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Bill Gates can’t control a high-level-energy dog, because his energy is very low, very calm. Very intellectual. A dog doesn’t see that as leadership.

I like cats. I used to have a lot of cats, but I don’t anymore, now I just have a dog. It does take a certain temperament to have a cat, as they do have certain personalities.

Youngsters of the age of two and three are endowed with extraordinary strength. They can lift a dog twice their own weight and dump him into the bathtub.

I got my service dog when I was medically retired out of the military, and it was the best thing that ever happened to me. I wish every medically retired serviceman could have a service dog. He’s amazing. He’s my best bud. I go everywhere and anywhere with him.

What counts is not necessarily the size of the dog in the fight – it’s the size of the fight in the dog.

It is not the size of the dog in the fight that counts, but the size of the fight in the dog.

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  • Depraved_Susi: His whistle sounded like a little girl screaming
  • Swede !: The whistle he made at first scared the crap outta me
  • Michaella Dumfeh: I thought Loretta was screaming but no it was a whistle

    YOU HAVE TO TEACH ME!!!!!!!!

  • Other: wow, your title wasnt kidding as he walked among all the cars, amazing save!!
  • Big Ben: My heart sank a few times when he was on the road. Another great rescue and another great ending.. ? ??
  • Lori Jo: I want every dog on here….. I love how only one of Raffi’s ears was up the whole time
  • Madame Jelly: Ahhh I love his quirky little ears! Haha!
  • Elsje Massyn: Another nail biting rescue. Thank you for pushing through and saving Raffi!!
    You two are the best team!!
  • Ideoform Sun: “The floor attacked me, not the dog.” ?
  • Jikes: My dream is to move to LA and start working with you guys! Keep it up <3
  • Trixi Potato: Thank you so much for all you do and for how hard you work to save these animals.

    Edit: Also, thanks for hearting my comment!!! HAPPYYYY

  • Sophie June: One like button means one more homeless dog will be saved❤️❤️
  • Hanle de Beer: I love Loreta and Raffi has the cutest ear ever.
  • Swatantra Dwivedi: Dislike really ? Get life man ?
  • razumfrackle: I just cringe watching the OBLIVIOTS in their cars.

    Just last night I was driving at night through a wooded area near my neighborhood. I was driving 10 mph slower  than the speed limit with my high-beams on. The obliviot behind me starts honking at me as a family of deer darts right in front of me forcing me to hard-brake just in time.

    The oblviots are EVERYWHERE.

  • Ry: At the beginning of the video when he ran right in front of that car and that scream/ whistle sounded, it scared me so bad! Thank you so much for everything you guys do and I am really hoping to become an animal caretaker and an animal rescuer! Love you guys <3 <3
  • Bea Wood: Is there a UK version of Hope For Paws? We have things likes Dogs Trust and Battersea but nothing like Hope for Paws.
  • Pepper F0X: Yes!! I’m glad I’m homeschooled so I can watch this!! Thank you so much. Love u guys, ur the best!!

    Edit- In the end at the park, it looks exactly like the park I take my dogs!

  • Sandra Jones: Loved him. Such a smart little dog. Real clever. Relieved when you got him. Thanks for all the hard work chasing these animals and giving them new beginnings.
  • Sin s: Your hope is so strong, The pups and dogs you have saved say thank you. ❤
  • Suie D: oh Raffi looks like a mature guy not pup, hope he hasnt been on streets long poor guy
    you really do bleed for saving animals
  • Quail The Monkey: I just donated 2,000 dollars. I’ve been saving up a lot of money to donate. I’m so happy that you rescued him! 🙂
    Edit:Omg thank you so much for the heart! ??
  • Louise B: I couldn’t donate but I shared the video….. It’s all I could do
  • YoGirlWithTheCurls: “The floor attacked me, not the dog” ? I loved that part
  • Maria Golke: “The floor attacked me” me anytime I trip ??
  • Bay DewayZone: who is screaming with whistle voice…its Loreta or the dog?
  • GachaTuber XD: 3:58 that face makes me remember of….JORDAN!
  • EllieStorys: 1:25 i thought it was him screaming ??
  • Nevenka Roncevic: It is amazing how animals who became homeless learn how to survive on the street and after theirs owners throws them like trash they are still the same loving and gentle little souls and they still trust people who helping them .I wish I have power to be like them but I am sorry I don’t have mercy for people who abuse and neglects their pets and I can’t forgive them .Hope for Paws are loving ,caring and very professional rescuers who sometimes risking theirs life to save animals .Thank you for all your hard work that you are doing for hopeless and innocent suffering animals .God bless you .
  • Ringo Garvin: Stray: _people bad_
    Raffi: _some people bad_
  • Nature Silhouette: You’re all angels, you all always go through so much to save those animals <3 It's amazing thank you so much! :')
  • Daniel de Lacy: You should put adds on your videos,
    We don’t mind, if its for the animals
  • iNATALIArm: Thanks for what you and your awesome team do Eldad! I will be making my donation later today when I get home ?
  • Vanessa: I hate people. As if the car drivers didn’t see the dog, I mean wtf. Thank you for helping this baby
  • Magic World: I want money to donate this Christmas 2019
  • Andres Gonzalez: *THIS* has to be houdinis brother!
  • Mike Morbuk: I love how 1 of his ears stands up.
  • Edgy Midnight-tato: “So close to death so many times” HUH :’O
  • kimymarie596: Omg…my heart was in my throat. I can only imagine being there. You all do amazing, heroic work…
  • roya george: He is adorable, so cute and lovable, thank you guys for saving him ?❤
  • Sarah E: Raffi is an adorable, albeit determined little guy, I’m so happy that he is off the streets.
  • Diana Ibach: Every moment my heart stand still?
  • Pascua A: This makes me want to go and hug my dog?
  • Elani Aniyvwia: He’s such a cute doggy!!!! Thank you for saving this little puppy dog.
  • Sarah Hinckley: I was holding my breath the whole video that he was gonna get ran over by a car
  • Sherry H.: * WHEW * That was a close one!

    He’s adorable with that one ear up, one down – and really intelligent! I would have named him ‘Smartypants.’

  • Gurll: His ears are so cute omg ?❤
  • Maria Aurora Bianca Fajardo Punzalan: I want to save dogs with you guys
  • Kawai _453: Dog:ahhhh!
    Dog:that was me lol
  • Karen Lewis: That scared me so much ????????????
  • Ben Gaarder: I’m glad all those drivers seemed to be paying attention.
  • Nate Lock: wow, Raffi must have felt so safe once you got him in the car
  • John Snow: Two things make u a great human being ; respect your mum and loving animals .
  • Wouter Goedraad: Its so beautifull to see that after this rescue he so happy is and is having fun!
  • Ginny Bagwell: Your group does such amazing work. I love how you handle every animal with such compassion. Thank you for the work you do. God bless you!
  • l i z b e t: Aw his ears are adorable! Once again, thank you guys for all that you do, so glad another doggo is safe and sound??❤
  • Juliana A. Santos: Com amor, tudo é possível!???
  • Storm Tater: Those wonky ears….so adorable!!
  • Ann Pane: My heart. Thank you guys. This makes me cry. Thank you. He is so sweet.
  • GhOsT: when you finally catch a pokemon ??
  • closedforlove: Omg his ear ??? so precious
  • CookieKat 104: Omg Yass I clicked as Soon as I Got home
    Yet another AMAZING rescue ❤️❤️❤️??
  • Carina: I was so scared when he kept running into the roads…. poor thing, glad hes okay now
  • Triztan 369: The dog is very energetic,he’s strong and fast, hope he’ll find a loving forever home soon, Thanks guys,great work ??
  • Dana sabet: He’s the cutest thing ever!!!
  • Junior van der Waal: I just love his ears ?


  • Dogs Rule: Hope for paws is awesome like if you agree
  • Valley Lee: Seeing you guys save homeless animals to let them have a second chance at a good life, will always let me have a tiny bit of hope in the world at the very least ? we’re all very grateful to y’all
  • Jessica Matthews: That was so scary! So afraid he would get hit! Hes precious…love those lopsided ears! ?
  • Lyn: I just love you guys. I kept holding my breath every time he ran in the street. Great rescue. Thank you for giving Raffi a chance at a great life.
  • La La: I’m so looking forward to the next edition of some of your favorite rescues!
  • Wendy Pastore: Oh my god, that was intense. I hate watching dogs in traffic.
  • liz: that kinda looks like my dog this one makes me very emotional thank you so much ❤️
  • Gary Bedore: It’s amazing how quickly the dogs calm down when they finally get caught. They almost always seem to enjoy their first bath.
  • Frost Allen: I love how his ears are going opposite directions. Love you guys and the great work you do! These guys would be dead without you.
  • Toilet Paper: I literally am so glad you guys exist <3
  • Blu Angel: Woah i was getting a heartatack everytime he ran away,ugh
  • Yelsi villa: ??? thank you for saving the animals i love you guys
    Who screamed?? A child, you, or Loreta?? XD!!!
  • Anton Fabulos: Wow, that dog got tricks up his sleeve’s if he had any!!!???????
  • WolfyVerse 101: hi hope for paws! Keep doing what you do! your such an inspiration! I also donated.
  • Lucy Ortiz: When I’m older I’m going to help you guys save some more dogs and other animals because I live in California
  • Shauna Whittall: Absolutely amazing guys this is how it’s done! You guys are heroes from us in Wales aka the UK thank you for what you do!
  • JC Headquarters: “The floor attacked me, not the dog” Eldad 2018
  • honeyxbee: Omg I’m glad there are people like u guys my heart dropped when was almost hit by a car sheesh
  • MakeupMenaree: That was THE most stressful few minutes ever! When he caught him I jumped up and cheered scaring the shite outta my coworker LOL!
  • Wolfie Playez: 221 who disliked you have no heart.
  • Uijin Hwang: I just came home from school and saw this video at first it made me sad/full of sorrow but at the end so happy!
  • Ben S: Hey! My grandma’s dog is named Raffi! He’s the one in my profile picture
  • MsDmacD: 5:11 Nice to see him running towards people for a change LOL! because he is one fast pupper.
  • IdioticSky: my heart kept beating faster and faster everytime the doggo came near a car dear me
  • Sweets And treats: Oh my god I can’t believe you managed to save him! Thank you so so so much Hope For Paws <3 You’re so inspiring and brave. Hope Raffi lives a long and happy life with a really great owner <3
  • It’s Sophia: I love that you guys spent over an hour to get a puppy that was hopeless. AMAZING!!
  • Patricia Massa: Love those crazy ears, so cute
  • LaRissa McCord: Omg.. my heart was beating soo fast when I seen all those cars flying by
  • Yola Vitaloka: Why there are no ads on your videos ? I won’t skip any of them!
  • Faunasmartypanda: When i have a rough day, i watch you guys :)?
  • Random: Aww. Amazing job saving all these homeless animals and giving the love and care they need❤
  • Donna: Aww…so precious. Raffi I love your ears! ?
    I hope he gets a loving home soon. Such a little treasure!
    Thank you for saving him!
    ~ a proud monthly donor. ??

In modern politics, polls often serve as the canary in the mine – an early warning signal of danger or trends. But polls can also be used to wag the dog – diverting attention from something significant.

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Other dogs may do their jobs in their own unique and perfectly wonderful ways, but there will always be that dog that no dog will replace, the dog that will make you cry even when it’s been gone for more years than it could ever have lived.

I love living in L.A. It’s quieter. It’s much more relaxing. I’m living in a house for the first time ever. I have a backyard for the first time ever; a dog for the first time ever. So it’s a lot of firsts, and I love it so much. It’s just so different. It’s a nice change of pace.

Unwanted Westies – Terrier Rescue

Elvis came along when I was 10. My father gave me a bass ukulele. I taught myself how to play from a book to play some chords, so I was laying down ‘Hound Dog’ and things like that when I was 10 years old in 1955. That’s the way I was. My ear was glued to the radio. I knew right then what I wanted to do.

I’m cool with the way I look, I’m not an ugly dog, but I don’t see myself as a stud or anything.

Cheap Dogs For Sale – Love Mutts Rescue

If you have a dog, I must have a dog. If you have a rifle, I must have a rifle. If you have a club, I must have a club. This is equality.

Bad stories are written about me because the press knows they can make me into a weeping dog and few people will object.

Shetland Sheepdog Rescue – Poodle And Pooch Rescue

I was frustrated as a child when I had to use a vacuum. It had a screaming noise and the smell of stale dog and a lack of performance.

It was a real hand-to-mouth existence in those early days – I’d have whatever dry cereal there was in the house for breakfast, 30 cents to spend on lunch and a hot dog for dinner. I did that for years. So there was definitely a hunger in me, of various kinds, to succeed.