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I work too much to be an appropriate parent. I feel like a bad mom to my dog some days because I’m just not here enough. I just feel like I would do a bad job if I took the time to literally give birth to a kid right now and try and juggle everything I’m doing.

I snap with my mom. It was a great way for me to see my dog when I was in college. We send selfies, too.

Necessity has the face of a dog.

Debbie Gibson and dog food. I’ve always dreamed of this.

Take personal responsibility. A lot of people go, ‘Well, I’ll get a dog because I have a kid and a kid needs a dog.’ And it doesn’t work out for that dog and the dog is on the street.

Earlier, my priority was only work. I worked like a dog before I got married. After marriage, once you have a baby, time management is difficult. Your responsibilities change, your priorities change. And you have to concentrate on them if you have to work out your life. Your career is just a part of your life. For me, my family is my life.

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  • Jersey Drager: This is how many people hate the person who did this
  • laylah. jane: i can’t see your wings but you guys are angels❤️
  • Milly Lynch: this is amazing! But can we talk about the dog in the background at 4:07 ???
  • James_&_Anna_Burns: Put more adds in your vids for money I will watch all of them
  • lopezbiglos: Seeing that dog with his arm dangling like that broke me man.
  • OrangeOnes Gaming: I don’t have money to donate so I make that up by watching all these videos and receive ads that are worth 1 cent
  • Padraig de Buitlear: The 595 people who disliked this are dead to me
  • thetomatomonster11: 4:07 lol I was crying but the goofy doggo in the back made me laugh???
  • Sujeet grewal: Part of my gut wants to hunt down and murder this person who hurt and innocent being.
  • RedPepsiCup: no hate, but it was pretty much a zombie dog.
  • Alex: Can we all take a moment to appreciate the adorable weirdo in the background at 4:06? ?
  • Gnom fi: 4:07 Look at the dog in the background in the green thing
  • Percs: I would take his place omm like if you would also
  • Pxyro_YT: This is how many people want to change the way the world thinks (edit 1: OH MY GOD 5 LIKES FIRST TIME EVER NO LIE!) (edit 2: 10 MY GOD)
  • logen t: Awww he is better but Lol the dog in green bucket stickin his legs up in the air how funny
  • WACH AUF!: What did we do to deserve dogs? What did we do to deserve people like you guys? I feel like saying “thank you” isn’t enough. I would rip my heart off for you guys! You’re hero’s. God bless every single one of you.
  • Eddie Adams: It is so beautiful what you guys are doing to help all these dogs and other animals and i just want to thank you for all you’ve done
  • Zack And Jack: When I tell you I cried, I MEAN IT
  • Mazzie Hetzel: 4:31 does anybody see that dog in the back with his legs sticking up? He is so cute, just like all of the dogs
  • COFFEE BEAN: Nobody:
    None at all:
    Me: 4:31 **the dog in the green bucket**
  • Mochi bear and Kookie: 4:30
    That one dog in the corner ? ?
  • Black Widow: Those who gave a thumbs down are heartless you hear me HEARTLESS
  • Rafael Fernandes Pereira: Como meu pai diz: “Pessoas assim vão direto pro céu”
  • ILikeTurtals 228: Poor thing .


  • mr Infinitedep: this video made me to cry??,
    I appreciate your job, keep it up!
  • Susan Davey: The little puppy giving puppy kisses to cheer him up ?
  • Esther Faruk: These people are amazing and bless you all. I love this dog so much and the ending. ❤??
  • I’m Everywhere: My favorite part of these videos:
    When the dogs are running and happier than ever
  • misanthropfi: I love everyone of you guys!! This is heartbreaking
  • NevadaFederalBites: Can we take a second a congratulate this organization for doing an outstanding job in helping these beautiful creature!!!! ????
  • Black Panther: 4: 07…….had me cracking up……I wasn’t expecting that! I’m so happy fur her….. Blessings!
  • Vaultboy101: Thank you for giving him a second chance.
  • Tigger Escobar: This made me cry! Oh my goodness this precious little one suffered so much. I wish I could adopt this little angel. Thank you all for loving these little angels the way you do. God bless you all tenfold.?✝️
  • Illusive Prime: Damn, almost brought a tear to my eyes. Great work!
  • rescue,reabilitate,rehome Taylor: I can’t donate but I can watch the ads for a cent

    A cent is one life saved

  • Kelly Jelly: I love animal aid,they always help animals that are injured or stuck❤️???????
  • Adaa Goel: Aww the puppy also lends a hand?… Thank u for saving his life
  • Purvi Nikale: This is real Humanity. God bless you all my earthly Angels.
  • Kauan Fukase: “OS cara é foda patroa”
  • taki_ aj: i donated 40 dollars of my pocket money :,3
  • Animal Rescue: Thank you so much for rescuing this beautiful dog. It now knows how it feels to be loved and cared for. God bless your team, and this adorable, precious dog you saved. Please never stop helping and loving animals. Thank you so much once again and always for everything you do for amazing, adorable animals. It’s absolutely beautiful. I can’t thank you enough for your kindness. Thank you so much.?♥️?
  • Mauricio Cifuentes: Que hermoso perrito… Y maravillosa su recuperación ?!! ?
  • Martina P: Camera man help do no just stand there take him
  • Reaghan Gatta: I love how the dogs in the background are just sitting in bowls ?
  • 오세 훈: You guys are the best , like if you argee
  • Dexter Sayam: always help a animal that injured it could be an angel that is undercovered as an animal then the brightness shines when you heal him/her
  • Elow: 3:32 omg this is so adorable ??❤️
  • Linda Menke: I just love how these dogs live communally instead of individual cages. It is so much healthier for them. Thanks so much for everything you do!
  • Mas Puto: I was in tears because i saw how painful the dog was?????❤❤
  • Terry Samwels: ????????? May God Punish the person who injured this innocent soul
  • Angel Rearden: I LOVE whole recovery but 4:30 was priceless. Dog asleep in tub – legs straight up in air ? My dog occasionally sleeps same.
  • Bk14FN 2: And I feel bad when I step on my dogs tail by mistake….
  • baby JZ: 4:11 mercie boqout (or sum)

    Only legends will understand

  • Its dat boi alex: I left auto click on in the end part for the ad the whole day and night.
    Practically I donated lol
  • It’s Jazmin: You guys saved so many animals
    I hope one day God Honors you the best thing ever
  • Gunner: For a 3 legged dog dang he’s fast
  • Peter G: Our dog Tyson got run over by a car some years back & had to have his back leg removed, he’s now called Tri-Pod & he’s a lovely boy just like this fella here. Well done guy!!
  • I’m potato not human: Who would hurt a cute innocent doggie this melts my heart??????????????
    Please treat him good!!
  • Möbius Paw: The emotion felt by this video is intense.
    With all our hearts we wish that you are blessed beyond your expectations and ours.
  • Saul Alvarez: It would have been easier to put him to sleep but you took on the effort to give him life. You have my utmost respect! God bless you all!
  • Maureec Ngawaka-Nathan: Bless you good people for your compassion. I am proud to be able to support your efforts ?
  • WWR General Moon: This video left me in tears, this pup is a true fighter??????????
  • Despicable Pug: His tail is as still as a rock ʕ´• ᴥ•̥`ʔಥ‿ಥ
  • Onesweetangel: YOU GOT THIS JEREMY !!! WE ALL LOVE YOU SO MUCH !!!GO GO GO !!!!
  • M3t3han Arsl4n76: why people are disliking whats their problem ?
  • Krishna Patil: Feeling sad for his one leg ????
  • Maria Aparecida de Andrade Lagassio Maria: Vcs são maravilhosos anjos que salvam os animais que deus Sempre te proteja e abençoe muito
  • Cathy Park: It looks to painful ??? another beautiful rescue Animal Aid Unlimited may God Bless you always. How I wished we have a dedicated people like you here in our country.
  • Physics Max: GOD BLESS YOU
  • Nature cannot be fooled: You guys treat them better than human doctors.
  • Subhro Baur: 4:30 That doggo on left is me ??
  • Harmony Rolleston: I am crying right now ?
    I am so glad that those people helping the dogs stay alive ♥️♥️♥️
  • Llama Lol: Heart warming ending ❤️
  • Frankie Basile: I love when the spark and joy in their eyes comeback ,so great to know the doggos get a second chance at life..
  • samartin1204: To those who disliked the video I salute you with my middle finger.
  • Deanna Roper: It makes me so happy to see rescued animals?
  • lepen: To see him making friends and playing made my day
  • JordY B0y: So glad to see he’s doing okay now?❤️
  • Forknife _Plays: Me: Poor Dog:(
  • Cat and Dog Legacy: I love the puppy who came to him to be his friend….
  • Gian Louis: 4:07 That dog in the basin?
  • Andre Aquino: Notice at your left there’s a broken dog, someone help him ??
  • Habee with cat’s: God bless you…. ??????

    Very heart tuoching video


  • Orlando Rodriguez: GUYS STOP COMMENTING AND START DONATING! I sent $100 to these heros.
  • Will of the people: Dog thinks: my friend has one arm – sod it I’m playing rough anyway!
  • Elow: This guys are an angel ?❤️

    Tank to save all this animals, thanks for her !

  • Angela Valkaren: Thanks to those gold hearted people who helped this poor animal God bless you
  • Maria Carrasco: And Thank You ??For Helping The Doggie? Good People.??
  • Eclipsa Butterfly: Do you think dogs can forgive us?
  • Emmeline Lopati: But it was actually that much in my bank account
  • Nádia Oliveira: Congrats tô you,heroes .Brave rescuers,you do a mission of God. Brave dog,too.So couregeous,so Nice,so happy.From Brasil.
  • oof I am crazy duude: I cried the whole time even at the end u deserve triple heaven where u can make anything you want happen like getting it to rain CANDY
  • Simone Rocha: I do not have any money, but I leave a kiss on each of you NGO’s hearts for this wonderful work that you do, may God protect you all and thank you for helping these innocent animals !!!!! Love you all!!!
  • Yna Radaza: THESE PEOPLE ARE THE BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • SoCal Gear Guy: Thank you for saving this beautiful dog and many others. I will donate.
  • Illusion 090: 4:07 loving the dog in the background… 🙂
  • Gale Anthony: I saw this video and my heart shattered. I love animals. the fact that people abuse them rips my heart apart. When I grow up my dream is to help animals.
  • LPS skittles: 4:07 4:09 on the back the dog has his legs up in his bed Lola what!?!?
  • aliique: I really wanna donate but I’m only a kid so I can’t!!!! 🙁
  • Satwik Kondapalli: I just love this channel for saving the stray dogs ♥️♥️♥️♥️

I love dogs, but dogs, you have to be in the country with dogs. I cannot walk a dog on the street.

Pound Dog Rescue – Rescue Dogs Near Me For Adoption

When I was seven and we lived in New York, I ran away. I took my dog and started out across the Brooklyn Bridge… I didn’t get very far… It’s rather difficult to run away in your mother’s high heels.

When I was a kid if I was unhappy, I’d stroke my dog. I was into bringing injured birds into the house, RSPCA activities. And the relationship that you have with animals, you can get that from your children: that unquestioning love and adoration and equal need.

Pitbull Puppies Near Me – Neko Atsume Wallpaper

I’m a dog lover and animal lover all around.

To his dog, every man is Napoleon; hence the constant popularity of dogs.

Labrador Rescue Near Me – Cool Tiger Wallpapers

It is very easy to forget how much of a pain training is when you have a dog for so long, but trust me, it’s not as easy and quick as we all hope.

The first time I went to Chicago was on a family road trip. We had our dog with us, and when we hit Chicago, I couldn’t believe how many people kept coming up to us, telling us how handsome our dog was! He’s a Rottweiler-Australian Shepherd mix, and he is a good-looking dog, but obviously Chicago is very dog-friendly.

Marion County Dog Pound – Heart Of A Border Collie Rescue

My parents are very hard working people who did everything they could for their children. I have two brothers and they worked dog hard to give us an education and provide us with the most comfortable life possible. My dad provided for his family daily. So, yes, that is definitely in my DNA.

In whatever adulation you get, there’s truth and there’s not truth. And wherever they dog you, and they say it was horrible – there’s truth and there’s not truth. It’s human nature to like to read the adulation more.

Puppies For Rehoming – Cocker Spaniel Puppies Rescue – German Shepherd Rescue

I love road trips! My husband and I love that. We bought a truck with a bench seat so we could put the dog in the middle.

People who love soft methods and hate iniquity forget this; that reform consists in taking a bone from a dog. Philosophy will not do it.

Babies smell amazing, but I’m not one of these women who smell a baby and go, ‘I want one.’ I see a dog over the field and go, ‘I want one.’

You gotta love Rick Perry’s swagger. The Texas Governor is out there in the Iowa cornfields, unabashedly going to toe-to-toe with President Obama, doing his best to instantly cast himself as the big dog in the Republican pack.

I work too much to be an appropriate parent. I feel like a bad mom to my dog some days because I’m just not here enough. I just feel like I would do a bad job if I took the time to literally give birth to a kid right now and try and juggle everything I’m doing.

How many legs does a dog have if you call his tail a leg? Four. Saying that a tail is a leg doesn’t make it a leg.

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  • __Stinky__: Hey guys just a suggestion for a video series. How about a series where you all follow up on previous rescues and show us how the rescues are now doing. Just a suggestion, will still subscribe, watch, and donate regardless of what you think of my suggestion.
  • Ravange: Aww Dublin barking like “Hey! I thought this video was about me!” They’re both so cute.
  • Phil Mitchell: It’s amazing how forgiving dogs are. And all they want is to make their “parents” happy.
  • Cherie Mcclay: I just donated 500 on my other account! I’m so happy
  • Trinity X: Dublin killed me the way he pranced along, so happy to have a leash on again. He was like “Yay, someone likes me again!” Sweet baby. And China too. No fight at all. Just happy for food and some love. I can’t stand that people just abandon dogs like this. They’re like innocent children. Hope for Paws is AWESOME! ❤️
  • Kain Hearth: I can’t understand people that just abandon animals. Collar and all at a park! If you don’t want your pets anymore put em up for adoption so someone else can love them.
  • LadyMindaMalfoy: The best part of all their videos: seeing those cute dogies happy!
  • Lisa Shinn: I admire you all so much because you don’t only rescue just injured or bad dogs. You rescue anything or one who needs or wants help and that just makes me smile! May god bless you all please never stop what you do. These animals need you and you give them what they need and that’s something I love ❤️
  • Wild Things: Poor puppy….. I don’t understand how people have the heart to dump dogs… ??
  • my and Ngan nguyen: i love how yall took the time to do this and help animals
  • Banana. Split: People should never abuse animals emotionally and physically

    *EDIT*: no *innocent* soul should be harmed in any way

    *EDIT 2*: thank you for all the likes ❤️

    *edit 3: OMG thank you hope for paws for Liking my comment ur r the best people ever for rescuing all these animals ??????❤️❤️❤️

  • Findyourwayred: I love China so much! I have a bull terrier and they’re the best companions. Hope she found a good home!
  • Demongirl _ Gacha: Dublin was so cute when he was playing with his squeaky toy :3 ?
  • emilea miller: I loooove Bull Terriers. I was so happy to see both of these dogs happy to be found.
  • Ianna Secret: 4:21
    China: *just enjoying herself with some fast shades*
    My brain: They see me rolling, they hate it
  • Elia Dicicco: Who thinks it’s wrong to abandon poor little animals, they’ve done nothing accept be your friend
  • Malwontae: That smile on Dublin when he’s on the leash, he knew he was going to get all the love he’d been missing from his previous “owner”
  • Kit Kat: Hey guys,amazing video !One time,my parents told me the story of my dog.She was abonded at a gas station.Also,china what a sweet name for her ?
  • kyttn2: How can people just abandon the animals who really love ❤️ them just like they don’t matter when in fact they are worth more than gold or Riches for they are unconstitutional with their love ❤️ there heart and there souls they look over so. Much just to be near the ones who hurt them theses animals are priceless I would love to have these fur babies in my home to give them unconditional love and kindness the way they do to us I pray God takes care of all of them and blesses them and the people who rescue and help them find forever homes ? thank you to the rescuers and God bless all of you
  • BulletPlayz&CreatesGames: Wa ̄ i ? Wa ̄ i ?Wa ̄ i? Wa ̄ i That First Dog is named after the city i’m from Dublin, I’m from Dublin ireland
  • Talia Angus: Your the best I love dogs and your helping them it means so much to be doing that every day you really deserve to be one of the best youtubers
  • MeatHeals: *Oh i love these videos. We are in need of this positive energy these days, thank you Hope For Paws <3*
  • Jaqueline Perez: Thanks for giving animals another chance to live god bless you all ❤ ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?
  • Summer Moore: Hope for paws ? are the worlds greatest they save animal thank you Hope For ? paws all love you and your rescues videos
  • Rozalind Werner: Aww Thank-YOUUUU for helping and giving them happiness they deserve.
  • The awesome kids: Nobody probably cares but I was watching the music vid Happier and I needed to watch this
  • Saskia Grace: I miss seeing Lisa and hope she’s well! ?
  • Nik Lew: Awe China and Dublin sooo sweet – Love those cute eye brows?❤️
  • murfy6661: Oh my god the bullterrier broke my heart ??? that sweet little darlin ❤
  • Luna Bella: ❤️❤️?❤️❤️❤️???? there so adorable I love them ?❤️❤️
  • Evelyn Kanitz: 4:02 I love that nickname for China, it’s cute!
  • Ria Arisma: My favorit part is when china with a man on motorcircle???
  • Adrianna Skraban: Love how you guys put in your life to save these animals
  • usernotfound40 4: 4:33 honestly the coolest dog I’ve ever seen ??
  • sᎪsuᏦᎬ ,: For some reason i read china as chii-nah. Dont know why.
  • 10tonhamster: 1:11 “Yay! Well, it’s been interesting out here, but I am definitely happy to be going home again”
  • Mickey Andres: I’m seriously in love with Dublin!
    My gawd he’s precious ?
    Nice job ladies!
  • I’m Lost: China looks like a bull terrior
  • TheRushtime: 4:34 Hahaha, love this big guy! ))
  • Grace Malm: if you leave your pets to dye in a park on abandoned place with no one to care for them and love them or keep them safe you’re a horrible person and will die in a very bad way
  • Scookie: 4:06
    Dublin: OI! I WANT LOVE TOO!
  • Alex Jurassic: I love him and her so mush ?
  • Tim Ramage: This makes me happy to see them rescued! I too have a bullterrier: it’s my 3rd one! Much respect for people who help these animals!
  • Alba luz Gutierrez: God bless you guys we need more people like you in this world ?♥️
  • joe shmoe: The first dog, abandoned even though skinny had a shiny coat. Maybe family could not afford and dumped it, sad.
  • Penny Brannon: I hate people who just dump dogs. Thank God for Hope for Paws. Both are beautiful. China looks like a full Bull Terrier. People are so crazy and mean.
  • hadlee 189: I will never understand why humans abandon pets… 🙁
  • Lashonay Wiley: They are both sweethearts ???? thank you for saving them
  • amzuel420: When those dogs see a human being kind to them they are always like, “wow! I might have somebody I can love and be faithful to.”
  • Damon Dark: Everyone at Hope for Paws is my hero! Keep doing the amazing things you do!
  • dog lover: What job is this?

    I LOVE IT ❤️

  • Noa Williams: China is the same breed as the target dog?
  • Thorium: China is deaf?? She clearly reacted to Dublins barking on 4:03
  • Heidi Hunt: Omg!! I always wanted one of thos terriers
  • Super Girl: Dublin looks so much like the dog my parents used to have ?
  • # Animalloverfurlife: U guys are my heros I will grow up to be just like u ❤️???
  • Life Of Helen: Omg I always go to this park ? I live in Compton & there is so many homeless dogs & it breaks my heart
  • Madalynn G: Aww I love animals my family helps with finding strays and then we rescue them
  • Hannah Thoma: Omg I love those types of dogs!
  • wolfgalaxy heart: Why do people want to have a dog weeks later they throw them away like they never existed they have a life to they need lots of love they give you love but why dont the people give them love sometimes
  • Philly Sports!: Bull terriers are my favorite dog….
  • Sambhashini: I want to adopt this ? and till my death I want to live for homeless stray dogs I want to be a part of hope for paws
  • Uli Reinhart: Awwwww China is such a cutie pie so is Dublin
  • Donna: It breaks my heart that dogs are just dumped. ??
    I’m soooo glad that you saved them….they’re both so precious! They deserve a life of being cherished & adored. I hope their new life is filled with belly rubs, wrestling, toys, cozy beds, delicious treats and endless cuddles! ??
  • sky blue: They’re both lovely, did they find homes please?
  • Music: My life and soul is for loving, rescuing and caring for all animals.
    Surtag (Tag in short).
  • Da_BTS_Wolf 27: 1:10 he was like: I’m walking on a leash again! Best day ever!
  • The 4lets Bosses: I love hope for paws then every video I cry then get happy this makes my day
  • Dindin Private: Dublin looked really cheerful to be on a leash once again!
    China looks as if she might be a pure bred Bull Terrier (Note: NOT a pit bull terrier!). If so she may need a special home with experienced dog people, aside from her deafness.
  • •Dxlighted •: Awww China is so pretty hope she’s on good hands also Dublin ??♥️
  • Linda DONAGHY: Thank you for being such angles. I love watching your rescues. I’m sorry that I don’t donate to you. I’m in Australia and donate fortnightly to two rescues, then make special extra donations when a particular rescue is in need.
  • MECH MUDALY: I was going through my feeds and was wondering why was Elsa’s video taken down? I was looking for it to share actually.
  • Nicholas Dobrilla: Dublin is adorable!!! I love him!!
  • AEE: What kind of a cruel! Cold hearted person just abandons a dog??? I think who ever does that should get jail time or at least! A HUGE fine! There are no kill shelters you can leave your pet or how about don’t get an animal if u can’t show them love! And care!
  • paula mns: I love what you do its only amazing.
  • Avigail C.: When they said “stray shepherd” I literally thought they mean a stray shepherd.
  • stupid8911: Great job, y’all. China in those goggles on the quad, priceless. Love it
  • murfy6661: Oh my god that darlin little bully ? sweet little baby, come to my house and you’ll never have to hide under a mattress again ❤
  • Edie Koller: Happy Birthday Alizah…Lots of people care. I hope you had a very happy birthday!`
  • Niamh Potter: I’m from the county Dublin! Love the work you guys do xo
  • Shaquille Nuku: This channel makes me love humans all over again. You guys are absolute angels <3
  • Ciera Light: Thank you Hope for Paws for everything you do❤❤❤after watching you guys, when I grow up I want to become a animal rescuer I love you guys so much thanks for the inspiration ?
  • Scarlett H: How and whyyyy to a bull terrier?? I love them sooooooooooooooo much????
  • •Shīrø•: I’m shocked of how amazing people you are , I can’t imagine anyone else do it

    Your the best people I could ever sub to

    these dogs would of been in so much pain but since you’re here , you’re the hero

    I love you’re passion

    And what you do for a living

  • Kaitlyn Farrar: Thank u for saving so many animals in need u guys are doing an amazing job keep it up
  • Hiluxste: Them on the quad bike was mint made my day
  • Ran Ran: Ilove dublin ??♥️♥️
  • Miguelsoto: I need to be part of this group, god its so amazing?
  • Liongirl375/Emma: I will never understand why people think that it is ok to just dump animals on the street because they don’t want them! They are living creatures with feelings and emotions! Thank you so much for doing what you do.
  • tiggerlily7: YOU GUYS ARE ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!! ????
  • Galaxy Rose: Aww, I love this channel so much now.
  • x SuusTijger: Dublin really is the most beautiful dogs I’ve ever seen
  • おまちどーなつ: good acutivity
    i from japan. myfavoriteacutivity!!
  • Samantha Contreras: 3:26 China hahaha <3
  • Bling Bling The BS OF THE ISS: I love ❤️ you guys so much. What you do brings me hope for humanity. I know my monthly contribution is helping and that makes my heart ❤️ soar.
  • Coracao Formoso 123: Gratidão eterna pelo resgate do anjinho lindo ?❤️??❤️lindos anjinhos ?
  • bl0ndieNY: seeing dogs homeless starving and so lonely really breaks my heart and makes me want to cry. thank you for all that you do. i hope they find homes soon.
  • Jodie York: Oh my DOG, sweet baby love children❣

You know me – I’m the road dog of road dogs.

Aarf – Puppies For Rehoming

I snap with my mom. It was a great way for me to see my dog when I was in college. We send selfies, too.

You don’t train a dog in a training hall, jerking his neck or even giving him food treats. You train him using life rewards.

Pusheen Wallpaper Iphone – Cocker Spaniel Puppies Rescue

After a while I started to think of that as an image of something that went a lot deeper than the dead dog, which is you can’t bring back anything to life.

The dog is often quick to resent a kick, be it from man or beast, but I have never known him to show anger at the door that slammed to and hit him. Probably, if the door held him by his tail or his limb, it would quickly receive the imprint of his teeth.

Loli Wallpaper – German Shepherd Rescue

I never thought it was fair that women couldn’t travel freely because it was dangerous. I’d stay by myself on the North Carolina coast for a couple of weeks, with my dog and my gun, and my mom would be terrified. I told her, if I stay home, a lamp could fall on my head. You can’t spend your whole life inside because you’re scared.

I’m no one’s lap dog, you can’t put me on a leash.

Underdog Rescue – Cocker Spaniel Rescue Near Me

Am I a ranting maniac on Twitter? Yeah, but I’m also a pretty mellow, married guy who’s into hiking and walking his dog.

I love that duality of Wonder Woman: that she both wants peace and means peace, but when push comes to shove and someone needs to be put down like a dog, that’s what she would be willing to do.