National Rescue Dog Day – Husky Adoption – Miraculous Wallpaper

I thought I was okay in my first film, and then I was really, really bad in some films. I really cringe when I see some of my scenes. There’s a scene in one film where a dog is biting me; the expressions I have made should be qualified as the most over-acted scene in the history of the cinema. The dog’s expressions were more real than mine.

I once did a film in which I was being chased by wolves. I had a scene where the Alpha of the pack leapt on the hood of my car and stared me down through the windshield. I will never forget staring into those eyes; this wasn’t a dog – not even a tough, bad-ass dog – no, this was a wolf.

I saw a lot of movies that I probably shouldn’t have seen. I saw ‘Dog Day Afternoon’ when I was in first grade – that kind of thing.

One of my favorite workouts to do with my girlfriends is yoga. We are equally impatient with our yoga. We are those people who are sweating in the back, and we’ll be in downward dog giggling and looking at each other. And I know what we’re all thinking: What are we going to order for dinner afterward?

I just want to be in my sweats, walk my dog, watch TV and eat pizza.

Dog-fooding is using your own products so that you understand from inside out what it is you’re providing the customers. It’s another way to gain insights and to gain intelligence. You use it yourself; you eat your own dog food. Every time we do that, we discover something that we can improve.

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  • SBS TV동물농장x애니멀봐: 이전 이야기 A Previous Story ↓↓↓
  • Luzia Perez: Esse e o verdadeiro amor, exemplo para os seres humanos
  • jae chun Lee: 사람은 사람을 배신도 하고 상처도 주지만
    개는 주인이 장애자든 가난한 자든 못난 사람이든 절대 배신을 않는다.
  • Zerus Zephuros: Cried buckets since last vid and throughout this whole vid TT
  • Jeffery Copeland: Give her foster puppies!! She just wants to be a momma
  • gh J: 아내 잃은 남편을 홀아비, 남편잃은 아내를 과부, 부모잃은 자식을 고아라 부른다. 하지만 자식잃은 부모를 칭하는 단어는 없다. 그 슬픔이 그어떤것보다 말로표현이 안되기 때문이다. 하물며 짐승일지라도 다를게 있을까.
  • Princess Gean Opulento: I think the puppies died because they took their mom without knowing she gave birth to the pups.
  • Marion Booth: People who say animals have no feelings, must not have feelings themselves. Momma dog had so much hope that her pups were going to be ok. Heartbreaking …
  • 초코핫: 이걸 보면서 강아지 번역기가 있었으면 하는 생각이 든다… 저 분들도 얼마나 미안하겠노….
  • WASP Bitch: Am I the only one bawling her freaking eyes out?
    Just so sad. If only her owners had known sooner. I am sure the trio is at the Bridge looking down on Mom and telling her that everything will be OK and she will see them all grown up in time.
    My condolences to all.
  • 오리: 동물도 이러는데 자기자식 지 손으로 죽이는 부모는 진짜 악마같다는걸 다시한번 느끼네
  • AhYeong Hwang: 개인적인 생각이지만 저분들은 좋은마음으로 데려왔겠지만 데려올때 우유가 나왔으면 돌려보냈어야했는데.. 새끼낳고 배고파서 서성였을지도 모르겠단 생각이 든다 젖을 많이 못물게해서 죽은것같다..
  • mia Kim: 안타깝고 마음아퍼 ㅠ
    사월아 남은 생은 주인아줌마랑 행복해
  • GFINHK: I am heartbroken ?

    Please adopt a baby that needs a home for her to look after. Much love to you all xx

  • Breanne Doria: I’ve never seen a dog grief like this, it’s too heartbreaking to watch her suffer ?
    The owner should consider fostering orphan puppies ?
  • Maya Perez: I feel sorry for the mother, it was to late already her baby is already dead?
  • 항아: 잘생각해보면………거둬들이기전에 새끼를 낳았는데…맘씨좋은 할머니할아버지가 거둬들여줘서..못나가서…새끼를 못돌본거라면…진짜 슬프네요….
  • Hey You: 바람나서 자기 애들 버리고 가는 불륜자들은 개만도 못한거죠
  • 김성희: 주인아주머니한테 한심하다고 하는 사람들은 진짜 못됐다 참
  • Red haired Gangstah: And other mofos keep saying that animals got no emotions. I feel so sad for the dog, every mother would really be devastated to finding their babies dead
  • 냥꽁냥꽁: 마음아파 죽을거같아
    한마리보내기도 많이 힘들었을텐데 저많은애기들을.. 어떻게 보냈을까
    너무 아플거같아서 보는내내 눈물이다난다…내가 엄마고 내 자식이 죽으면 그생각에 못살거같은데 한마리두아니고 여러마리를.. 너무마음이아프다 ㅜ…
    얼마나 마음이아플까 상상조차못하겠다.. ㅠㅠ
  • 밍찌채널: 꺼내서 핥는거 너무 마음아프네
  • 삐&크림 TV: 말못하는 동물이라서 더 마음이 아프다….
    어미개는 얼마나 답답하고 슬플까….
    가늠이 안간다 그 감정이…
  • VegasGirl35: That’s so sad Sawol lost her puppies, but at least she found a loving family to look after her. Could you imagine how awful it would be if she was still a stray?
  • Danii More: Ooh por dios, me rompio el corazon ???
  • Ann G.: Aww i pity such a sweet dog losing what could have been adorable puppies??
  • 쿠키TV: 그래서 그렇게 나가려고 했었구나… 아가들을 조금만 빨리 발견했더라면… 너무 가슴이 아프네요…ㅠㅠ
  • Hj Lee: 아주머니가 사월이 젖나왔을때 알아채주셨다면ㅠㅠ 안타깝네요ㅠㅠ
  • Shinjuko Altabano: Dogs have feelings too and they also have a good memory…. it’s hard for them to let go of someone who they truly love ?
  • Monalisa Barrett: Omg this is so heartbreaking ?the poor doggy and her pups. I can feel the sadness ??hope she heals and feel better soon
  • 강아지두마리 나오는채널: 남자분이 신문지에 감싸서 데려가실 때 새끼를 쳐다보는 눈이 사람못지않게 굉장히 슬프네요 가슴이 아프네요 정말 …
  • Isabel Mel: So sad. It was too late to discover that she had puppies to take care of ?
  • Manuel Fernandez Miranda: Eso es amor de madre ??
  • 오아시스별: 그래도 좋은 주인 만나서 다행이다 떠나간 아기들만큼 남은 생에는 행복하게 사랑듬뿍 많이 받았으면
  • Trace Jean: i would get her one or two orphaned pupps immediately
  • 1NB5! BND: I couldnt take it!?they were trying to help but kept her from feeding her pups?So Sad,love her unconditionally
  • 김동진: 행복했으면
  • Noemi Reyes: That is mother LOVE ??
  • Kelly de Abreu: ?❤?❤?❤?❤ que dó dela… Deus a lhe de forças??????
  • Carmen Batista: VERY SAD LITTLE GIRL.
  • lay001275: 신이 모든곳에 존재할수 없어서 엄마라는 존재를 만들었다. 이말을 무시못하겠는데 어떤 짐승인들 이런류에 영상중에 아빠가 저런행동 하는걸 본적이 없다. 사람포함해서
  • Taeseok Kwon: 동물중에 인간이 가장 악하다.
  • 우철완: 내가본개들중에서 모성애가 가장 강한거같다…….
  • k i L L j O i T V: A Mothers’ Love ??
  • Hrisanthi Dimitriou: So sad! I was tearing looking at the mom!
  • 시옷 ‘ᄉ’: 사월이ㅜㅠ애기가 자는 줄 알았나봐ㅠㅠㅠ사월아 애기들 댕댕이별에서 엄마기다리고 있을거야ㅠㅠㅠ나중에 만나자ㅠ
  • Joe Ng: heart breaking, tears in my eyes!
  • Chris K: Such a committed mother, so sad for her and her puppies, had they survived.
  • GINA MADRONERO: My heart breaks watching what this mother dog has bern through of losing her puppies …
  • Richard Ainsworth: She can have happy babies one day. Life goes on <3
  • 금미정: 주인 아주머니 정이 많으신 분 입니다. 좋은 일 있으시길 바랍니다
  • Thondup Andrugtsang: It’s heartbreaking.
  • Lisa Parker: So Very Sad. My Heart Breaks For The Beautiful Dog. I Still Am Crying.
  • Coracao Formoso 123: Tadinha da mãezinha linda ❤️? que amor. Tanto amor pelos seus bebês ?que tal colocar a legenda em espanhol
  • 하별: 밖을 안보내줘서 .. 먹이를 찾아줄수가 없었나보다
  • Thea Gamble: Omg this is heartbreaking ?
  • T. Dee: I’m balling ??❤
  • Eun H: 다죽은거보니 문을 안열어주니까 젖먹여야될 타이밍을 놓쳐서 굶어죽은거같은데.. 안타깝네
  • 729 Uiepq: 아 머야 진짜 너무 슬퍼 진짜 아 진짜 아 진짜 ㅇ ㅏ 진짜 아
  • parcos79: WAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH….this is the sadest story on youtube
  • 꽁치내사랑: 사월아 아가들은 예쁜 별이 되었을거야 엄마랑 아빠랑 행복하고 건강하게 오래오래 살다가 나중 아가들 만나자~
  • S.D.C.: I’m a 47 year old man brought to tears for this dogs loss. My heart broke watching your dog struggling with her trauma today.
    I love that you’re doing whatever you can to be there for her.
    Bless your heart and Sawol as well. ❤?❤ love and time will heal Sawol.
    Sending love.
  • Hailey Zara: I watched the other video before this and this is just heartbreaking
  • Celeste A: This woman n man are so lovely !!! Thank you for understanding this Momma dogs pain ! Bless you
  • Lovely Ms: Such a beautiful dog I love her.
  • 내 구독자 수 아베 죽을 확률100%: 사월이가 얼마나 슬퍼했으면 애기를 다시 대꼬올까……..
  • Reshmi Reshmi: Thank you so much medam for understanding this sweet mom ❤ i cannot hold my tears
  • Dixie Darling: Heartbreaking and beautiful. ??
  • Rebecca Brown: So sad but how sweet you are to be taking good care of her and giving her comfort and showing her love. God bless you.
  • Iqbal erick: Owner looks guilty. Mother dog can’t feed her puppies because she locked in her house.but its not lady’s fault though coz she didn’t know that dog have puppies.
  • Pikachu Cheng: I couldn’t stop crying while watching this??
  • Alicia no: Two beautiful mother’s!!
  • 카멜트로피TV: 가슴아프네요
    말못하는 동물들
    그저 안타깝네요ㅜ
  • Evelīna Strangate: Aigooo…I hate when people say that animal doesn’t have feeling if they have!
  • bambie jomocan: My God I cried hard,thank you for such a wonderful loving owners
  • pinksparkle02: Give her some puppies to take Care of ?
  • Sima Sarkar: That’s soo sad


  • cookmealdente: A mother’s love?❤
  • DDAENGCHILS: 묻어버린 새끼를 다시 파내서 핥아 주다니…너무 마음아파서 못보겠다 이건 ㅠㅠ
  • Ashley_the Cat: I think im gonna cryyy :<
  • Sharon L: So sad for the mom and pups !!! Very heartbreaking to watch !!!
  • 송정훈: 말못할 동물이지만 좀더 관심과 사랑을 가져줘야
    한다는 생각이 드네요.
  • katty kat: Aww heartbreaking, poor momma!??❤
  • Hope is life: So heartbreaking ? she’s suffering and it really hurts seeing such sad thing
    I hope she will be fine with time and may be she will have other puppies and they will live happily together ?
  • 북극여우: 이야…개도저렇게 자기새끼를끔찍히아끼고하는대
    몇몇 개만도못한것들은….어떻게생각을하는동물이그럴까.. ㅎ..
  • Trans7 StillPhoto: Where is the father of these puppies.
  • 산삼: 아 어떡해ㅠㅜㅠㅠㅠㅠ묻은 아이 다시 파내고 핥아주는거 보고 울었다.. 못믿겠다는 표정….
  • bitch ako: I’m crying?
  • andrew crago: Poor doggie.. Hope she gets over her pain with the help from these lovely couple. God bless them ?
  • Rhayk & Bunny: This another 3-minute video made me cry! ???
  • 녹차냥이: 어떻게에….ㅠㅠㅠ 진짜 어떻해에…..ㅠㅠㅠ 사월이 진짜 마음 아프겠다아….ㅠㅠㅠ 흐어…
  • rosaspe: My heart is broken???
  • Sharon Lovely: 어미의 슬픔을 어떻게 헤어려줘야 하는지…
    맘이 너무 아프네 ㅠㅠ
  • Rosemarie Chibi: Bless you for loving her.
  • Liddie Evans: That sad I know how she feels
  • Jacques Serrault: Good byes with your loved ones are always painful. Hopefully everyone can eventually recover from the losses they experienced and not plunge into despair.

    I wish you all good health, happiness, and prosperity. ?

I see dog stories as an antidote to the dire news that nothing is ever going to get better.

Border Collie Adoption – National Rescue Dog Day

Some days you’re the fire hydrant, and some days you’re the dog.

I’ve always wanted a Maltese-poodle, but I’ve always been really busy. So I said once I’m back in the city and the ‘Sister Act’ stuff dies down, I’m going to get a puppy.

Whippet Rescue – Husky Adoption

Writing ‘Dog Stars’ was coming home. My spirit just sang. It’s what I wanted to do my whole life.

I don’t have the luxury of having a dog myself because I travel too much, but I love walking and cuddling somebody else’s dog.

Gsd Rescue – Miraculous Wallpaper

I didn’t look like Rihanna. I was a bit chubby. I had puppy fat. I had a moustache. I didn’t want to have lips; I didn’t want a bum. I grew out of it, but I feel like everyone went through that phase of wanting to be skinny.

I have never met a dog I couldn’t help; however, I have met humans who weren’t willing to change.

Puppy Paws Rescue – Bernese Mountain Dog Near Me

People generally complain that they’re overburdened by responsibilities, forgetting that they chose to have those responsibilities. No one makes you work like a dog in order to live in a nice house, put your kids in nice schools, drive a smart car and go on exotic foreign holidays. It’s up to you.

I don’t think that the world would be a better place if everyone owned a dog, and I don’t think that all relationships between dogs and their owners are good, healthy, or enriching.

Baby Dogs For Sale – Maltese For Adoption – Rez Dog Rescue

Millions of animals are euthanized every year because shelters can’t find homes for them. Buying animals from pet stores also tends to support puppy and cat mills, many of which have deplorable conditions for animals, which shouldn’t be tolerated.

Words are important to me, but a song can work and function and be a good song with words that are fairly standard. But really great lyrics can’t rescue a dog of a song.

People always joke that ‘dog’ spells ‘god’ backwards. They should consider that it might be the higher power coming down to see just how well they do, what kind of people they are. The animals are right here, right in front of us. And how we treat these companions is a test.

I’m just a really normal, sensitive kind of go-about-my business everyday kinda guy. People see the tattoos, and they either read things or they see things and they don’t really know that I’m just this guy that gets up and makes coffee in the morning and hangs out with his friends and walks his dog and reads his Bible and goes about his day.

Controversy seems to be a by-product of what I do, rather like offence is the by-product of a dog urinating on the pavement. It just happens.

One thing that I have thought ever since Temple of the Dog is that I would never say no to an interesting collaboration, and that’s partly where Audioslave came from.

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  • AgrataPlayzs: Loreta is a magician… Because EACH AND EvERY ANIMAL TRUSTS HER.
    Like if you agree.
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  • George Senda: ” Why did you run away from me ? ”

    Not blonde and had no burger.


  • Pepper F0X: Him: I’M NOT GIVING UP ON U!!

    *Shoe laces become untied*

    Him: Wait just a moment, safety first!

    Me: *Chokes on popcorn from laughing*

    Edit-Yay I got a heart, thanks!!

    Edit 2-Wow, this is the most likes I ever gotten!!

  • MemGems: If your carrying a camera while your running, I suggest maybe getting a go-pro and use a harness to strap it to your chest along with using stabilizer, you’ll be able move faster and you’ll have both hands.
  • ItsDiamondnight Dragon: I hope when I grow up I can work for hope for paws and save animals
  • Sonja R: I love how Loretta gives food even after the dog is caught..his trust never diminishes. They feel her heart. One heart feels the other. Loretta is a very beautiful, special human being.
  • Izzy B.: What a good boy! He let her hold onto him and even carry him even though he was in so much pain. Thank you for saving him!
  • Guadalupe Caratachea: I feel so bad for echo ???? he’s pretty fast ? even with his leg broken?
  • lonewolf031: I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, Loretta is an angel.
  • Laurel Girard: What an determined dog Echo is! He did not want to be caught. Thank you for being equally determined and saving the poor pooch! I hope he gets an awesome home with lots of love.
  • Bapeboi: Im kinda sad because his left leg is gone . Im really very sad right now
  • Meaghan Reider: Who wouldn’t want this little bundle of joy ❤️
  • LittleLulubee: He looks so happy at the end, sitting next to Loretta ❤️
  • puppy dog: I would love to adopt echo, but I’m just a kid
  • Navisa: The 61 people who disliked this video were diagnosed as psychopaths……..
  • caitlin hq: I cry with my dog Tuffy everytime I watch these videos!!! ?❤❤ tysm for everything you do!
  • All Topics YouTuber: I love when he says “ok” “it’s ok” It makes me calm to
  • Matrixx: Poor thing man I just hate the fact these animals are just outside without a owner and food
  • James Figueroa: God bless Hope for Paws and all animals in accordance to Proverbs 12:10… +*
  • Donna: Such a smart little guy…he’s going to make an excellent family member for someone. I hope he has nothing but happiness…and tons of spoilage….in his future!
    Thanks for saving Echo!
  • Leslie Meeks: Wonderful & courageous rescue!! Fantastic Rescue Organization!! Thank you! ??? ??
  • Janet Cochran: You and your staff are always giving your love, devotion and tremendous heroic care to all these innocent fur babies and other animals, you are truly heroes!
  • Wendy Granger: Me : I’m dying of cuteness

    Friend: it is so cute but don’t die

    Me: ….

    Me: really
    Friend: lol ?

  • Jorge Paz: Loretta is so brave
  • Alizae Perez: Who ever disliked this u have no heart like if u agree
  • Jocelyn Heliane: I really love watching Loreta rescue an animal.
  • Mary Cameron: ???♥️ love you Echo ♥️♥️ thank you for saving this beautiful Dig ??????
  • RL RL: I’m a 50 YO man, and cry tears of joy every time I watch one of these. Your organization is the greatest! BTW, my Lab approves also 😉
  • Sin s: Oh my god…Hope FOR Paws indeed..
  • CookieKat 104: OMG I cried ?THANK YOU HOPE FOR PAWS!,
  • Jasmine Johnson: I soll this video and I cried so sad ?
  • Supreme Love: Aww poor dog I’ve rescued a dog before he was stuck in a drain and he had a broken leg
  • Dindin Private: Loretta – That was a very courageous rescue. Thank you so much and many Congratulations!!!
  • KK Prince: Hope for paws….I adore you-♡♡♡♡
  • mlfetterman: Thank you for being such wonderful people. I wish there were more like you! I ordered and just received my very own “lucky leash” for my Lucy girl. Now when we go out for our walks every day and I look at the leash, I smile and think of you. We watch all your videos together. We yell at the screen at times, telling the babies to not run away and cringe at their injuries or neglect, but we always know that you make it all better and they are so lucky to be found by you. Keep up the good work.
  • Thyy Dragonhart: thank you
  • Priscilla Wichrowski: Oh my God! Bless you for helping that dog, I wish I could take him. What a sweet dog.
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  • Fred Kronsteiner: Its so sad?
  • Gisela Karita: ok is it just me or …
    I wanted to see how every dog is doing, like who’s being adopted, who’s still with you?
  • Galaxy Gamer: 2:36 me in P.E., but my laces are tied ?
  • Engin Can: loreta we luv you
  • Fie Jensen: You: why did you ran away from me.
    Echo: bc i was scared idiot

    You are so good people

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  • cosmin pavel: 04:08 “Loretta, run with him to the car!
    Loreta: I got this!” (Picks up the dog like a boss). A strong sexy and beautifull (in soooo many ways) woman. You guys are doing a great job!
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  • mike rayner videos: Aww! .. bless his little heart ❤️… he was so scared and in such pain.. love how Loreta don’t care if she gets bit.. with her the dog comes first.. yet another amazing rescue :).. love you guys ❤️.. you so deserve all the support people can give ❤️
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I know this sounds generic, but I’m so happy to be home with my husband, my family, and my dog.

Border Collie Adoption – Baby Dogs For Sale

A living dog is better than a dead lion.’ Judge Douglas, if not a dead lion for this work, is at least a caged and toothless one. How can he oppose the advances of slavery? He don’t care anything about it.

In whatever adulation you get, there’s truth and there’s not truth. And wherever they dog you, and they say it was horrible – there’s truth and there’s not truth. It’s human nature to like to read the adulation more.

Grumpy Cat Wallpaper – Maltese For Adoption

If you want a long-term relationship that doesn’t require a lot of work, I say, get a dog. They love you no matter what. But when it comes to humans, there’s no secret; you really have to appreciate the person every single day.

My dog doesn’t worry about the meaning of life. She may worry if she doesn’t get her breakfast, but she doesn’t sit around worrying about whether she will get fulfilled or liberated or enlightened. As long as she gets some food and a little affection, her life is fine.

Second Chance Dog Rescue – Rez Dog Rescue

Well, even to this day, if I smell a Big Mac, I’m like Pavlov’s dog. My mouth starts watering immediately, like, ‘Man, that is so good,’ but I can’t take a bite of it.

The Dog Whisperer’ to me is a show that had a passion, and it helped me save relationships.

Town Of Islip Animal Shelter – Free Dachshund Puppies

It’s funny to me that people find other people getting coffee really interesting, or walking their dog in the dog park.

Writing ‘Dog Stars’ was coming home. My spirit just sang. It’s what I wanted to do my whole life.