Ella, named after the Rihanna song ‘Umbrella’, could be with me at all times, that would make me happy.

How can I ever dog Derek Jeter? It’s impossible. There is nothing to knock. He’s a great defensive player. He’s a great offensive player.

I signed with Big Yellow Dog and have been with them for years. The president of the company is a woman named Carla Wallace, who is an amazing publisher who just has a knack for female artists.

When I was seven and we lived in New York, I ran away. I took my dog and started out across the Brooklyn Bridge… I didn’t get very far… It’s rather difficult to run away in your mother’s high heels.

Shake Shack started off as a summer hot dog cart in Madison Square Park. It was not meant to be a company – it was completely accidental. It started off as an expression of community building.

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  • Rocky Kanaka: Who else loves senior dogs?! Great job again Hope For Paws ?
  • Julia A: Who ever dislikes this video has no soul or heart.
  • Rosa Morataya: I can not watch a animal being rescued without feeling bad. Sometimes I cry
  • icare4you123: When Eldad got back in the car Pipa was so happy to see her new friend. She’s going to be one great dog for someone.
  • Abcity: The cats little peeps and squeaks tug my heart! I hope she’s doing well and finds a home!
  • kopfgeldjagar: Eldad, you may be the patron Saint of lost animals.

    St. Eldad.

    Thank you for all you do for those that can’t do for themselves.

  • Frances Van Siclen: My heart so breaks for all abused abandoned animals; God bless for helping !!!!!
  • Taufik Rahman: You save two animals in one day without anybody’s help. You’re great. Awesome. ?
  • Mars explorer: Guys instead of wasting our money on those chips, watches and dresses, please let us join our hands and donate for a good cause
    Adopt those creatures who need you!

    Let us love living beings once again, specially those who need some love and care.
    Let us work for a cause, let us show them some love!!

  • Jay M: No puppy or kitty should have to be alone . Thank you guys for changing these babies lives !! ?❤?❤
  • Gen Mat: This is so heartbreaking that she collapsed out of fatigue. Life is hard for her

    I’m so sick of seeing battered, abandoned and homeless furbabies. Humans too!!! When are people going to wake up and unite and start caring for one another, and for life, instead of focusing on war and killing our neighbors? I pray for this CONSTANTLY!!!?❤️??❤️?


  • Lucille OMG: I feel very happy when I see these types of videos? I really care about animals, and I always hate to see them injured it just breaks my heart?❤️
  • Tracy T paws: A most beautiful rescue for pipa and Corey you rock hope for paws
  • Kitty Lina: Who else *ADORES* this beautiful channel? ❤ god bless them ?
  • lucy lerina: I shed a happy tears when she start waving her tail.
  • laughing Hawk: God bless you and everyone who goes out of their way to to this to show compassion and love to any creature of the earth in need.
  • Jessica Mehl: There is a special place in heaven for you and your helpers. The work you do is awesome. It makes me cry. Thank you for giving these beautiful souls their voices back. Bless you.
  • Gentilly Girl: I always had a bag of dog food, a bag of cat food, wet food, bottled water and disposable bowls for instances like this. God bless you for helping these babies.
  • Desiree Parrish: Omg I’d take Pipa without a second look! What a cute lil face. My jack russell would love a new friend.
  • Teclinsoro: Aww little pipa was so happy to be rescued!
  • Robert V: Thank you for saving them the little dog is buitiful what a love.
  • John Brannen: The big fella is definitely looking down upon you with pride and affection for your great deeds. ??????????
  • Rosalie English: Am glad Pipa was found by loving people!!?
  • serigraph73: seeing these poor things suffer is just soul crushing. I wish so much I could help them all and give them a happy life filled with love
  • Kawy Thowy: Aww. What a sweetie. Anyone that takes a senior dog or a boy so pretty are just awesome. Not very one can do it. I know I can. Just so
    nice to see these rescues and these beautiful pups and kitties find warm living comfortable homes. Bravo! ?
  • Daphney Tennard: I love? the way you rescued them…and thank you for rescuing both animals.????
  • Hi Help Me: Anybody else laughed at 7:17 ?

    Like if you did


  • Joshie: She is gorgeous thank you for saving her and the cat. ??
  • Vigothebutch04: My dream came true when I saw “…+ bonus rescue” in the title!!! ?. I can’t get enough
  • Sk P: Oh I would love to work with this man! Pipa and Corey are such angels! So gentle and sweet❤❤❤
  • mlm1180: Pipa is seriously the sweetest dog ever!!!! I hope she has found her furever home!
  • Seth WILKIN: you guys make my heart melt every video. keep on doing what you’re doing.?
  • blue4uable: Oh my gosh what a beautiful sweet sweet dog I don’t think he or she will have a hard time finding a forever home god bless you for helping this poor sweet dog.
  • Jason Lohmann: Donated $75 to Hope for Paws. It’s the least I can do to support all the amazing things you do for these animals. You’ve inspired so many people to be aware of what these animals went through, and the many more that are still going through it now. Bless your hearts ?
  • jody Slater: AMAZING!!!! Thank you for the work that you do!
  • Regina Terminello: Awe.. they are just laying around waiting on ya’ll.. word has gotten around about In the fur baby community, they know your heart..❤️? so emotional for me.. such wonderful Love..???
  • Dodge Man: Corey: ” I’m trapped! Trapped!! Oh tuna, yum……nom nom nom
  • Pamela Tate: Bless her heart, little angel. Thank you for rescuing her I hope she gets a loving home.
  • LA AR: Thank you Eldad for saving them from a miserable life on the streets. ???
  • Acherontia Atropos: Corey looks like my cat. ? I had to cuddle her. She is so sensitive, imagine her on the streets would break my heart. Actually it breaks my heart in general knowing an animal suffering and not be loved. Thank you so much. I donate to a local shelter every month. Animals mean so much to me.
  • mckalia Robinson: Thank you Hope For Paws
    You are doing a noble compassionate work. May God bless you with as much charity and love as you give
  • Robert Horwood: great work people , May fortunte smile on you and the four legged friends you rescue:-)
  • Evelyn Bonner: Oh my gosh, Pipa is an angel on earth. So sweet, and so willing to be loved. Thank you so much for saving Pipa and Corey.
  • letty77007: It breaks my heart how people treat the elderly- both animals and humans and just treat them like trash. I’m glad that Pippa will now die in peace in a loving home when her day comes. You guys at HFP are angels!
  • sven klink: 5:13 ” Oh my god, what’ s this? I want to get out, I must…Oh hey, tuna!”
  • Ruby Herawati: So adorable to whom help animal, may God bless you all
  • Wolf Studios: I watched this with my dog by my side
  • khi590: Hope for Paws makes me soooooo happy – so I almost can imagine how the dogs mmust feel…
  • Lyn: Pipa looked hurt and fragile. Thank you for rescuing her. She needs love in a safe place during her senior life. The cat looks young. She can now live a long life in a loving home. Such a sweet video. Thanks for all you do.
  • Magic unicorn Princess: Get well pipa
    (This is how many people love her)
  • Carmen Benitez: Hola ? a todos. You are the best friends thanks ? so much ???
  • Jovel Magracia: Your my best youtuber becasue your helping pets good job
  • Annè Lewis: 7:20


  • 「 violet 」: I love how the doggy/Pipa shaking after the shower ??
  • queerchoreography: What a sweet and wonderful dog, that’s the kind of dog I want! The kitty broke my heart and I cried.
  • Lesley Torres: Okay this really got me ??❤
  • 3% NEANDERTHAL: Every time I watch one of these videos I’m reminded again that I’m not as tough as I think I am.
  • Aloha Md: Awwwww, she gave him a kiss when she was on the front seat. She’s happy someone came for me ? poor kitty looks like it’s been through a lot. Thank you for caring. ❤️?
  • Lord of the Wood: Has there ever been a sweeter dog AND cat? : )
  • Allen1508 Official: I’m new and I have subscribed your channel. You rescue all the animal
  • Andrea Paul: Pipa is too cute!! She’s so forgiving…. I love her?❤️? What a shame for Corey, scared and unsure but too hungry to care, such beautiful eyes ? thank you Eldad for saving these precious lives, you are an angel ???
  • Sylphie: I love how Corey was like “Welp, might as well keep eating” in the trap ?
  • Millie O Halloran: Hi hope for paws thank u for saving all the animals ?

    Edit:omg 111 likes thank u so much!❤

  • Joe Smith: 5:13 the cat is freaking out then sees the tuna again and is like, I’m good now ?
  • Dayo Vlogs: me to pipa: ‘we are going on a road trip!’
    pipa: ‘yay!!!’

    in 7:19

  • Luna Bella: She’s such a sweetheart I love her ♥️???♥️♥️ I want a kiss from you sweetheart
  • jf asselin jf asselin: me and my dog ​​zoe thank you for all his life save long life Hope For Paws
  • ItzOmgea Vitnz: You guys are LEGANDS!!

    *Not all hero’s wear capes*

  • Web Surfin: The dog, the cat & the rescuers are all ANGELS! God Bless them all!!
  • Love Lilly: I love you guys so much and everything you do I literally have tears in my eyes for the love that I have for you and everybody that helps animals you guys are beyond awesome
  • bianca geelhoed: I couldnt take the part with the cat cuz it kinda looked like my cat????
  • Culvea Solvere: OMG phew, I literally thought she was the dog I had to give up when moving to Virginia from Atlanta Georgia but they checked her for a chip and she didn’t have one! PHEW! My small dog Mercy had a chip so this one isn’t her but she looks sooooooo much like Mercy!
  • Jeanie J: Oh that sweet old face. I love seniors white faces. reminds me of my 17 year old who passed 3 years ago in his sleep. Love you eddie..she looks like some Italian greyhound in there. I wish I could have her.
  • Kyla S.: If I was a homeless dog this would be me?
    Just laying on a mop crying
  • mango mango: Love how you told pipa to give you a minute?
  • LB Abstract Art: Omgshhhh a double rescue!!! That sweet kitty came running for help ????❤️❤️❤️
  • Anne B.: I have so much respect for those of you who do this selfless thing for other living beings. They are precious souls that deserve a long happy and healthy life with families who appreciate them. God Bless you all for doing God’s work. You are truly kind and compassionate people and I’m very happy for Pipa and Corey to have been found by you.
  • Dani B2000: When you hit like before you have even watched ?
  • Sara Porter: They’re both so cute ??
  • Elizabeth Holden: Glad she’s getting help; since she had a broken tail I thought that maybe her back had also been injured since it arched at such an odd angle. Hope the infection cleared and she doesn’t have any longterm problems .
  • Luis Cavalcanti: You’re guys always making my day. Thank you for that
  • Marcos Betances: Eldad brother you have a heart of gold. It reminds me of myself when showing love to an animal that has broken my heart.
  • Azliana Lyana: I hope Pipa and Corey will find furrever home soon! Thank you Hope For Paws team for saving these two wonderful souls! Bless y’all 🙂
  • ikhun cun: love from indonesia ??
  • NAOMI W.: Truly heartwarming thank you for this and all you do!
  • Michelle Salt: God bless you for saving these beautiful little souls, it just breaks your heart to see them in such a sorry sad state until you come along to their rescue, love you guys ?
  • pippy wonders why: I love how you name them, you convey so much dignity on them, x
  • Leaf Wise: Eldad, I’ve been watchin you rock for a good 15 years, now. ????? Have you ever tallied the rescues? Love ya. ???
  • Nouveau Mucha: Who are you Eldad????
    I love you and your huge heart for all of creation!!!! ❤❤❤❤
  • Delores Busher-Miller: Love this ❤️?❤️?
  • MariAlexa R: It just make me happy because u save all the dog and I was still crying because I was still happy
  • SumimaSim: Corey’s sweet little mews just melt my heart~~~♥
  • Anna gallant: I cried So hard to see a little gray beautiful face on the streets
  • David Baxter: i now have a huge smile on my face,, thank you for all the great things you do 🙂
  • Jenna Caruthers: Bless this man’s tender, courageous heart.
  • barry allan: I’ve always had a soft spot in my heart for old dogs you just can’t help falling in love with their sad eyes
  • Bridget: These rescues are sooo grateful. Makes me cry happy and sad tears when I binge watch these rescues lol. Blessings Rescue Angel’s

People who love soft methods and hate iniquity forget this; that reform consists in taking a bone from a dog. Philosophy will not do it.

Siberian Husky Puppies For Adoption – Puppy Pawz Rescue

Never do the dishes without music,’ my brother Mark once advised me – the same brother who once ate a spoonful of refrigerated dog food to escape his turn at the kitchen sink. And really, it may be the most sensible advice I’ve been given.

Aggression is not a breed thing. It’s a state of mind, and it comes from how the human is with the dog. There are four levels of energy, regardless of the breed: low, medium, high, very high. The idea is to get a dog in your same level or lower than you.

Terrier Rescue – Cute Puppy Backgrounds

Apart from ‘VIP’ being a blockbuster movie, the various characters such as mine, the Luna bike I use in the movie, the lovable amma and appa, a pet dog named Harry Potter, the innocent brother, etc., had a huge reach among the audiences.

I have quit chewing tobacco and don’t touch any lager beer, and I don’t speak to the girls at all. I am getting to be a perfect hermit; my fiddle, my dog, and my gun I almost worship.

Whippet Adoption – Little Pink Shelter

A dog that has rabies probably will do things it wouldn’t do if it didn’t have rabies. But that doesn’t change the fact that it has rabies.

I Instagram and tweet a lot about my dog. I think he is one of the most interesting things about my life right now. All my motherly instincts go toward this dog. I love the dog.

Wildlife Wallpaper – Teacup Yorkie For Adoption

We call ourselves a dog’s ‘master’ – but who ever dared to call himself the ‘master’ of a cat? We own a dog – he is with us as a slave and inferior because we wish him to be. But we entertain a cat – he adorns our hearth as a guest, fellow-lodger, and equal because he wishes to be there.

When I read the pilot ‘for Married with Children’, it just reminded me of my Uncle Joe… just a self-deprecating kind of guy. He’d come home from work, and the wife would maybe say ‘I ran over the dog this morning in the driveway’. And he would say ‘Fine, what’s for dinner?

American Brittany Rescue – Shih Tzu Rescue Near Me – Lps Wallpaper

You know me – I’m the road dog of road dogs.

I had been playing really interesting roles before I got great roles. Little ones – ‘The Crying Game’ I loved working on, and then ‘Bird,’ ‘Ghost Dog,’ so many films.

The love of a dog is a pure thing. He gives you a trust which is total. You must not betray it.

As a longtime former resident of 15 years in Washington, I wish that everybody would stay off the Mall with their political cause so that we can get out there, you know, and play flag football or Frisbee, or walk the dog or something – you know, which is, you know, what the National Mall should be for, in my personal opinion.

I write incredibly slowly. And, on top of that, I spent my entire youth and twenties working like a dog, so one of the things that happened when I finished ‘Drown’ was that I got busy living. I’d never travelled, I’d never seen anything. So I did as much travelling as my job teaching would allow.

My wonderful editor, Jackie Onassis, asked me to write a book that I wanted to write. I said, ‘Look, it’s not going to be scandalized. I’m not going to talk about anybody like a dog. I’m going to say the positiveness of my life, and talk about those who have contributed to the way I’ve been going, and that’s that.’

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  • Lalisa: Some heroes have special powers, mine have leashes and hamburgers. I’m so proud of people like you♥️
  • The Observer: dog didnt even flinch when the door closed must have been extremely hungry.

    the ending always brighten my day

  • Belen Cardoza: Omg she is so ADORABLE. So sweet and gentle and happy ahhh I just want to kiss her cute face!!
  • AkodoHirozumi: There is no doggy smile like a pitty smile. I love you guys so much. Thank you.
  • David Ansel: It is a very dangerous breed, it could kill a person… of sweetness
  • Erin Powell: Just like a true pit..just wants to cuddle and sit on your lap! Thank you all for all you do!
  • Chloe Rodriguez: I hate how people say that Pitbulls are a dangerous species like LOOK WT THIS DOG DOES THAT LOOK DANGEROUS TO YOU
  • kesii: 2000 Likes 0 Dislikes, completely deserved.
  • Luna27Naomi: Awwwwww poor doggy!!!!!!!!!!! Love to that doggo, from Luna 🙂 ((WHO ELSE ADORES ANIMALS?!?!?!))
  • Diedre Barlow: She’s so beautiful, I just know she’ll get a great home thanks to you helping her.
  • barbara tarantino: Little genial creature. Only wants love and affection.
  • MmeDefarge (Expose NYC Meth Labs): What a sweetie and what a beautiful smile. She’ll make somebody a great companion. I hope she gets a forever home ASAP.
  • Daniela Ngom: OMG, she’s having soooo kind eyes and she is absolutly sweet. I hope she will find a loving home soon and the bastards who let her suffer go to jail or something bad should happen to them without any help…
    You guys are awesome and I love to make donations again from Germany ?????
  • Carmen Martins: Wow this video was amaze serious respect from England ?????????
  • Arianas Butera: She’s so beautiful.Thank you hope for paws for saving this beautiful soul ?
    Have a nice day y’all
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  • Terra Wareham: Acacia is absolutely precious… I pray for her furever home???? many thanks and blessings for her rescue…
  • Ellison Rodgers: @0:18 WOW! Beautiful !
    a 1957 Step-Side Chevy Apache pickup… classic.

    Cute dog, too.
    {sorry..I had to}

  • 1911HeadBanger: Another one of those Savage Killer Pit Bulls rescued from a life of being scared, hungry and sad.   Now loved, happy and healthy.   God Bless Hope For Paws, along with their partners, and the work they do.
  • Anabelle Toner: I love seeing dogs getting rescued because it’s like a happy life for a human and a happy life for a dog ?
  • a1228a: Thank you ladies for rescuing Acacia. She’s a beautiful dog and deserves a better life, not on the streets. Bless you both. ❤️
  • rainbow Kaktus: The people who did the dislikes had happynes tears in the eyes so they missed the?
  • Roland Schlösser: She’s so beautiful!! <3
  • Martha Hanley: *What a GORGEOUS pit bull* . And one of the few who *stayed* in the cage w/o a struggle because they must have been so hungry and comfy blankets too. <3 <3
  • Kaito 1100 ping: What’s wrong with people why its always Pitbulls ? Any kind of living animals doesn’t deserve this , thank u ? for saving her keep up good work!!!
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  • Our life with galgos and more: Another great video. Great respect for what you guys are doing!!! We ourself work in an animal shelter in Spain so we know how hard it is. Keep on sharing this videos please. We also make a vlog about it so people can see how important it is too help the animals.
  • Cynthia Hawkins: Another great HFP story. It’s why we donate to yu from here in NYC. Keep on keeping on, guys..woof.
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Truly, I would not hang a dog by my will, much more a man who hath any honesty in him.

Terrier Rescue – American Brittany Rescue

I have a big scar in my thigh from a dog bite by my German shepherd. His name was Ripper. He was trying to get in a fight with another dog, and I tried to break it up, and he got me pretty good.

Every homeless puppy and kitten was born to parents who weren’t spayed or neutered. I’m proud to support PETA’s work to prevent animal homelessness.

French Bulldog Near Me – Shih Tzu Rescue Near Me

Does not the gratitude of the dog put to shame any man who is ungrateful to his benefactors?

I really love the sound of my dog snoring.

Dog Adoption Sites – Lps Wallpaper

If I’d find a dog, I’d try to find the owner, of course, but it was mine! I just can’t live without them; I love them so much. I have cats, too. People call me all the time and say, ‘We know of a couple of cats people don’t care for,’ and I say, ‘Bring them!’ That’s it – two words. I’m always open for that.

People always joke that ‘dog’ spells ‘god’ backwards. They should consider that it might be the higher power coming down to see just how well they do, what kind of people they are. The animals are right here, right in front of us. And how we treat these companions is a test.

Adopt A Shelter Dog Month – Korean Dog

My tragedy is that all I want is a dog, and yet I have been cursed with cats all my life.

I think it’s wonderful that people in pickup trucks are buying two flats of dog food and a copy of ‘Bastard.’ I want my view of the world to be right up there next to gallon boxes of Tide.

Humane Society Puppies – Korean K9 Rescue – 2Nd Chance Animal Shelter

My dog was with me all the time. I talked to my dog. She was my best buddy. I shared all my secrets with her, but I don’t think I every really tried jokes out with the dog.

I get tired of people trying to dog out the radio for not playing this or that. There are lots of people who like what they play – otherwise, they wouldn’t play it.

I got a dog. I take him on hikes, and I go to yoga all the time and drink green juice – very cliche actress.

Rush Limbaugh, we expect nonsense from him. But the Vatican, that’s another story. When the Vatican is so threatened that it launches attacks on nuns, well, you know what they say in politics, a hit dog hollers.

I was born in Coney Island. I like to think I fell out of the womb onto the fun park’s giant Parachute Jump while eating a Nathan’s hot dog.

People idealise their animals, and at the same time they patronisingly overlook a dog’s natural life – biting fleas, burying bones, rolling in garbage, barking up an empty tree all night… But what do they do themselves? Bury stuff that will rot in secret and then dig it up and bury it again and rant and rave under empty trees!

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  • Kenneth: Why does bath time always look so satisfying? I love it!
  • Narendra Jettem: Hope for paws is a heaven side Of youtube.
  • Raseon Hansen: Every time I see a video when the dog doesn’t fight back I can’t help be grateful but also even more sad.
    I’m glad because then it makes the rescue much easier and you can get the dog the care that it needs faster, but it makes me sad because if they don’t fight back at all it means that either they have been neglected to the point that they don’t think their own life is worth fighting for or they are so tired because they have no more energy after running from their bad situation.
  • Lisa G: Awwwww monkey was so scared at first but what a wonderful pup he turned out to be. Great rescue! Thank you HFP ❤️?❤️
  • Perfectly Imperfect: SRSLY guys you r the most patient and kind people I have EVER seen y’all never complaint or show irritation when the animals r scared or noisy… I have HUGEE respect for you and yes I do get inspired a lottt thanks for being there for these precious beings if I could then I will donate ALL the money to HOPE FOR PAWS and I would know that it was worth every penny… I will do that when I grow up… Too young now… 13?
  • Marian Palian: You are real heroes. Im from poland. GREETINGS ( POZDRAWIAMY)
  • Reshma R: He’s so adorable and such a litttle sweetheart .. how could someone abandon him ..
  • Diane Benker: Such a sweet little dog. So glad he has a loving home now.
  • Monica Molina: he looks soo gorgeous so beautiful and happy now, God bless you all and thank you ?❣???????????❤???????
  • LittleFilms: They say dogs can smell fear and happiness. I’ve noticed that when they use the lucky leash, it’s usually done when the dogs have calmed down and trusted them. So imagine whenever they bring the leash out, these dogs can probably smell the scent of all the dogs they’ve saved over the years, that’s kinda beautiful.
  • Revenge bad: Such a lovely team❤️
  • Ca Bo: Aww he’s so good natured! Not a growl, not even a bark. How does a dog like him end up in such circumstances.
  • LlamaSlime: I’ve never clicked a notification so fast lol [first]
  • Isabella Badalamenti: 3:21 That tongue so cute!
  • sally sally: Omg the poor dog…. Was so done with life and no hope…… ???then found love and hope in the end thank you earth angles
  • Darlene Washington: What’s wrong with California, all these beautiful creatures out there homeless, I just don’t understand.
  • Denise G- Hill: What a lovely dog he reminds me of my Dads dog Bailey.
  • Molly Hannah: What a transformation! Thanks for rescuing this cutie!!
  • Dinia Santos: Thanks again for your never-ending rescues of stray dogs and giving them the care and affection that they truly deserve.
  • Dari Dari: You are the most amazing people on the world!!❤❤❤❤❤❤
  • Nicole: These people are amazing ❤️
  • Diren&gaming Man: Thx for helping dogs and every animals
  • a hristova79: What a beautiful dog he is. His smile really brightens up the room.
  • Wes Netmo: the star was the doggo! <3 so cute
  • Ariana Dawn: Thank u hope for paws you’ve saved so many ??
  • Titi Ocqueteau: if you watch this video you’ll be helping more animals. they are EVERYTHING
  • Mir Hamza: God Bless you All.❤️❤️❣️
  • Vera H: How gorgeous! What a transformation into a confident, happy dog! ??
  • James Anthony: “The little dog was so scared and didn’t want the food we offered.”
    Well duh, she offered it vegan.
    Little Dog: “Where’s _MY_ cheeseburger?!” =)
  • Figet Avenger: All animals are not trash and is not ok to treat them like that . Thanks for saving him
  • adrian emilio: You guys are the Best People in the Universe You always save an animal that needs a home help and support of someone that’s why a love this channel!
  • Hassan Afridi: For those heartless people who disliked it?
  • Momoring andpuppies: U guys are so kind to save them
  • fan Lil pump: GOD bless you, thanks ♥️✨
  • ARET 56: Your the best heroes ever
  • Sharon Osbourne Fan: Omg poor thing
  • Antwan Burns: Monkey, “Really, you can’t snare me right?”

    Monkey sticking out his tongue! Eldad: “What is that?!” ????

    Monkey was calm, cool and collected; more humbled than Dolly and Ocean.

    Monkey got his happily ever after! Yay!

  • Luna_Animations 25: This is amazing!
  • Fem mie: You guys are so Amazing!
  • Akhil Dumree: so cute
  • Tejas Flower: You people always make me happy ❤️❤️❤️?

    Edit:omg 7 likes i never got that many!!!! Thank you guys!!

  • Karen A Marroquin: I used to rescue dogs back in my country with my mom and younger brother. If I remember well, we probably rescued about 8 dogs total and one of them was pregnant. Fortunately, they had diseases / infections that were treated easily, except for one, I forgot what he had but he didn’t survive much after a surgery… he was a good boy, though. My point is, rescuing animals gives such an immensely good feeling; it can’t be described. Sadly, in the country I am in, I cannot help animals, but I did buy some food for a stray dog I saw yesterday and she was so gentle when she took the food of my hand. 🙂
  • LittleLulubee: Aww, such a happy baby ?? THANK YOU ?
  • Alicia Ruelas: 5th yaayy
  • Big Ben: That dog smiles at everyone now. Amazing how they change once they’re shown love. ? ??
  • alina’s cool: 1st like I love your rescues!❤️
  • WingedWillow: 3:22 he looks like falcor from the never ending story! XD so cute
  • Juliana Piroli: At the end when he was smiling it made me tear up
  • J.O.E Blogs#2: Oh my goodness he is sooooooo cute
    I love ❤️ his nose and smile ?
  • robsessed50: Awwww
    Just look at that smile and bright eyes after he has a home!
    TY for saving him
  • Berni Mac: Heartbreaking to see that scared beautiful face at the start.and a wonderful life for it now thanks to these brilliant people
  • Emka: My gosh he’s so adorable, such a cute pupper. My heart broke how scared he was and I’m delighted ye saved him. Glad he has a loving family now and looks happy ?
  • Helen Pantuso: Whenever I see one of the rescues with their forever home I literally get goosebumps! He was clearly smiling!
  • Hello People: Yesssss he found a Forever home!!!!!!!!!
    I love hearing that
  • Maria A Rugama: He’s so gorgeous and beautiful , I ❤️ I llove dog ? ? ❤️ ?. ?
  • Coolkidtime9 Furry Adventures Roblox Stuff and More: 3:22 when you see ur favorite Popsicle and it’s a photo but u try to lick it
  • tetes air: Thank you so so much for rescue this beautiful maltese ?
    He is happy now in his family there.
  • Sharayu Mokale: May god bless you guys .
  • TrueCrimeRIP: oooouuuh how he liked the warm water on his hair during bathtime ?
  • Valeria Stucki: Mokey look so happy! Loved this rescue, he was so kind and cute?
  • annabelle S: ohhh he’s so gentle he wasn’t angry when they’re approaching him so good to see that he’s a beautiful dog and will be love by a great family…thank you hope for paws?
  • Naciye Bozkurt: I love uuuuu
  • JaeciaDestiny: Omg the smile when he saw you guys. I cried ?
  • Mayank Malviya: The most beautiful dog I’ve ever seen ?❤️
  • 171QA: I wonder how many people took the title of the vid literally before they saw the thumbnail? XD
  • oxXRockXSugarXxo: Awhh what a cutie pie!! So sweet! His smile at the end was priceless
  • Alisha x: Awww I love you guys so sos o much yall are everything ?❤️❤️❤️
  • Edson Sousa: I was waiting for a sea of ​​love
    When you came and rocked me
    And time turned, a light went on
    And everything has changed, my love?
    It was a beautiful thing, what I had to say.
    I wanted to scream at the whole world.
    You’ve been coming
    Look at the girl there.
    Keep talking about what I need to take care of
    But you do not want to be with me.
    And time turned, a light went on
    I wanted to scream at the whole world to hear
    If you say you can not take what you came for?
    You do not deserve me
    Please, see if you forget me.
    If you do not want, do not give me
    Do not even take that disguise
    And if it were easy to make you see
    If it were easy to make you see
    That by my side is your place
    I was waiting for a sea of ​​love
    When you arrived.
    Now that you’ve arrived … My love … I’ll be happy until my last days
    Thanks for your love
    You will also be happy.
    I will play with you
    In the green grass of your garden
    Spring is here
    Good, come on,
    Happiness lives here.
    Right here, it’s good that you exported it.
    Why buy happiness?
    She is in the streets
    Dirty, hungry, moaning in pain
    Just reach out
    She will never abase you.
  • Once Jelly: I WANT A PUPPY ?? (2019!)
  • Ikyumi: Woman: Hey little guy, remember when I told you about my friends and that they were coming?
    Dog: *Pikachu meme*
  • cool 1234: Aww look at his smile and big doe eyes?
  • Bruh_itsamy 123: I just love it when the dogs are so happy at the end it is so beautiful. Hope for paws is amazing ❤️❤️❤️❤️????
  • Jessica Khazan: If my mom allowed me to get a dog I would get this one. This is how I feel about the dog right now??????????????!!!!!
  • livy Hurtado: Awwwww! He knows his the new lil king of the house!????
  • FliX CSGO: 4:18 ADORABLE EYES!!!!


  • Marla Bellamy: “What was that” he little tongue ??
  • ShooterManPLUS1: So wonderful! Thank you for being the Angels here on Earth that we need to show us true love!
  • Marilyn Hoogbruin: He’s so cute! I’m so happy for him
  • Stacy Miller: My gosh his smile made me melt ? Such a happy wee chap? Fantastic work HFP!!!
  • Nova: Loreta’s voice is so calming ❤
  • Autumn Stevens: Such a happy baby Thank you for rescuing him and adopting him!!
  • Vivi MSP: 2:10 Did you swear 😮 :’) Anyways it was so adorable when the pup got out :3
  • Sonja R: That dog has the face to melt hearts. From hopelessness to joy. I’ve never seen anything like it. Miracle workers.
  • sfpatrick1968: SHARED! to facebook page “Love for ALL animals!” 🙂
  • Stella Kloninger: U guys r the best thank you so much I appreciate y’all so much, I love that even if the animals don’t survive it’s better if they pass away in a safe place rather then in pain and everything so thank you and keep doing what you do!!!! Lots of love

    -Stella k❤️❤️

  • Keith Kirby: Thank you for rescuing him so glad he got forever loving home .
  • sexyskydoll: Such a sweet baby. ❤️
  • Michelle Becker: Awwww. That puppy smile tho. My heart. ❤
  • kayla lollol: 1:38 into the video I hope hope he gets adopted even tho I’m not even in the video yet

    Edit: omg I’m so happy for money

  • Catherine ferguson: What a handsome boy, I’m so glad that he is happy again, bless his little sole. Well done guys. Xxx
  • Betânia Santos: ?vcs são verdadeiros heróis!? Parabéns pelo trabalho!?são atos assim que nos fazem acreditar ainda na bondade do ser humano!????????
  • Ross Fiuzi: Such a cute dog. Thank you hope for paws
  • Sassy Kat: My goodness the difference that feeling safe and loved makes! ❤️
  • call me DoggO: I love you guys so much ❤️
    Every video makes me so happy that you’re there to help animals!
  • Melinda Vo: 3:22 omg that was so cute???
  • Heather Penn: Aww so happy he found a wonderful and loving home. Poor guy was so scared. Bless his heart.
  • Storm Tater: I send you just $10 every month, and you give me videos of happy, smiling animals! I love you, Hope for Paws!
  • Ashley Marie: I wish I had money to donate 🙁 You guys are amazing and I appreciate all the work you put into saving animals. ?
  • msxmargo: Watching these rescues and all the effort compassion and kindness and love – all the people who so selfless fostering vetting and rescuing is beautiful

This man used to go to school with his dog. Then they were separated. His dog graduated!

Watch Dogs 2 Wallpaper – Humane Society Puppies

Man is an animal that makes bargains: no other animal does this – no dog exchanges bones with another.

Naturally, everybody has certain things they wish they hadn’t done in life. They wish they hadn’t kicked their dog when they were ten or something.

Doodle Rescue – Korean K9 Rescue

I was green. All I knew was to walk my dog and go to church.

Whenever I get three-four days in hand, I fly down to Delhi to spend time with my family and my dog.

Nyan Cat Wallpaper – 2Nd Chance Animal Shelter

You may lose your wife, you may lose your dog, your mother may hate you. None of those things matter. What matters is that you achieve success and become free. Then you can do whatever you like.

I’ve got four dogs, and I just don’t do dog doo. I’m a diva when it comes to that.

Pomeranian Puppies For Adoption – Special Needs Dog Rescue

I’m a dog person; I’ve had dogs all my life.

There’s a particular kind of single woman whose relationship with her dog has a level of intensity and affection that may be both the cause and the result of her singleness. For a long time, I was that woman.

Puppy Adoption Centers Near Me – Terrier Rescue – Love Mutts Rescue

Bill Gates can’t control a high-level-energy dog, because his energy is very low, very calm. Very intellectual. A dog doesn’t see that as leadership.

I like cats. I used to have a lot of cats, but I don’t anymore, now I just have a dog. It does take a certain temperament to have a cat, as they do have certain personalities.

Youngsters of the age of two and three are endowed with extraordinary strength. They can lift a dog twice their own weight and dump him into the bathtub.

I got my service dog when I was medically retired out of the military, and it was the best thing that ever happened to me. I wish every medically retired serviceman could have a service dog. He’s amazing. He’s my best bud. I go everywhere and anywhere with him.

What counts is not necessarily the size of the dog in the fight – it’s the size of the fight in the dog.

It is not the size of the dog in the fight that counts, but the size of the fight in the dog.

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  • Depraved_Susi: His whistle sounded like a little girl screaming
  • Swede !: The whistle he made at first scared the crap outta me
  • Michaella Dumfeh: I thought Loretta was screaming but no it was a whistle

    YOU HAVE TO TEACH ME!!!!!!!!

  • Other: wow, your title wasnt kidding as he walked among all the cars, amazing save!!
  • Big Ben: My heart sank a few times when he was on the road. Another great rescue and another great ending.. ? ??
  • Lori Jo: I want every dog on here….. I love how only one of Raffi’s ears was up the whole time
  • Madame Jelly: Ahhh I love his quirky little ears! Haha!
  • Elsje Massyn: Another nail biting rescue. Thank you for pushing through and saving Raffi!!
    You two are the best team!!
  • Ideoform Sun: “The floor attacked me, not the dog.” ?
  • Jikes: My dream is to move to LA and start working with you guys! Keep it up <3
  • Trixi Potato: Thank you so much for all you do and for how hard you work to save these animals.

    Edit: Also, thanks for hearting my comment!!! HAPPYYYY

  • Sophie June: One like button means one more homeless dog will be saved❤️❤️
  • Hanle de Beer: I love Loreta and Raffi has the cutest ear ever.
  • Swatantra Dwivedi: Dislike really ? Get life man ?
  • razumfrackle: I just cringe watching the OBLIVIOTS in their cars.

    Just last night I was driving at night through a wooded area near my neighborhood. I was driving 10 mph slower  than the speed limit with my high-beams on. The obliviot behind me starts honking at me as a family of deer darts right in front of me forcing me to hard-brake just in time.

    The oblviots are EVERYWHERE.

  • Ry: At the beginning of the video when he ran right in front of that car and that scream/ whistle sounded, it scared me so bad! Thank you so much for everything you guys do and I am really hoping to become an animal caretaker and an animal rescuer! Love you guys <3 <3
  • Bea Wood: Is there a UK version of Hope For Paws? We have things likes Dogs Trust and Battersea but nothing like Hope for Paws.
  • Pepper F0X: Yes!! I’m glad I’m homeschooled so I can watch this!! Thank you so much. Love u guys, ur the best!!

    Edit- In the end at the park, it looks exactly like the park I take my dogs!

  • Sandra Jones: Loved him. Such a smart little dog. Real clever. Relieved when you got him. Thanks for all the hard work chasing these animals and giving them new beginnings.
  • Sin s: Your hope is so strong, The pups and dogs you have saved say thank you. ❤
  • Suie D: oh Raffi looks like a mature guy not pup, hope he hasnt been on streets long poor guy
    you really do bleed for saving animals
  • Quail The Monkey: I just donated 2,000 dollars. I’ve been saving up a lot of money to donate. I’m so happy that you rescued him! 🙂
    Edit:Omg thank you so much for the heart! ??
  • Louise B: I couldn’t donate but I shared the video….. It’s all I could do
  • YoGirlWithTheCurls: “The floor attacked me, not the dog” ? I loved that part
  • Maria Golke: “The floor attacked me” me anytime I trip ??
  • Bay DewayZone: who is screaming with whistle voice…its Loreta or the dog?
  • GachaTuber XD: 3:58 that face makes me remember of….JORDAN!
  • EllieStorys: 1:25 i thought it was him screaming ??
  • Nevenka Roncevic: It is amazing how animals who became homeless learn how to survive on the street and after theirs owners throws them like trash they are still the same loving and gentle little souls and they still trust people who helping them .I wish I have power to be like them but I am sorry I don’t have mercy for people who abuse and neglects their pets and I can’t forgive them .Hope for Paws are loving ,caring and very professional rescuers who sometimes risking theirs life to save animals .Thank you for all your hard work that you are doing for hopeless and innocent suffering animals .God bless you .
  • Ringo Garvin: Stray: _people bad_
    Raffi: _some people bad_
  • Nature Silhouette: You’re all angels, you all always go through so much to save those animals <3 It's amazing thank you so much! :')
  • Daniel de Lacy: You should put adds on your videos,
    We don’t mind, if its for the animals
  • iNATALIArm: Thanks for what you and your awesome team do Eldad! I will be making my donation later today when I get home ?
  • Vanessa: I hate people. As if the car drivers didn’t see the dog, I mean wtf. Thank you for helping this baby
  • Magic World: I want money to donate this Christmas 2019
  • Andres Gonzalez: *THIS* has to be houdinis brother!
  • Mike Morbuk: I love how 1 of his ears stands up.
  • Edgy Midnight-tato: “So close to death so many times” HUH :’O
  • kimymarie596: Omg…my heart was in my throat. I can only imagine being there. You all do amazing, heroic work…
  • roya george: He is adorable, so cute and lovable, thank you guys for saving him ?❤
  • Sarah E: Raffi is an adorable, albeit determined little guy, I’m so happy that he is off the streets.
  • Diana Ibach: Every moment my heart stand still?
  • Pascua A: This makes me want to go and hug my dog?
  • Elani Aniyvwia: He’s such a cute doggy!!!! Thank you for saving this little puppy dog.
  • Sarah Hinckley: I was holding my breath the whole video that he was gonna get ran over by a car
  • Sherry H.: * WHEW * That was a close one!

    He’s adorable with that one ear up, one down – and really intelligent! I would have named him ‘Smartypants.’

  • Gurll: His ears are so cute omg ?❤
  • Maria Aurora Bianca Fajardo Punzalan: I want to save dogs with you guys
  • Kawai _453: Dog:ahhhh!
    Dog:that was me lol
  • Karen Lewis: That scared me so much ????????????
  • Ben Gaarder: I’m glad all those drivers seemed to be paying attention.
  • Nate Lock: wow, Raffi must have felt so safe once you got him in the car
  • John Snow: Two things make u a great human being ; respect your mum and loving animals .
  • Wouter Goedraad: Its so beautifull to see that after this rescue he so happy is and is having fun!
  • Ginny Bagwell: Your group does such amazing work. I love how you handle every animal with such compassion. Thank you for the work you do. God bless you!
  • l i z b e t: Aw his ears are adorable! Once again, thank you guys for all that you do, so glad another doggo is safe and sound??❤
  • Juliana A. Santos: Com amor, tudo é possível!???
  • Storm Tater: Those wonky ears….so adorable!!
  • Ann Pane: My heart. Thank you guys. This makes me cry. Thank you. He is so sweet.
  • GhOsT: when you finally catch a pokemon ??
  • closedforlove: Omg his ear ??? so precious
  • CookieKat 104: Omg Yass I clicked as Soon as I Got home
    Yet another AMAZING rescue ❤️❤️❤️??
  • Carina: I was so scared when he kept running into the roads…. poor thing, glad hes okay now
  • Triztan 369: The dog is very energetic,he’s strong and fast, hope he’ll find a loving forever home soon, Thanks guys,great work ??
  • Dana sabet: He’s the cutest thing ever!!!
  • Junior van der Waal: I just love his ears ?


  • Dogs Rule: Hope for paws is awesome like if you agree
  • Valley Lee: Seeing you guys save homeless animals to let them have a second chance at a good life, will always let me have a tiny bit of hope in the world at the very least ? we’re all very grateful to y’all
  • Jessica Matthews: That was so scary! So afraid he would get hit! Hes precious…love those lopsided ears! ?
  • Lyn: I just love you guys. I kept holding my breath every time he ran in the street. Great rescue. Thank you for giving Raffi a chance at a great life.
  • La La: I’m so looking forward to the next edition of some of your favorite rescues!
  • Wendy Pastore: Oh my god, that was intense. I hate watching dogs in traffic.
  • liz: that kinda looks like my dog this one makes me very emotional thank you so much ❤️
  • Gary Bedore: It’s amazing how quickly the dogs calm down when they finally get caught. They almost always seem to enjoy their first bath.
  • Frost Allen: I love how his ears are going opposite directions. Love you guys and the great work you do! These guys would be dead without you.
  • Toilet Paper: I literally am so glad you guys exist <3
  • Blu Angel: Woah i was getting a heartatack everytime he ran away,ugh
  • Yelsi villa: ??? thank you for saving the animals i love you guys
    Who screamed?? A child, you, or Loreta?? XD!!!
  • Anton Fabulos: Wow, that dog got tricks up his sleeve’s if he had any!!!???????
  • WolfyVerse 101: hi hope for paws! Keep doing what you do! your such an inspiration! I also donated.
  • Lucy Ortiz: When I’m older I’m going to help you guys save some more dogs and other animals because I live in California
  • Shauna Whittall: Absolutely amazing guys this is how it’s done! You guys are heroes from us in Wales aka the UK thank you for what you do!
  • JC Headquarters: “The floor attacked me, not the dog” Eldad 2018
  • honeyxbee: Omg I’m glad there are people like u guys my heart dropped when was almost hit by a car sheesh
  • MakeupMenaree: That was THE most stressful few minutes ever! When he caught him I jumped up and cheered scaring the shite outta my coworker LOL!
  • Wolfie Playez: 221 who disliked you have no heart.
  • Uijin Hwang: I just came home from school and saw this video at first it made me sad/full of sorrow but at the end so happy!
  • Ben S: Hey! My grandma’s dog is named Raffi! He’s the one in my profile picture
  • MsDmacD: 5:11 Nice to see him running towards people for a change LOL! because he is one fast pupper.
  • IdioticSky: my heart kept beating faster and faster everytime the doggo came near a car dear me
  • Sweets And treats: Oh my god I can’t believe you managed to save him! Thank you so so so much Hope For Paws <3 You’re so inspiring and brave. Hope Raffi lives a long and happy life with a really great owner <3
  • It’s Sophia: I love that you guys spent over an hour to get a puppy that was hopeless. AMAZING!!
  • Patricia Massa: Love those crazy ears, so cute
  • LaRissa McCord: Omg.. my heart was beating soo fast when I seen all those cars flying by
  • Yola Vitaloka: Why there are no ads on your videos ? I won’t skip any of them!
  • Faunasmartypanda: When i have a rough day, i watch you guys :)?
  • Random: Aww. Amazing job saving all these homeless animals and giving the love and care they need❤
  • Donna: Aww…so precious. Raffi I love your ears! ?
    I hope he gets a loving home soon. Such a little treasure!
    Thank you for saving him!
    ~ a proud monthly donor. ??

In modern politics, polls often serve as the canary in the mine – an early warning signal of danger or trends. But polls can also be used to wag the dog – diverting attention from something significant.

Cheap Dogs For Sale – Puppy Adoption Centers Near Me

Other dogs may do their jobs in their own unique and perfectly wonderful ways, but there will always be that dog that no dog will replace, the dog that will make you cry even when it’s been gone for more years than it could ever have lived.

I love living in L.A. It’s quieter. It’s much more relaxing. I’m living in a house for the first time ever. I have a backyard for the first time ever; a dog for the first time ever. So it’s a lot of firsts, and I love it so much. It’s just so different. It’s a nice change of pace.

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Elvis came along when I was 10. My father gave me a bass ukulele. I taught myself how to play from a book to play some chords, so I was laying down ‘Hound Dog’ and things like that when I was 10 years old in 1955. That’s the way I was. My ear was glued to the radio. I knew right then what I wanted to do.

I’m cool with the way I look, I’m not an ugly dog, but I don’t see myself as a stud or anything.

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If you have a dog, I must have a dog. If you have a rifle, I must have a rifle. If you have a club, I must have a club. This is equality.

Bad stories are written about me because the press knows they can make me into a weeping dog and few people will object.

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I was frustrated as a child when I had to use a vacuum. It had a screaming noise and the smell of stale dog and a lack of performance.

It was a real hand-to-mouth existence in those early days – I’d have whatever dry cereal there was in the house for breakfast, 30 cents to spend on lunch and a hot dog for dinner. I did that for years. So there was definitely a hunger in me, of various kinds, to succeed.