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I stagger out of bed, take the dogs outside, and then I’ll get a Diet Coke and a couple of dog biscuits and go upstairs. By the time I’ve consumed my Diet Coke and had a quick run through the morning email and Twitter feed, I will probably be compos mentis enough to work.

You can tell by the kindness of a dog how a human should be.

I got really tall really quickly. I grew nine inches in one summer, and I was sort of like a Great Dane puppy, flopping around all over the place.

I’m even able to have kind of a little bit of a second career in dog rescue. Doesn’t pay anything, but it’s become a real passion for me.

Let me start by saying that I do not enjoy nor relish the partisan role of attack dog. I never found any fun in that. I don’t think it’s constructive. I don’t intend to become that here in the Senate.

A hot dog cut up with ketchup is, like, lunch for me, so I just think it’s funny to Instagram it. I just don’t want to put that much effort into cooking.

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  • Paulo Luo: On the one hand, I want to watch because it’s all warm stories. But on the other hand, it makes me cry.
  • Benish Ahmed: I love Loretta, she is the animal whisperer.
  • Roland Schlösser: MVP Loreta! She needs a Nobel prize or something~
  • mike rayner videos: keep up the good work my dear animal saving friends <3... love and best wishes for 2019
  • TrapCold 1: I don’t know why people dislike the video of hopeforpaws they are helping sick animals survive.
    I love animals I have 3 cats and 1 dog 🙂
  • Natalia Hernandez. R: Hops to save more animals in 2019. i love to see the animals happy
  • Karelys Cabrera: Thanks to you alot of animals going to have a better life????God bless you all
  • Oreo Edits: Its so sad that some dogs have to spend their lives without anyone and fearing people. They are living creatures and they deserve a better life than being dumped or other sad stories. Some dogs have to spend 2019 all alone, with no one :(.

    Happy New Years!

  • Layla Luckyheart: I cry when I watch this video
  • Kristy *: I thank God everyday… that there are a lot of good people out helping rescue animals across the world! Just wish there were a 1000 times more. Blessed are you who do this work everyday of the year! From my heart God Bless you n those who help you. God gave us Angels in you! Love from Nevada.
  • AWS: Thank you, Hope For Paws, for saving all these animals, giving them a better life.
    I’m so happy you do this stuff, for animals.
    Hope you reach your donation goal.
  • Your socks are untied: When i get older i’l donate for sure. Out of all the jobs in the world this is one of the best. It is tough like other jobs can be, but this job has a meaning… a meaning that there are lots of great people in the world who still love and care for animals. I’d rather take a million risked to save animals than get paid for some useless job.
  • Lara Berg: It’s all about love and respect for animals. I wish you all the best for 2019 and I’m looking
    forward to your rescue video’s in 2019. You are amazing people!!
    Lots of love from Louise, The Netherlands.
  • Aaron’s World: Thank you so much hope for paws you are so thoughtful love you ?
  • TYN: Happy New Year! I wish a lot of success and happiness in 2019! ??
  • I love horses!: Yay!thanks for saving all the animals you could and it’s 2018! Almost 2019! I wonder what animals your going to save then! I hope you all have a good New Years!and have a good day! I love you guys!
  • Blissful Arrogance: Bless you , your precious animals and your holy works❤️Happy New Year ?
  • My dog Bruno: You makes me almost cried. You’re always warming my heart! You’ve done good job in 2018- a lot of good luck for 2019!
  • Uganda tribe member: they make me feel good though(: happy new year you guys!!
  • Marina Assanti: Siete fantastici!!!! Buon 2019 <3
  • Marissa Lopez: Thank you Hope For Paws for rescuing animals who are in need for some help and love ❤️
  • Isabella Stefanowicz: That was so beautiful it made me cry keep up the great work in 2019 ?
  • Elizabeeth: you guys are so special
    i cant even imagine how hard it is
    thank you for all
  • nancy vega: Omg I keep crying every time I watch this videos, but, it makes me happy the end of the videos how the life of this animals change for the best ? keep it up please you guys are wonderful, you inspire me to do the same
  • Tiffy Jiffy: This brought tears to my eyes thank you for all that you guys do bless you all!
  • Progster0192: Have a happy 2019 <3
  • Itsme, Molly: it’s lovely to see how happy they are after being rescued ??
  • Santhini Nadarajan: A very happy new year 2019 Eldad, loreta and the entire team. Keep up the good job
  • Anisha Dsouza: Wishing you guys a wonderful and blessed New Year 2019??❤❤ w
  • tlm0308: So many animals so many happy endings and so much more to come!❤
  • nykolaie: This video make me fell sad and happy at the same time…
  • JSYantiss1: Can’t wait to see what you do in 2019!!
  • Mara Tarța: this is so beautiful i caaaaaaaant?❤️❤️
  • Kira Bell: This made me emotional ? i dont know what monsters would do this to precious animals and I really wish I could donate but I cant I really wish I could though and I thank you guys for all that you do
  • Mazza: Thank you for another amazing year of rescues filled with love. May 2019 be full of happy and memorable and fruitful rescues. Happy new year Eldad, Loretta, Lisa and crew.
  • Интересный Аким: Very very very nice video. Happy New year guys ☃️☃️☃️
  • BronzedMia: Have a happy 2019!
  • Uganda tribe member: you seriously cant feel my emotions right now(:
  • Ângela Alexandre: Happy 2019 everyone!? Keep on doing a great job???… Love from Portugal ??
  • Blu Angel: Loveee and love you guys too!!! Happy new year 2019 to all of you too!! Don’t ever change!! You are special!!!
  • Jessica G.: Loves this channel so much. You guys are so inspirational. Made me tear up ❤ Happy Early New Years ?
  • Isabella’s Pet’s: I can’t thank you guys enough for all of the wonderful things that you have done you changed so many animals life’s I remember watching all of them like it was just yesterday I actually have two cats and got them both from a rescue Place near me and you all are just wonderful people I would donate but I don’t have money I am only 10 but I have so much passion for all animals no matter what so just thank you for everything and happy new year and thank you all for reading this comment ❤️❤️❤️❤️??????
  • Scizo Phrenic: may 2019 be even more successful and fulfilling for you all at hope for paws.
  • johnny Lin: I love HOPE FOR PAWS,and I drop my every single tears when I watched…you guys are the angels thank you ?
  • msp: meama: I’m crying ?❤
  • Wolfpack Awwooo: Omg I’m crying this is soo cute
  • janin: Thank you so so much for saving all those little hearts, you’re all so kind! <3
  • Justin PA: I was cry ? that was sooo happy and sad love you guys
  • laura cj: I LOVE Hope for paws? Happy new year?❤
  • Sammies Island: Can I join *Hope for Paws?*
  • lexifaye wilkinson: Good Job You’ve Came Soo Far And You Deserve What U Want In Life
  • Are you tired of me yet? CaveTown Potato: Can’t wait for 2019. You were great this year! I love your channel. All those animals..SAVED! By you. ?
    Wishing you the best, Swag Potato.
  • Marluce Cardoso: Eu até choro assistindo aos vídeos de vocês! São emocionantes!!! ❤❤❤❤
  • Pandaplayz Gaming: It’s so nice remembering all the lives you have saved! I keep coming back to this video! Xx keep being awesome xx ????
  • En pleine forme: Happy new year “hope for paws”
    Thanks for your amazing work!
  • Olivia’s Life: Thank you for all the animals you saved this year!!! You are truly amazing!!!!! ❤️ your making the world a better place one animal at a time!!!
  • Swatantra Dwivedi: Nor i can forward, feel sad for them and feel happy when you Rescue them , ty ??
  • Alisyn Ramirez: Perhaps I cried a bit ?honestly tho this channel is so beautiful and inspiring. Can’t wait to see what 2019 brings up keep up the hard work I’ll always support this channel ????
  • Xenia Nino: You guy’s are the best bring tears to my eyes I want to work whit you I love animals the are in that kind the situacion
    Have s Happy New Year to all
  • Daisy Williams: This makes me so happy ??❤️❤️
  • Mxrley !: I won’t be doing anything for New Year’s Eve……But I will be calming dogs at the pound during the fireworks!
  • Ann M: Thank you all from my heart for being the lifeline these animals needed ✌️❤️??
  • Veri Vera: This is quite wholesome :’)
  • Beth Coombes: awwww I cried x ?❤
  • Monochrome: AAAAAHHHH I LOVE IT
  • Erin Brown: I hope you have a happy new year ? This was so sad ??????
  • winter the phantom wolf_foxy cool kid: I died of cuteness I love animals.

    God bless yall

  • Littlest GachaNoodle: Made me cry ?
  • Cheryl Marella: Proudly say, I have watched all of them! Happy new year HFP ❤
  • Phyllis Brown: Thankful for you wonderful folks at HopeforPaws.The best to you all in 2019.?
  • Zefiri: I love how you helped all these amazing animals you guys are the best keep up the amazing work. See you in 2019!! ❤️❤️
  • Erin Smith: Litterly sobbing !! Thank yall for making these animals life amazibg!!!♥️?♥️
  • Tolew ASMR: youve got respect from uss!!! my happines chanel!!!! ???
  • Angel Blazzed: Some of us we’ll be back to this video on December 2019 , cuz i will ((: ❤ a message to my future self … I hope you hanged in there and made it through the struggle …
  • Lore Berger: Wow this really warms my heart and I’m so gratefull there are people like you guys in this world! Thankyou for saving all these animals❤️
  • Squishy Friends: I love you so much Hope For Paws ? ❤️
  • Jaquel: This vid almost maid me cry bc i love animal’s ???
  • Anita bakker: Tears in my eyes again! Thank you for being their for those with no voice❤️Thank you so much for saving all those sweet souls!! HOPE FOR PAWS YOU ARE AMAZING❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️?
  • winnie the pooh: i literally cried omg this is amazing happy new year ?
  • Margie Cieslinski: God Bless each & everyone that rescues these babies. ????????????
  • [3cubed]: I just wanted to say thank you on behalf of me and all other animal lovers. The things that you guys do is so inspirational, heartwarming, and amazing. Thank you for saving all those animals, even though you didn’t have to. You gave them the lives they deserved, so thank you for an amazing 2018. I hope you have an even better 2019, which is going to be difficult with the amount you achieved this year 😀
  • Pugs Gaming: we love you hope for paws, thank you for saving animals in need!
  • Jersey Made1295: Thank You Thank You, for saving so many innocent animals, Love Ya ???
  • Haylee Bissell: This video made me cry. Love what you do for animals♥️
  • Riley O’Shell: You guys are amazing and I hope to do this too when I’m older
  • Mythical Creatures: I love it when animals are safe, happy and cared. Good job, HopeForPaws! I always smile when animals are saved.
  • Spiderwolvie Alhadef: I just have to say thank you and may God bless you all, always!
  • Sadie G: awesome video hope for paws, i can’t wait to see 2019’s rescues!!
  • CrispyCrunch9: This made me cry a little ? You guys are so amazing by dedicating your lives to save these precious babies ❤
  • Blanca Yoly Chitiva Ramírez: ??????, maravilloso video que recuento de tantos animalitos que les cambió la vida
  • sunny *: _Blessings on you all_
    _at_ *Hope For Paws.*
  • Maddy.A Panderson: Thank you so much for doing this. When I’m older I want to help with some rescues and donate. But for now I can’t.
  • Merve Bahar: Can someone give me a tissue paper i’m crying

    Thank you for saving all of those wonderful animals

  • Charles TUHAKARAINA: I cried so hard from watching this video Keep The Good work till 2020 ?
  • Fins and Fur: Aww! I love this! Yall are amazing!!!!
  • Lahana Tadakamalla: I love you guys so so much cause I am an animal lover and can’t stand any animal getting hurt and watching you guys rescue them makes me cry with happiness! Happy new year to all of you!❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️??????????????????????????????????
  • HedaMiu: Thank you for saving so many animals! <3 This video made me very emotional. I'm crying tears of joy and sadness at the same time, but mostly my tears are from joy :)
  • Kristy Zimmermann: Your dedication is amazing. I cry almost every time I see your videos.
  • Jeanette House: Thank you, thank you, thank you for saving all these lives. ?
  • Drax Quirnon: There’s a special place in Heaven for all of you!!! ?❤️

It’s not the size of the dog in the fight, it’s the size of the fight in the dog.

Cool Cat Wallpapers – Saint Bernard Adoption

I would love to get a pug. A puppy, a baby pug – I just want one so bad.

Science is you! It’s your head, it’s your dog, it’s your iPhone – it’s the world. How do you see that as boring? If it’s boring, it’s because you’re learning it from a textbook.

Carolina Dog Rescue – Heart Animal Rescue

My obstetrician was so dumb that when I gave birth he forgot to cut the cord. For a year that kid followed me everywhere. It was like having a dog on a leash.

You’re over there in the corner either thinking about the dead dog or whatever, you’re bringing up your personal life and you need the space, and then somebody throws you a joke. Especially if it’s an emotional scene, you don’t want the joke.

Cute Puppies For Adoption – Gif Wallpaper

Actually, my dog I think is the only person who consistently loves me all the time.

No man who has not tried it can imagine what dreadful hard work it is to listen. Splitting gum logs in the dog days is child’s play to it. I’ve tried both, and give the preference to the gum logs.

Mountain Rescue Dog – Hello Kitty Wallpaper Hd

There is no psychiatrist in the world like a puppy licking your face.

Nature is very cruel. It is much riskier to love any living being than not. I’m painfully aware that even my little dog is a walking bundle of mortality. I’m painfully aware he’s going to pass.

Pitbull Shelters – Cat And Dog Wallpaper – St Bernard Adoption

I pay my rent and my bills and I buy food and toys for my dog and that’s it.

I read the Odyssey because it was the story of a man who returned home after being absent for more than twenty years and was recognized only by his dog.

The time to save is now. When a dog gets a bone, he doesn’t go out and make a down payment on a bigger bone. He buries the one he’s got.

I would like to visit a dog’s mind to know what he’s thinking and feeling.

Without a dog, I would have tassels on my throw pillows instead of little stubs of yarn that look like small worms. The pillows seem to function just fine without the tassels, so perhaps it isn’t a problem.

Every time someone buys a cat or a dog from a breeder or a pet shop, a cat on the streets or in an animal shelter loses his or her chance at finding a good home.

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  • huh what: The original owner of Pirate should not be allowed to have another dog. Its people like that that cause so many homeless dogs. Selfish and uncaring.
  • Gyyy Guuu: “I don’t want the dog”

    And we don’t want YOU in this world, psychopath!

  • Hector Cedillo: I like it how y’all edit the video and make her look like a pirate?.
  • Dobro Show: Thank you for this rescue.
    I take an example from you,because I rescue homeless animals too.I am from Kazakhstan and in our country this problem is global, homeless animals are killed,treat them like trash.
    In our country it’s dangerous to be volunteer.We have very few volunteers.
    People just won’t understand you.
    It’s horrible.Sorry for this and sorry for mistakes,in real life I speak in russian)
  • Darkstar 1999: “Yeah, I already had another kid, you can keep that one.”

    I don’t understand some people – and I don’t much like what I do understand.

  • RyzuLucario 577: How could anyone not want this cute little fella??? He’s so handsome!
    It’s not fair to him.
  • That One Youtuber: Where does the old owner live?…I’m asking for a friend…yeah **hides gun**
  • Hey It’s Maddy: The music and the pirate sword, hat and eye patch had me on the floor laughing
  • Jasmine Kowalkowski: Woooow human just because you get a new dog doesn’t mean get rid of the old one!!!
  • Annie Butcher: Every dog should deserve a home and love no matter how big or how small!! Like if u agree
  • Crafty Owl: Many people say they love dogs. But they really mean that they only love cute, pretty dogs. Well, that’s not loving dogs. If you say you love dogs, you’re saying that you love all dogs. Homeless, seniors, injured, hairless, one eyed, and every other dog in the world. Thank you for saving all these lives. Hope For Paws is truly a HERO!
  • Big Chungus: How can’t you want that handsome bundle of joy?! Just because you get a new dog doesn’t mean you have to kick that handsome fella!!
  • mikeilamenk: “Loretta Frankonyte asked Blue the pit bull to join us on this rescue” and Blue happily obliged ??
  • TZAZ Arizona: Wonder how he lost his eye, let me guess.
  • yuuya azusa: same like my dOg oNly have 1 eye’s
    bUt hE’s died a 7 yEars ago.???????
  • kathleen shabaan: What a rotten owner ! He should NOT be allowed to own a pet !
  • Raul Nunez: Damn human, I hope his family reject him because they have a new man, a REAL man.
  • Smelly DOnut: God bless you guys for saving all these wonderful dogs❤️
  • Patience: Poor Pirate.. I’m sure he found a good home already though.. ❤?
  • White Foxy: 2019?You like puppy?
  • Animal Guardian21: You can still take your dog back even if You got a new one!!!???? jeez people these days!
  • MrHeepspo: This video is rated “Arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr”… (sorry)
    Great job once again. Hope for Paws is a blessing.
  • Drama Scene: I saw the title and I was shocked!

    Im in tears but I hope he’s really happy

  • Marcus Pruitt: Looks like the first owner hurt the dog decided to get rid of this baby and not pay for surgery on the eye. Should have sued him it will happen again
  • pixiemimi20: “the owner told us he already got a new dog and didn’t want Pirate”?? so angry!
  • Stitch Luna And pals: My dog went missing for over 7 months and my mum decided too get a new dog for us but we got a call from a vet from 2 states away saying they found Dodger (my dog) and we drove all the way to get him even tho we already got a new puppy Luna
  • Susan Piche: Happy ending for Pirate. The hat and patch … cute!
  • PWN HUB: I’d so take this dog any day! I love him already Pirate!
  • Holo: He’s so cute ! ? One of my dogs lost one of her eyes years ago, and since this day she’s not my “princess” anymore… she’s now my “pirate princess” ! Even cooler !
  • Vegas Summer: 1:31 That pit bull soooooo cute awwww!!!!!! ?❤️❤️❤️
  • Laura Binns: what an horrible owner !! shouldn’t be allowed to keep any pets !! thankfully he will have a better life thanks to you guys !!
  • Galaxy Fox: 2:56 I LOVE THE PIRATE EDIT ON CUTE pirate you named him Im guessing?
  • eli: I loved how they named him “Moody” I CAN’T IT’S JUST TOO CUTE AW
  • Uliana Efros: OMG she’s so cute! I really hope he’ll find a new home soon!
  • BradLee Jones: I was all sad, then I saw the sword fight and I????????!
  • MissyB 75: This is why I hate people. Don’t get a pet unless you plan on treating it well and keeping it for the rest of its life!!! That little dog is gorgeous ?
  • Brandie Baldus: aw i love that blue helped with his rescue! so cute! ?
  • A Random Weeb You Need To Ignore: Aww he’s so cute ❤️❤️❤️
    I wish I can have him
  • BabyBunny06495: 1:41, those curious dogs in the background.
  • Autumn Stevens: So glad the beautiful baby found his forever home!! Thank you!!
  • Emely Zhinin: This made me tear up he is so amazing ?
  • Robert Sparkes: Captain Jack Sparrow!!

    Rum for all his friends ??

  • Mashti8: I would have adopted you in a heart beat ❤️❤️??
  • Snapyy: I love how you named him pirate also thank you for everything you do. I love watching these videos they make me smile at the end ?
  • Star1412: His tag said “Moody” at the end. Mad Eye Moody?
  • T O A S T: Aww Pirate makes perfect sense! He has one eye and most pirates wear and eye patch, covering one of their eyes! It’s perfect!!
  • SonicLoop Boop: OMG HE DOES LOOK LIKE A PIRATE ?????????
  • Melsia8 & Szczerbatek: The police should go to owner’s house and take second dog. Poor dogies ;(
  • LittleLulubee: Aww, he’s ADORABLE ???
  • Albion19: I love the new owners called him Moody, aka Mad Eye Moody lol
  • aRe YoU bItChEs CoNsPirRnG AgAiNSt mE ?: Awww ?? he’s beautiful ❤️❤️❤️❤️
  • jaylyn jackson: Jow coild some one do that to him he is sooo cute❤
  • Alexandra Popescu: I feel bad for the dog that Pirate’s past owner got. What will happen when it gets older? ?
  • citibear57: Dammit! I am crying and laughing at the same time. Thank you for adding the pirate graphics to this video. Very well done, and so cute!! You guys are incredibly talented at what you do. Thank you for turning the lives of these helpless animals around!!
  • KattyKat Girl: • I Love People Like This! •
  • Eli Taylor Reviews: Such a beautiful dog
  • Vibranivm: That poor little thing…☹️
    I hate that dumb owner ?
  • Doris Daumann: Pirate !!! That is great !! ? God bless all of you guys who help these adorable animals with love , patience and fun !! ??
  • Ina I: If my dog went missing, I would do everything to find her, she is the precious part of our family! I really don’t understand this man…
  • Ozgur Yildirim: this is how we turn this world to a heaven. adding happiness one by one.
  • Patricia Vidal: I love happy endings❤️ Thank you for all you do?
  • Mabel: At least he is happy now, with a forever family <3
  • Olixea: This so saddd??? how can pepole DO thaaaststatata!!!❤️?
  • lil dumbass: Awww, Pirate is such a cute dog. ?
  • Judyp77: Thanks for helping all these critters.I also thank you for showing how the dog turns out. Love to see a happy ending. ?
  • H o n e y: Omg what a cute dog! Even though he dosent have another eye he stills look cute!
    I agree that he’s name is pirate.
  • Willow76ny: He doesn’t deserve that dog, or any other pet. A-hole.
  • cool 1234: Awww i m soooo happy for him.❤
  • Blissful Arrogance: What a lovely sweetie ?❤️
  • mocs red: A heartless owner???
  • Angela Chapman: He’s beautiful and that tail is amazing.
  • Menime Em: *dogs are more loyal than hoomans, agree* ??
  • Peter Walker: Aghrrrr, ya scurvy dog!
  • Lettybabe: Pirate is so beautiful!! I’m so glad he found a new home, thank you to his new owners that adopted him ???
  • Johanna smith: What is a pirate’s favorite letter -?
    A: Its the Sea. RRRRRRRRR
  • nanette ner: I was crying when I watching this?
  • Mrs De Vine: The people who get caught abandoning their pet should face charges of abandonment. This is truly a crime. No worries Pirate Hope for Paws will find you a better home with people who won’t leave you alone anymore.
  • Christine Stange: Love Pirate! ❤
  • Arsen: I love you guys and thank you for everything
  • Leon Martinek: 3:02 you got me 😀
  • 3Twarze: i just cried a little. Love your work guys <3
  • Alice Fink: Awe such a cute pup. Asshole owner doesn’t deserve a new dog either!! If you discard one for the other you don’t deserve any pet and should be banned by the courts from owning any pet,!! That’s like having a child then giving it up because your haved another one, irresponsible ignorant people like that should be punished for abandoning one pet because they got another!! Thank you hope for paws for saving this cute adorable fur baby!! Your awesome!!!
  • Drew McIntyre Fanboy: I freaking loved the end
  • Plushie GTV: 2:55 this moment makes him a proper pirate
  • Ikmal Syafiq: that pirate battle edit make me laugh
  • NTP Musikera: Omg this is so sad:<
  • DaRealHBIC: The previous owner is a jerk! Dogs are family! I’m glad that pirate found a loving home! God bless hope for paws!
  • squishy girl: wow so sad I miss my dog❤❤
  • King cat: Exactly like My dog who had I before ???????????????Help please Pirate cutiest dog
  • Lydia B.: Hey so… I just got 50$ From babysitting 3 dogs and I was going to give 15$ to you. I hope it helps a little bit! I would love to know what i helped with…
  • Mj Coballes: oh now i know why he call pirate so cute ???
  • chickapey: I love how the pittie helps with the rescue
  • An Trinh: can’t fight back the tears, happy ending for pirates, god bless you guys!
  • Marienel Alvarez: Love his name 🙂 Love the dog 🙂
  • anoja31: He’s so cute! Love the name!
  • Elf Nanoha: Aaaah poor doggie! This is a very strong an brave doggie love you little pirate????
  • edwardmashberg1: Who the hell abandons a member of the family out on the streets …? Cruel and disgraceful.
  • I’m Tired: Owner: I have a new dog so I should get rid of the old one!

The first thing I do each morning is get out of bed and give my dog, Audrey, a hug. She’s a Jack Russell. I think having an animal is a wonderful thing, particularly dogs. They are great levelers, there’s no nonsense with them, and they just want simple affection.

Animal Crossing Wallpaper – Pitbull Shelters

Bees are easier to keep than a dog or a cat. They are more interesting than gerbils. They can be kept anywhere.

Why does watching a dog be a dog fill one with happiness?

Small Dog Breeds For Adoption – Cat And Dog Wallpaper

If a dog jumps into your lap, it is because he is fond of you; but if a cat does the same thing, it is because your lap is warmer.

Court TV. I can’t stop watching it. I am absolutely obsessed! If I’m not reading a book or spending time with my husband, my friends or my dog, I am watching Court TV.

Tiger Wallpaper Hd – St Bernard Adoption

When Captain America is in a room full of Marvel superheroes, he is always Top Dog, even though his powers are pretty modest. He could be stood next to Thor, Iron Man, whoever. He is the one that everyone looks up to. To me, that is Superman, too. Even de-powered in the Legion arc, he was still Superman. Still Top Dog.

I love animals. I just don’t want to have a pet. That’s OK, right? I would take a dog over a cat, at least to interact with you. I feel like cats just stare you down all the time. Cats have, like, bad attitudes.

Dog Rescue Shelters – Trained Dogs For Adoption

Bella is my little dog. She’s an imperial Shih Tzu. She’s a little cotton ball with flecks of gold. She’s super, super cute, and she eats like she’s a Rottweiler.

I really love the sound of my dog snoring.