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The dog and the rabbit are telling us not to chase unattainable material goals.

Nationalism of the Irish type is often regarded as reactionary. With the World Revolution and the Classless Society waiting for the midwife, why take a torch to the stable to assist at the birth of a puppy? Even if the puppy is pedigree. On this question I am unable to make up my mind.

The first time I went to Chicago was on a family road trip. We had our dog with us, and when we hit Chicago, I couldn’t believe how many people kept coming up to us, telling us how handsome our dog was! He’s a Rottweiler-Australian Shepherd mix, and he is a good-looking dog, but obviously Chicago is very dog-friendly.

For exercise, I now run with my chocolate Lab puppy, Oscar.

If I had one dog, I’d want a hundred. If I had one kid, I’d probably want a hundred. I mean, it’s just the way I am.

I like to hike with my dog, Webster. It helps clear my mind.

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  • A T: Should find the person who did this and throw them in a dumpster
  • Erin: Those kittens are so beautiful… look at their long tails and black coat. They look like mini panthers.
  • Simone Kirk: So many people refuse to have black cats, because they still believe they are bad luck or to do with witches.
    How lucky were these 3 to get a second chance, hope for paws your absolutely brilliant, and you cheer my ?.
  • RagerGal124: What the actual hell is wrong with people? It honestly makes me sick to think about how much this happens daily. I am just so glad that there are people like you guys, that would risk it to save these animals. Thank you for doing what many others would never do. You guys are true heroes.
  • the tea is scorching: This October, actually, someone threw 4-5 kittens near a dumpster near my building in the rain. My dad saw them, and since we already had a cat at the time, decided to bring one of them home where my mom dried it and fed it. The kitten was really weak and it was heartbreaking. He could barely walk. The rest of the kittens were taken and were all (thankfully) adopted. Today, my cat is the most energetic and playful cat I’ve ever met.
  • Zapata boxing: I would probably stab whoever did this to those kittens
  • chickapey: My Stella was found in a dumpster like this behind a huge grocery store … just a wee baby all by herself. The next day we went to the shelter to look for a cat to adopt and she was there grabbing at me from between the bars of her cage. she hooked on to me a few times and would meow louder than she was big. She picked me so who was I to argue. We adopted a 6 month old the same day and they quickly became bonded. I used to put her in a little basket and she’d sleep beside me until she was bigger and she still sleeps right on me 15 years later. A few weeks after we got her, I had an operation and as I was recouping, she would curl up on my incisions and go to sleep purring up a storm and they would stop hurting. She spent many hours on my pregnant belly later on for two pregnancies and remains one of the sweetest cats I’ve known. I am forever thankful to whoever it was that heard her and got her out.
  • Alexandra Holden: Why are people so mean? It’s just a baby kitten ?
  • Given Warner: man why y’all gotta do me like this when it’s 5 am and i’m deep in my feels ??
  • Fizan. K: who would do this to those kittens 1 like= one kitten saved
    lets see how many kittens we can save
    also donate to Hope For Paws
  • ParanormalPeople: dump the people that dumped them in there and see how they like dieing
  • Oof star: So, Salmon, Squid, and Sardine….. THE DUMPSTER SQUAD!
  • Elani Aniyvwia: “You will know all you need to know about a society by how they treat their animals”
    -Albert Einstein-
  • Cel サイコ: Someone please do the world a favor and throw those heartless people into trash and see how they like it.
  • levi ackerman: they should’ve checked if there were anymore just in case
  • James Anthony: “You’re gonna’ thank us later, Mister. You’re gonna’ thank us later.”
    _one neutering later…_
    Kitten: .oO(… I hate you.)
  • TeaSip: When you asked : “Want some chicken?” with that high voice i remembered Kylie asking: “Is that a Chicken?” ?
  • Erika Hahn: adorable so glad they were saved!!! thank youuoouuuuu
  • twiggyjali: Omg i want them all!! What a perfect family of little sootballs ??
  • Vito Kajin: All animals are dimonds on this world ??
  • Shannon LaCorte: May God bless you all ???!!!
    Thank you so very much for ALL the wonderful things you do ?
    It won’t be forgotten or ignored ?
  • Elizabeth Stafford: God bless yall! Everyone one should have hearts like you guys ?
  • Valeria Molina: Hi my name is Valeria and I just love your channel and videos!! Poor kittens ? I’m glad they are safe!!❤️ So there are these 4 or 3 stray cats that wonder off in the streets of Madison Tennessee, and it just sometimes bother me because who would leave 3/4 cats in the cold with no food or water, I fed them some food but my mom was really worried about them. I pet one of them but then I got scared if they had rabbis(I’m not trying to offend) and I saw 2 baby kittens but sadly one of them was ran over of the side of the road. My mom called a rescued shelter but they never came. And one day my mom put a trash bag beside are door and the cats ripped it all and made a huge mess because they were looking for food. I was very worried because they were just cats and I am a animal lover that loves animals like dogs cats bunnies and more. And the cats would hide under my neighbors car so that they can seek for shelter. I think somebody abandon them because we live right next to a apartment complex and there’s a lot of stray cats looking for shelter and food for them to survive. I’m praying and hoping if they can survive ????❤️❤️
  • Pulse the Trey: *hisses*

    You’re gonna thank us later, mister!

    Thanks for doing a great job!

  • ShadowDemon 77: What kind of monster does that you guys are the greatest people on earth
  • Emme Langley: Congrats on trending I’m so glad this is getting recognized ?
  • InAPickle: YASSSS! Squid is the perfect name <3
  • Christian Echeverri: They are so cute glad you guys save them ??❤️
  • Abh33kShrestha -.-: I was here since 100k subs and I’m really happy to see the growth of the channel. Keep up the work!
  • Indica unicorn: Cats are my most favorite animals. Thank you for saving them from certain death. God bless you and the animals!
  • The Seattle Life: “Your the other black one”
  • Adnan A: Respect to these people for rescuing kittens.
  • Sky TheHybrid: when i grow up i wanna help yall or be like yall <3
  • Soccer Hero: Idk how you could do this to any animal, that’s pretty messed up.
  • Happybidr: I love the names you all come up with. They often crack me up.
  • Rick Piper: 1:07
    Woman:”Who throws kittens in the trash can”
    Kitten:”no one does”
    The kittens are so cute
  • Snow Star: She was like “dumpster diving yay.” With a flat voice
  • Turtle Gaming: {_/}
    (•~•) Nice job saving that cat
    (> >?
  • Devil Foxy: Your the best Hope for Paws Team ???
  • Barbara Jean Smith: I love their precious names Salmon, Swen and Sardine. Many blessings to you and your staff ??
  • Happy Dayz: What if the mom moved them in there? Still amazing work ❤️
  • Michael Taylor: Thank you for saving these precious things. I love the names!
  • kateemma22: Dumpster diving never looked so good. Stay amazing, ladies. Love all your work. ♥️
  • mary al: God bless you and yours, thank you for caring ❣️❣️we need more LOVE in this world ❣️❣️
  • potato cousin: God bless y’all ❤️
  • flutterby: Ugh, people are evil. TY for saving them, ladies! <3 They're gorgeous!
  • Philip Quaglino: Assholes…love to throw them in a dumpster unable to escape.

    Thank you for saving them!!

  • IceyNevada ETN: Whoever threw the kittens in the trash has no soul. KITTENS ARE ADORABLE
  • Charlotte Mills: How could someone be so heartless to do a thing like that
  • Voiceof Madness: Thank you for saving them ?
  • SkyeNeko: Whoa that food aggression ?reminds me of my cats
  • Weng Heng: Whenever I see something like this I just think “and straight to the depths of hell with them”
  • galaxy rose: Bless you guys, such good souls❤️
  • Carolina Cometfeather: How can anyone be so evil? I mean I would never do this, but if I were to do it I would just give them to an adoption center, not just throw the cats in there so they can get crushed! Those people must be sadists
  • Margaret Jones: I just love their names ??? thank you for saving these precious babies ????? AND SHAME ON THE so called ppl who threw them away like trash..
  • Pastel Llama: omg when I grow up I want to save animals like you!
  • Sarah R: I will never begin to understand how someone can throw away a living creature knowing it might suffer!!!! Wtf is wrong with people???? Just take them to a shelter or something.
  • levi ackerman: so cute, i love the name squid and i love their coloured collars on the black cats. but one of them doesn’t have a collar!
  • Cheryl Mailloux: I love ❤️ black cats ?❤?
  • lemontea: Good Job for getting #6 on Trending!
    Poor kitties. 🙁 Your a life saver! 😀
  • A C: 2nd kitty’s a tough guy ?? they are adorable. Thanks for all that you guys do. Would love to be apart of a team like this to save animals
  • chihuahuabulldog: Excellent job! I’m glad someone called you so the kittens could be saved. <3
  • Death Wolf: Awwwww, so cute to watch you guys saving the day again?
  • Lisa Freebairn: You guys never cease to amaze me! Thank you for saving these little angels.
  • Rot05: Thank you for saving them! God bless you both!
  • XXGummyGraceXX X: Amazing rescue! Love from UK <3 ??
  • Jo Ann S: I hope that evil person gets lice and bedbugs the rest of their life! Thank you ! ????
  • Abigail Creamer: the third kitten looks just like my Wolfie, wish i could add a pic, thank u for saving them
  • Saif Adam: 6th on trending in Egypt ❤️❤️
  • las mejores haciendo slime carol y nahi: Estoy encantada de este canal por qué me encanta cuando rescatais animales❤️???
  • 10K subs with trash videos: Beautiful.. ❤️ Amazing! Thank you fo this HFP
  • Rebekah Sellers: I started crying whoever would do this is the epitome of evil!!!! thank goodness for people like them who help !!!!❤️
  • Moon Slut: Whenever i watch these kind of videos I always afraid that they were gonna missed one of the animals out
  • Adriana Velazco: Thank you for your help l Love the cats
  • Maxim: God bless you! Beautiful kittens!???
  • Hope Turk: It’s people like hope for paws that the world need?
  • mith mith: Humans do the inexplicable evil!
  • Casandra: Is it just me or one og yhe cats said “OHHH MAMI” lmaooo thats wat i heard idk if it was tha cats though
  • Bella Sullivan: You’re on trending! Yay! I hope we can get more support now 🙂
  • Bay DewayZone: theyre beautiful..i was have one cats with black hair named luna… ???
  • Ems: Thank you gyys for saving them. They are so fiesty and happy now. Yay ?
  • Burtrell Glasgow: Thank you so very much for saving them I appreciate you GOD bless you ❤️??????????
  • Cyndi Foore: Thank you for saving their lives.
  • Ink the wolf: I love you guys so much for helping poor souls!!?
  • Fall Out! At The Disco: Omg hearing their meows just broke my heart, how could someone do this? I’m so glad people like you guys exist ?✨♥️
  • Stella Lynn Serne: Thank you for saving them!!
  • amber Worthington: I had found a cat we had his for 5 months he is gone i love him
  • Selina: Thank you so much for all your rescues!
  • Caulistas Maalabi: Thank you Hope for paws for saving them cuuuuuuute kittens. Good job. GOD bless you. KEEP IT UP!
  • Jeanetita: Who ever did this NEEDS to be sent to jail NOW
  • Crepper In A Minecart Gaming: Oh my god im wearing the same cat shirt lol
  • yatri vyas: HFP you are heroes. Love from India.❤
  • kawaii.tsunchan: I’ve always loved your channel and still do! Keep up the great work, Hope For Paws!
  • Catherene Nithi: Oh my.. I love black cats ! ❤️
  • Pandaplayz Gaming: They all look so much like my cat ? xx you do amazing work and it is beautiful xx keep doing it xx
  • Kendra Renee: Keep it up great job for saving their lives
  • Kathleen Byers: Good stomps evil once again??
  • Alyssa Devito: Yall are so amazing to animals! We need more people like this in our world!

In whatever adulation you get, there’s truth and there’s not truth. And wherever they dog you, and they say it was horrible – there’s truth and there’s not truth. It’s human nature to like to read the adulation more.

Cute Pug Wallpaper – Petfinder Search By Breed

I don’t feel like a dream girl, but I think it’s really nice. I guess a part of me wishes I got that sort of attention in my real life. Because in my real life, I’m this weird, dorky girl who just hangs out with her dog.

We were empty nesters, our last-born child having departed for Duke. Meredith decided we needed a dog to fill the vacuum. She heard about a litter in Colorado sired by Chopper, the legendary avalanche dog at the top of Aspen Mountain.

Rescue Dogs For Adoption – Paws For Life Rescue

My main characters are the most sunny, happy, optimistic, loving creatures on the face of the Earth. I couldn’t be happier that’s where I start. I can put as many flawed people in the dog’s world as I like, but the dog doesn’t care. Dog doesn’t judge. Dog doesn’t dislike. Dog loves. That’s not so bad.

All I want in life is to pet my dog and cat. After that, all I want to do is post photos of them. Mostly because they’re the cutest things ever, but also because I don’t have to worry about how ugly I look in the photo.

Beagle Puppies Near Me – Teacup Yorkie For Adoption

My campaign is about getting pets to be more active, and exercise with your animal is a great way for people to exercise. When you’re out with your pet, it becomes fun. You don’t think of it as a chore. For me, taking my dog out for a walk is very relaxing.

It doesn’t work if the bad guys kill his mother’s uncle’s friend’s neighbor’s pet dog. You’ve got to make the stakes high.

Schnoodle Rescue – English Springer Spaniel Rescue

Most of what happens in the world is far beyond a dog’s comprehension, so they must turn to their faith in us to help them navigate life’s treacheries. Don’t we, also, have unanswerable questions about the vagaries of modern existence for which the answer is beyond human grasp, so that only our faith can guide us?

A year after winning the Oscar, almost to the day, I was directing a dog food commercial.

New Castle Animal Shelter – Leonberger Rescue – For The Love Of Dogs Rescue

I just got a new dog, so I was worried that he’d hate the fireworks, and he did, but just because he’s not a patriot, not because of the loud sounds. The loud sounds he’s fine with – he just hates America.

I love being the underdog. I’m cool in my dog house.

If I wash my hair in the morning, then I usually air-dry it. In warmer weather, if I walk my dog, by the time I am back in, it is usually nice and dry!

It is rewarding beyond words to rescue a dog from the shelter and have that dog become part of your family.

I want to be a dad. That’s floating to the top of my list. I think it’s such an important thing. I’m at the age where everyone has kids, and I ask them, ‘Is it like a puppy?’ And they go, ‘It’s 10 times a puppy.’

You’re over there in the corner either thinking about the dead dog or whatever, you’re bringing up your personal life and you need the space, and then somebody throws you a joke. Especially if it’s an emotional scene, you don’t want the joke.

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  • jas De LEON: tic tac looks so cuteeeeee when he was getting bathe
  • Aa I: It’s like someone threw a diamond ring away.
  • AwesomeGirl585: When tic-tac was in the bath his little face just melted my heart! He is so cute!
  • Greta: Ive never seen a dog being so calm while getting ticks out of
  • Jane Palero: Seems like he just got the best sleep when they checked on him after the rescue. Laying so comfyyyy
  • Markonigth: This is Max? he can’t swim
    So don’t let him sink in the comments
    Save this puppy!
  • lil PondA: Animals:*Exists*
    Ticks: *_Its free real state_*
  • Jose Campos: Me: I ain’t gonna cry

    Tears: I’m gonna end this mans career

  • • L e m o n •: Its Just Weird To Know That I Helped With This… I Donated $10!
  • Linzi Jane D: Beautiful little jumping bean, so sweet, there must be a certain kind of after life for everyone who hurts these precious babies… I hope there is.
  • Gacha Fumialyn: You guys deserve more than million subscribers?thank you for helping poor dog?God bless you?
  • Tyler Mitchell: Any one seeing this oct 3 2019 ?
  • Ellen: Ok he is the cutest and calming dog ever . His old owner doesn’t deserve him
  • tryingFIREbird 61: yay! because you cleaned him all up and everything, we can eat now
  • Morgan Coleman: Not all heroes wear capes
  • Николай Гладких: Дай Бог Вам здоровья, Вы хорошие люди.
  • Galaxy Dark fox: Instead of save the turtle
    If you ain’t visco then
  • ITKA • Jjang: Save animals and everything’s gonna be alright for us people
  • Marques Rodriguez: It must sucked with all those ticks on his head and ears
  • I Changed my Name: *don’t cry don’t cry don’t cry don’t cry don’t cry don’t cry don’t cry don’t cry don’t cry don’t cry don’t cry don’t cry don’t cry don’t cry don’t cry don’t cry don’t cry don’t cry don’t cry don’t cry don’t cry don’t cry don’t cry don’t cry don’t cry don’t cry don’t cry don’t cry don’t cry don’t cry don’t cry don’t cry don’t cry don’t cry don’t cry don’t cry don’t cry don’t cry don’t cry don’t cry don’t cry don’t cry don’t cry don’t cry don’t cry don’t cry don’t cry don’t cry don’t cry don’t cry don’t cry don’t cry don’t cry don’t cry don’t cry don’t cry don’t cry don’t cry don’t cry don’t cry don’t cry don’t cry don’t cry don’t cry don’t cry don’t cry don’t cry don’t cry don’t cry don’t cry don’t cry don’t cry don’t cry don’t cry don’t cry don’t cry don’t cry don’t cry don’t cry don’t cry don’t cry don’t cry don’t cry don’t cry don’t cry don’t cry don’t cry don’t cry don’t cry don’t cry don’t cry don’t cry don’t cry don’t cry don’t cry don’t cry don’t cry don’t cry don’t cry don’t cry don’t cry don’t cry don’t cry don’t cry don’t cry don’t cry don’t cry don’t cry don’t cry don’t cry don’t cry don’t cry don’t cry don’t cry don’t cry don’t cry don’t cry don’t cry don’t cry don’t cry*
  • Tiny_ HQ: This does bring a smile to my face
  • TZ J0sh: Who disliked this? Do u have a heart
  • ꧁katt ꧂: Aww… he’s so cuteee and got a Biggyyy eyes
  • Alter Ego: Heart melting . ??? see how energetic he is after findinf his new home
  • Steve Bennett: If that didn’t break ur heart then heal it again at the end ur not human.
  • Totally not a russian spy aka oscar Rivera rivera: To the 1k people who disliked why are u gay
  • Cønflictings AJ: I would’ve adopted that dog. His eyes tell everything??
  • Unknown flierokz: There is a cute cat in my nabor hood and it homeless and cute and it need eat
  • Billie.eilish_biggestfan: This is tic tac

    1 like=1 hope for puppy to live!

  • Madelynn Goldsmith: I was honestly going to cry ?.
  • Rebecca Shriyan: Thank u guys for blessing him with a new life. He deserves the best.. God bless u all..
  • Hunter Stuff: 5:32

    Boi: i want to play!!!

    Boi 2: *frighten*

  • Derniax: When I saw this I just had to donate! I felt so bad to know that there are other animals like TicTac so I donated $100 for you, hope it helps.
  • João Coelho: He had completely given up living. We can see that inside the car he had already surrendered, like, do whatever you want with me.
    The difference in his expression of happiness, when he begins to realize that he is safe and receiving love, is priceless.
    It’s so good to have people like you in this fucked up world. Thanks!
  • Abby Is Watching: After all that sneaking and hiding to survive, I guess he had a LOT of zoomies to make up for! Great video. You can see it, the moment he decides he might be safe and starts to relax. ?
  • TheScottishBanshee: Y couldn’t u shows the blurred part was it gory
  • Katie Kitty: Coco (the other dog at end) unfortunately died ? she shall rest in peace! Btw has anyone said how AWESOME you are for saving all these animal’s lives?? YOU ARE AWESOME! God bless you guys!
  • Cyndi Foore: He looks like he’s wearing glasses.
    So cute, thank you ❤️
  • XD Fajne: I love Dogs and, It’s nice that you helped the dog until I started crying
  • ZosiaB: he has such precious eyes I can’t
  • Marlin Hive: I know that this is a publicity stunt but still there is no need to dislike.???
  • ¿ Confused_Møøn ?: “He really understood they he needed help and let us work”
    Me: Are you sure he wasn’t just thinking: Well, they gave me food so we’re good now cause I need more food so yah…
  • Uzma Ali: The people who disliked this video are jerks
  • Belen Rosario: He’s gorgeous. I just love how playful he’s is.❤
    Hope for Paws ROCKS!
    I love you guys.
  • Kevin Cunningham: bruh I was so sad at the begin then at the end I was so happy
  • Just Melissa: How can you put a dislike when it comes to saving an animals life? That’s heartless. Anyone who abandons their animal are a piece of shi_t!!!
  • Alís: Tictac is such a cute and beautiful dog. Does anyone know what breed he is?
  • Challanger’s Paradise: A dog have a lot of ticks?

    Name him *TicTac*

  • Anthony John: ???? this!!!! such a happy ending for tictac? he’s so cute!
  • Mayra Flowers: It’s so sad to see all the trauma in a dogs eyes when they first get help and then once they get all better and regain trust it’s amazing seeing them happy and fulfilled
  • Miyuki & Sapphire: Animals in all rescue videos: humans aren’t that cruel after all.
  • Panic Attack: Why is this barely in my recommendations on oct. 6, 2019
  • Kristynne.: The saddest part is that a lot of them seem to have been abandoned as they still have a collar on. How the hell can you do that to your pet?! I just can’t understand..
  • Hunter Martin: Omg So cute how incredible
  • Its mari the annoying b*tch: 4:24 ??? he’s so cuteeeee
  • ElegantParadox: So sweet and gentle, I love him!
  • Blue Mac: He’s such a good boy??
  • Aives Merc: I favorite end so cute 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂
  • hello: When you were searching for the dog in the bushes it was like an ASMR
  • Madj B.: :I
    this is someone who is unknown
    like for him to be known
  • Cancerous Countryhumans Fan: Poor Tic-tac, I was so sad when I saw him laying on the bed with ticks scattering his body. It’s so sad for what people done to animals in such a cruel way. Glad he is a *GOOD BOY* now!
  • Audrey Marcelia: When tictac takes a bath he looks so adorable
  • austin yates: When I see a human in need I buy him a burger when I see a animal in need I call wild life services but on a trip to L. A I found a ratterrior/chuwawa idk how to spell it lol anyway he is laying next to me rn
  • Michele Kinsey: I wanted to cry when I saw the blood coming from his ear☹️
  • Jules Zea-Joya: God bless this dog! I can’t imagine what he had to go through!
  • Donut Sama: Yo- for a whole minute, when I looked at the thumbnail- TicTac looked like a blob of brown- but then I realized that the thumbnail was actually TicTac’s face.
  • Juliandegamer Nl: I want to play with him 😀
  • Hannah Covert: 4:37 is how my mom finds me sleeping in the morning whens she wakes me up for school lol
  • sparkly duck: That is the cutest dog ever
  • Why are You here: Yeah people say rescue dogs are crazy and rude. There’s just so happy to have a new home they probably get a bit over excited!
  • Kit Kat: ,”hey tictac,your so cute!”
    Aw well isn’t that obvious?Hes so cute!1 like equals a prayer for 1 less abused animal
  • Blake Ditton: God bless people that do this y’all deserve everything if I had money I’d be giving it to you guys ??
  • Jessie Moreno: He’s so happy in his forever loving home,
    Thank u for making that possible,he’s no longer in the streets,bless u all,,
  • mohamed abdelreheem: You guys are the best this was so emotional to me I really love when you guys help animal KEEP IT UP!❤️❤️
  • Siriusly: You can see the happiness in his face. ?
  • Carmen DiamondPrincess Andujar: My heart broke seeing all those ticks on him.. just a gentle lil guy! Thank god for you guys!!!❤️❤️
  • Will Gutierrez: 0:30 the train from GTA5
  • Susan Cripps: Oh my gosh, his name is adorable and so is he. I’m so happy he found a forever home. ???
  • lego fan 4 life and doges: When i saw TicTac i though he might have been one of my dog’s sibling’s because when we got Copper he was the last of his litter then i realized TicTac was to small xd
  • I’m a POTATO: Everytime I watch these videos, I always cry, I can’t help it, it’s so sad, and beautiful, ??????❤️❤️❤️
  • creative crafts by Tia: It’s my dream that i will make a dogs care center and i will try to save lives of dogs and i have designed it already.I will definitely make it.
  • Douglas Foley: Awwwwww I love him!!! HES SOOOOO CUTE!!!!!!!
  • Nebiula Alli: “Hey Tic-Tac,your so cute”.
    “I know”.
  • vaeh videos: Omg thank you all of you hope for paws because you help animals that are very sick and not very happy and just ?
  • Billie Eilish Fan: I laughed at the end cuz he/she idk it’s funny at the end and was healthy
  • Widows Mite: What a cute dog I wonder why he was abandoned though ?
  • Bin Tran: When i saw that dog is stray my heart broke
  • Lola Lula: Aww poor him <:(
  • Karla Surell: He looks cute when he was getting bathed. ❤️ Such an adorable doggo.
    NOW IS HAPPY WITH YOUR NEW FAMILY ?????????????????????????????????????????????????
  • Gemini’s Veryown: Awww this warms my heart after seeing him finally recovered and well. Big thanks to the rescue team , god bless ?
  • Archie Dass: Aww tic tac is so adorable I hope he finds a loving home forever?
  • HeyItz_ Zoe: Tic tac melted my heart when he was taling a bath.. he was just at the side and steady so cute
  • Janie on The Chi: God Bless you hope for paws, you always help animals that are in trouble, but you’re the hero to defeat villains just like nice and other people that are hero’s, Just… God Bless You
  • Kiarna’s Lucky Lops: TicTac is so cute. I love him.

    Good job Hope For Paws for saving him and other animals out there…..

  • DaRk PhAnToM143: 2:23 yes feed the animal a animal. 🙂
  • Luna Bella: His looks so cute when his bathing ??❤️❤️
  • Rokash Khelo: This is so cute I’m crying wow
  • Kylie Roth: 4:36 happiest dog ??

As soon as I walk outside, I get depressed. If I see a dog, I’ll get upset about how much it must suck to be on a leash. I’ll get on a bus and tear up at the thought of how the driver has to go back and forth on the same street for eight hours in mind-numbing traffic.

Cute Pug Wallpaper – New Castle Animal Shelter

Logistically, moving from Miami and New Orleans all the way to Seattle isn’t the easiest thing. Really, for my dog, she was kind of the biggest hurdle to get here.

I have a yellow labrador, Tuffy, and a little rescue dog, Bella, who is the boss.

Havanese Rescue – Leonberger Rescue

I would love to get a pug. A puppy, a baby pug – I just want one so bad.

I’m half-Irish, half-Dutch, and I was born in Belgium. If I was a dog, I’d be in a hell of a mess!

Great Pyrenees Adoption – For The Love Of Dogs Rescue

I am around people I love to be with all day; I’m not lonely. The simplest, happiest pleasure is being on my couch with my dog, Neville. Nothing is more comforting or soothing.

It is rewarding beyond words to rescue a dog from the shelter and have that dog become part of your family.

Bully Rescue Near Me – Schnauzer Adoption

Am I a ranting maniac on Twitter? Yeah, but I’m also a pretty mellow, married guy who’s into hiking and walking his dog.

I wanted a house near my family in a quiet neighborhood with a front yard and a backyard that my dog will like.