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In modern politics, polls often serve as the canary in the mine – an early warning signal of danger or trends. But polls can also be used to wag the dog – diverting attention from something significant.

They tell you in Washington that if you want a friend, get a dog. That is not true. Get a family. This is a hard place to be.

A dog doesn’t care if you’re tired or it’s raining. It wants to go out – and if it doesn’t go out, it’s going to be mournfully following you around the house for the whole evening.

My thing is this: You’ve got to talk about politics because it’s out there. But I try to respect the fact that even if you don’t have my views, I still respect your view. I may dog your view, but I’ll respect that you have that view. And it’s OK to come back at me to defend your view.

Elvis came along when I was 10. My father gave me a bass ukulele. I taught myself how to play from a book to play some chords, so I was laying down ‘Hound Dog’ and things like that when I was 10 years old in 1955. That’s the way I was. My ear was glued to the radio. I knew right then what I wanted to do.

Shaggy Dog’ was a very, very important movie for me. It was a very enjoyable experience.

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  • Roland Schlösser: It just kills me to know there are millions of dogs in this condition or worse and I can’t adopt them all 🙁
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  • chihuahuabulldog: Beautiful! Kira is such a sweet girl. I am so happy y’all rescued her and she is now in a loving home. <3 <3 <3
  • Marcy Overenda: You guys are literally heroes.
  • Ben: If you’re gonna throw away dogs, throw them in a place where the dogs have at least a chance to live smh…
  • Omq_Alexa Fortnite and More: When you upload videos I go right for it and see the poor dogs and cats
  • Netbase2000: Thank you Mike’s Tires!
  • Matt Campbell: Bless your souls, these people are so amazing to do this for animals
  • The Police: WHY would anyone just leave their dog in the desert?!
  • Malsawmhlui Chhakchhuak: “… she now has a boyfriend” aww so cute
  • Emma Raven: The boyfriend part… got me right in the feels. Go Kira! X x
  • Unicorn Lover: Aww hope for paws you are honestly so amazing! Everyone in the world should be as caring to animals as you are!!
  • Veronica Leyva: Who dislike this video this is a great video about saving a dog
  • Sin s: Yet Another Paw saved by Hope, Bless them with Happiness and Love ❤
  • Deathvonsolo: I love what you guys do, it just warms my heart
  • Stephanie Farrah: Thank you HFP for saving her and to the FAMILY who adopted her and MIKE’S TIRES for feeding a hungry ? God Bless <3
  • Reynaldo Rivera: I am glad there are people who help animals. I do my own rescue. I do need to get bigger traps. There are a group of us that do the same work. Bless all of you
  • Mary Jackson: The dog is adorable
  • Smuasy XxX: I’m glad 1: Kira found an amazing home, and 2: I’m early XD
  • Ashley xo: Just amazing. Love you guys and everyone who lends a kind hand to animals in need. ???
  • LowLight: From one Mike to another, thank you Mike’s Tires
  • TheRivrPrncess: You’re a very beautiful lady, Kira. Wishing you a happy, long life with your new family.
  • Stacy Nguyen: when an abandoned dog gets a boyfriend before you do
  • I_IS_POTATO: The two people who disliked thos video are butt cheeks a left one at that.
  • ????????: we need more people like you guys in this WORLD.
  • I love Animals: She’s absolutely beautiful how can anyone leave these beautiful eyes behind
  • Sharon 92075: Such a sweetheart!
  • The fun Side: It’s so amazing to see them rescuing animals and taking them somewhere better and it’s a shame what people do to there animals it really is but this channel has given many animals and will continue to give them a second chance.
  • mystery girl16: LOVE U GUYS!!♡
  • KE12352: Labs are just such a lovely breed! I don’t know how anyone could abandon this sweet girl!
  • 可愛いOtakuxF: I love this channel (。♥‿♥。)
  • S Adams: looks like Kira got a great home!
  • LaRissa McCord: awww… kira is a BEAUTIFUL dog ? now she will live a nice happy life instead of being alone in a hot ass desert ???
  • Trinity Minor: Your the best hope for paws you are so an inspiring I’m 13 now when I old enough to volunteer I would love to volunteer for you guys I love hope for paws
  • i_love_rescue_animals: Great rescue as always!! What a sweet girl!! Such a great dog! ?
  • Bianca Vega: I am so glad hope for paws save dogs it really warms my heart they use to live but because hope for paws they have a better life I look up to them they are my hero!????? and I will gladly donate to y’all
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  • Pat: I love the bath stage to these rescues 😀
  • Nora Hull: Love this, it is for such a great cause!!??
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  • Kookie Army4ever: thank you for saving Kira! I would love to adopt it but I’m French and it may be too complicated. I always watch this channel telling me that you are the kindest people I have ever seen! thank you again for helping so many animals!
  • The Daily Dee & Mysteries: Each video you post just makes my day!!!
  • indie825: A forever home with a pool1 Lucky doggie!!!
  • Alyssa Ballard: I’m donating my Christmas to your foundation. Thank you so much for what you do for all of these animals. It’s nice to know that there are good-hearted people like you guys in the world.
  • Heidi M: OMG So glad you guys got her she is so so so cute. So many bad things happen to dogs here in the high desert.She is a lucky dog now….
  • caffiend: Hey Mike’s Tires, I hope you see this video. Thanks for being human.
  • EJ Benko: Nothing short of Angels …. Thank you for all you do 🙂
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  • cheyennebritbrat: pretty girl
  • Hit the ground running: Watching Judge Judy today where tenants were being sued for damaged caused by their dog. JJ asked them what they did with the dog. “We just gave it to the shelter.” Some people like animals should be neutered.
  • Louis H: I stop whatever i’m doing as soon as Hope For Paws notification arrives. Thanks a lot Hope For Paws. You have me hooked 🙂
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  • Ms Kim: You and Loretta make such an awesome team
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  • Chris Creations: I wish you guys would monetize your videos and use that money strictly for the organizations needs on resources. I understand you guys are a non profit organization, I just feel so much revenue that could be used for the benefit of the organization is being lost. 🙁
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  • Skyler _playz: Hi I love your channel when I was 5 I always wanted to save animals lives
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    On a happier note, I get so much joy out of seeing a baby get rescued but I also love seeing the joy in Loreta and Eldad’s face when they have saved a baby. You can see how much joy it brings them to rescue and the elation on Loreta’s face is priceless when she finally gets them. Thank you Hope For Paws! Shared! ♥️

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    Un saludo a todos los que aman y protegen a los animales.???
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  • Edson Sousa: “Love is a cliff, we throw ourselves at it and it twists to the ground never to arrive.
    ” Lisbela and the Prisoner
  • Simone Kirk: I’ve always been scared of dogs, but watching these videos, has made me feel more confident when they approach me, I can actually give them treats and play with them now, so not only does hope for paws save animals, they saved me from missing out on such lovely dogs.
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    I will always support you guys?

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    Love the videos! ???

A dog that has rabies probably will do things it wouldn’t do if it didn’t have rabies. But that doesn’t change the fact that it has rabies.

Adopt A Dog Bar – Petfinder Corgi

I have a lot of trouble understanding how people see me as a celebrity. I work 14 hours a day, and then I just want to talk to my family, see the people I love, pet my dog, and go to bed. I’m not looking to be best friends with or emulate a celebrity.

I have never met a dog I couldn’t help; however, I have met humans who weren’t willing to change.

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I have a yellow labrador, Tuffy, and a little rescue dog, Bella, who is the boss.

It’s hard to boo a puppy. You can’t boo a handful of puppies.

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There isn’t a spare minute in the day. I have spent my life doing everything. I work. I go home. I do the shopping. I cook. Then there’s the laundry and the dog. Most of my life, I have been a working mother. And even when I wasn’t, I still did it all.

To his dog, every man is Napoleon; hence the constant popularity of dogs.

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Vice presidents are at times tasked with issuing direct broadsides against enemies while the top guy stays above the fray. But never before has a vice president served as an attack dog against his own party’s voters.

I would love to get a pug. A puppy, a baby pug – I just want one so bad.