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The ‘Dog’s Purpose’ premise has gotten me so many emails and comments from people who say that their dog is so much like one they had when they were young or years before, that it seems like the truth. The idea that you would come across an old friend later in life.

People who played action video games have better vision in the sort of conditions where there is not much contrast. It can make all the difference when driving at dusk, or in fog, in being able, for instance, to see a dog crossing the road in twilight.

A young dog’s faith is absolute… Dogs are notorious for hope. Dogs believe that this morning, this very morning, may begin a day of fascination, easily grander than any day in the past.

If you’d rather spend the holidays with your friends or your dog or digging wells in Kenya than with your family, do it.

I’m not good at sports, but I do exercise because we have to move. Besides walking my dog four times a day, I go to the gym and do 30 minutes on a stationary bike while reading a book because I get bored, then 10 minutes of weights and 10 of stretches.

When a man tries to communicate with an animal, there’s a relationship between them, and you generally find this between the dog and his master.

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  • MELODY MUNRO: We have a chicken slaughterhouse behind our back fence. 24/7 trucks full of birds come and go. It only shuts down over the Christmas period. Occassionaly a chicken will make a run for it and I have had several make it over our fence which I have kept. My neighbour three doors down has 6 chickens escapees. Council forbids the owning of more than 3 chickens (and no roosters) where we live …. so shhhh, it’ll be our secret.
  • Cheryl A: Eldad has sharp eyes, he almost always sees the animals before everyone else.
  • Thorne Froemming: I love how she kept telling the Rooster…”I’m sorry baby…” after she netted him. Shows how compassionate these people are.
  • Bubblearecool: Its kinda sad watching this video because my chicken just died recently
  • suchitra pathak: See there’s soo much happiness into saving a life. Rather than slaughtering them for your one time meal?
  • Haadiya Usman: This is not just hope for paws it is hope for the a better world and a hope for humanity

    Hope for humanity

  • E S: Thank you Hope For Paws for rescuing this precious baby. It’s so heartwarming to see that he has a good home now and is showered with love! ???
  • Freyya Rose: “we should take him he’s homeless” me when i see a squirrel
  • Chad the horse lover: im so sorry that i cant donate.
  • Satyavani Vankayala: I hope the members of all the animal welfare organizations should go vegeterian.
    I feel bad on seeing these poor animals.If I had money,I will contribute some amount for animals.
  • PrairieNightMoon: I had a pet chicken once. When I got home from school I would open the back door and he would come running. And he’d perch on my arm while I did homework.
  • Carla Portocarrero: I’m so happy!!! I’m a vegan and this is the best video I could ever see. Thanks guys.
  • E S: This is why I’m vegan! ?? ?❤
  • Carrie Jaimes: All you guys are so awesome. Thanks for all that you do. Did you ever find the dog that you went to get in the first place?
  • MommaSon D: Cornelius Fowler, what a lucky rooster.buck, buck.
  • Lego Friends Lover: And this ladies and gentlemen is why I’m vegetarian
  • Blue Vegerot: I love chickens sooo much, they’re my favorite birds, i have a silkie chicken and she never hangs out with other chickens so i took her with me and i spoil her like a baby ,i love her so much ,i also gave up on kfc,mcdonalds and any fastfood
  • Brianna Sains: He looks like my pet rooster that died and I miss him so much this made me cry. But at least this guy got a second chance.
  • ravenclaw_angels: Congrats on almost getting to our goal keep up the good work and love u
  • VioletWhirlwind: Lucky bird! 😀

    Also, cat video-bombed. XD

  • udaya Rekha: The poor little thing had no idea that you guys were there to help him. Very happy ending ??Thank you Hope for paws. Best wishes for your future rescues ?
  • Lorenzo Flores: !!!AMAZING!!!
  • niki: Thank you guys for saving the rooster. Even I have pet hen she is 7yrs old and I know how i felt while was seeing this video.great job!??
  • Zaihas Syakhir: Hope for Claws. Awwwwwww
  • zephyrowner: I see he felt a bit….peck-ish…. and was happy to eat!
  • Karalynn Black: So happy Cornelius escaped and was found by the right people, Hope for Claws, lol. Seriously, guys, great job.
  • Diane E: I’m sorry but I would rather see him living outside on a farm rather than staying indoors. I’m glad you rescued him though!
  • Sameer Umer: I am crying right now because my roaster have same shape and size like this have just passed away ???his name is binoo I love you binoo ??
  • R. McBride: My grandma always used to say, “There’s a lid for every pot…”. There are Moms and Dads for every type of creature. Just gotta love it! ❤️
  • David Buffa: First time seeing a rooster rescue aww I love roosters
  • _SkyHighRollins: What always angers me is all the trash in all these streets. isnt there someone who can clean that up?
  • Sinister Silence: Loreta: We should take him he’s homeless

    mum is that you

  • random person: Gus was loving the attention ?❤️
  • abc xoxodemi: I love Loreta she’s definitely an inspiration and god bless her ♡
  • Lucky Luke: “Hope for Claws” ???
  • Eric Scout: I wish animals didn’t to suffer ?
  • BelieveNoGod: So beautiful he has become. And I can see he loves the attention, and where he’s at.
  • My destiny is Chicken: You guys are so kind hearted you should rename this Hope for souls
  • lesmolbean72: Actually me when I’m older, I saved two dogs last weekend, two toads who somehow got in my mudroom, and anytime I see a bird doing more hopping than flying I make sure none of the neighbors outdoor cats got them
  • riz: omg,, i can’t believe it’s just the 2 of you guys saving all these animals in need, i definitely do think the donation bar is needed with all the animals you save. no matter what animal it is, you guys are there for them, thank you.
  • Robin: Probably you guys should rename your organization as Hope for All. ? Good save ?
  • Jaci Robinson: If u don’t donate to them then I will ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
  • Shannon Moyer: And here i was thinking roosters are really mean. My heart ? he is so sweet
  • Deborah Whitman: Sweet! So glad he is a friendly rooster. Mine wouldn’t even let us in our house. Lol
  • Michael Greenfield: Omg I love how cute he is I love when he was happy
  • Jayne Sixx: I hope she lets him outside to feel the grass on his feet too, they never see the sunlight. Males never survive in slaughterhouse so he must of been their for a long time.
  • Chickenfarmer10: He’s so beautiful! He looks like he may be a Production Red. They’re a cross between (I believe) a leghorn and a Rhode Island Red.
    They’re used for meat/egg production, even the hens are used for meat!

    I’m more surprised he’s so laid back!
    He’s a wonderful rooster and they’re highly intelligent! I’m sure he truly understands that you helped him and he’ll always remember that!


  • Pookas: Awww that’s such a cute rooster!
    Btw best save EVERRRR
  • Ash Paws: I loved this so much! Great job, I’m so glad he found such a good home!
  • Jaziel Lara: “Hope For Claws” I love it ?
  • Erika Blub blub: “Do you see what I see?”
    – “The big teddy bear?”

    Yes, the big bear needs a lot of help and love too. I think it was abused.

  • Maria Brookie: That looks hard to catch o-o omg if that was me I wood let it be my pet ????
  • AmandaSushma: I’ve been kinda scared of roosters/chickens, but wow! I didn’t know they could be so calm and just let you pet them like that! Looks so soft! Lol, looking for a dog, ends up with a rooster. Thanks for doing what you do!
  • ClearlyHysteric: “Do they have large talons?”
  • carey Griffiths: I LOVEEEEE HIMMMMMMMMM I NEEEEDDDD HIMMMMMMMMM ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤
  • Walter: Once you begin to understand that all animals deserve to live and be happy, there’s no going back. It’s just a matter of time before you’ll go vegan… at least that’s what happened in my case.
  • S2S2 _C: I ran a lot of them in my childhood and I caught them where I wanted and played with them I raised many animals and you are afraid of chickens ?????
  • Truth Fullness: “We should take’s homeless” lmao..I swear if these two happened to come across a homeless dinosaur.. they’d figure out how to get it to a safe place ?????

    ( Just in case a typical *captain obvious* reads my comment..yes..I’m aware they are extinct?)

  • Donna: Aww I’m so happy he escaped. ?
    I actually feel bad for the bear, too. ?
  • Hina Janjua: The way Loreta speaks to and about the animals always warms my heart ?
  • Gabriel Parker: I have now seen you guys rescue a donkey and now a chicken. Well done!!!
  • Gabby’s World: 4:49 AHHHHHHHHHHHHH TOO MUCH CUTENESS!!!!!!!
  • Allison Ramos: OMG!! That rooster looks like mine!! I also rescued mine from a Slaughter House!! ?
    My rooster doesn’t really like to be picked up though.
  • Sonia Luna: You guys are quite a team! I love Loretta and her lovely voice. I’m so happy he found such an amazing mom and dad.
  • bennitori4: “He totally knows he was rescued” Aawww. Do chickens like that show gratitude? I knew crows could show gratitude, but I’m curious about roosters.
  • Nelson Reyes: This was one of my favorites
  • Leena Kotian: When ever I pass through a slaughter house I close my eyes I can’t see them being slaughtered. I just hope that I could do something fr them.
  • the adventures of treelo and friends: This is the first one that made me cry??
  • Eva Rogers: Made me smile the whole way through. Ya did good! Though I must admit this is the first time I’ve seen a cuddling rooster!
  • oupsenjoy: Ooh what a special dog ! A new race ? Nice !
  • erkheth: such a loving home! i’ve never seen a bird’s version of purring before, this is beautiful
  • Markus Petersen: 0:31 the roosters footsteps matched the ticking noise in the music perfectly for like 3 seconds xD
  • Fins and Fur: This is amazing! That is the luckiest rooster ever! Great job!
  • 宅貓十八: “the end of the story is UNREAL!” what is that mean?
  • Kurt Gargar: You know what i see

    A teddy bear

    No a rooster


  • Phantastic Drago: I love this so much XD
  • Olivier Divry: how do you find those perfect fitting names every time for them ?
  • Negan: that was amazing……
    alhamdulillah…. he just found the right person !!!
    thanks for rescuing him…..
    god bless
  • tarragoosorio: Oh Loretta is always so gentle??
  • Ronaldo Villa: Chicken like a lap dog.
  • Fauler Perfektionist: 4:00 Well, hello there. ?
  • Carmen Aguayo: The cat reminds me of my adorable Luna boy ? I am glad the rooster was saved and found a loving home.
  • That1Tomboy :3: You’re Hope for Claws, too!
  • Jelly Ace: so cute?, i’m so sorry for eating chickens ?
  • Bea Wood: $20,000 left! Come on everyone, we can do it!
  • DGB LSR: “You go out to rescue a dog and you come back with a rooster.” (My life in a nutshell)
  • Franceyne Pyre: I think this is my favourite rescue yet! Thank you for valuing his life.
  • Crazy Cat Lady: What a beautiful rooster! He escaped into a happy life of love and caring??????
  • jijoun88: Loreta : “We should take him. He is homeless.” Angel
  • Drawing with Heavyn ‘: He is so adorable I can’t believe how people can slaughter those sweet adorable animals
  • Lalala: LOVE THIS!!!! Hope For Paws, you never cease to brighten my life! I know my donations are going to the best of causes ❤️❤️❤️
  • Mickey Andres: Good on ya Loretta, nice job girl!
    The HFP’s gang does it again, love it. ?
  • Cole Pimentel: I quit eating poultry it was one of the best decisions of life
  • animal lovers: I lost my chicken and I was crying and it looks like him it he responds to Jr return him to me plese
  • Rivka Mutka: He is so sweet.
    Glad he was not slaughtered.
  • heidiclaire: I love Loretta and Eldad. Such patient and loving souls!!
  • •jett•: I like the hope for claws recue operation too! ?
  • nancy torres: Awww poor baby ? hes safe now in great hands. He has such a cutie???? and who ever dislikes videos like this in my opinion has no heart
  • Wona Peaceful: The world is more beautiful and peaceful if it has many people like them! thank you very much and we will the same as you do.
    All the best
  • Meghna Misson: That is a weird looking dog. Btw good and kind hearted videos as always!

I’m a big dog fan. They’re the best. They make life better, although they’re hard to deal with. But complications in life are actually what make it fun.

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I had been playing really interesting roles before I got great roles. Little ones – ‘The Crying Game’ I loved working on, and then ‘Bird,’ ‘Ghost Dog,’ so many films.

First there was racism. Then liberals created institutional racism and coded racism. You can only hear it with a dog whistle.

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I love shutting my front door and being at home with just my dog and me. That’s when I’m happiest.

When there’s something I need to focus on, I’m like a dog with a bone.

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Whenever I climb I am followed by a dog called ‘Ego’.

You can’t go to medical school and come out and be like, ‘I’m going to be a dog catcher.’ That would be so pointless.

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Sooner or later we’re all someone’s dog.

You kick a dog long enough, that dog is going to bite you or die.