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I see dog stories as an antidote to the dire news that nothing is ever going to get better.

I think, more than anything else, my dog’s death has made me grow up. I find myself thinking about the world in a more serious way.

Not wishing to blow my own trumpet, I’m as near to being the perfect dog owner as it is possible to be.

I panicked in my 20s and 30s about whether I was doing the right thing. I was an excited puppy, wanting to please people and feeling guilty that I’d had a privileged education and an acting career.

Logistically, moving from Miami and New Orleans all the way to Seattle isn’t the easiest thing. Really, for my dog, she was kind of the biggest hurdle to get here.

Whenever I climb I am followed by a dog called ‘Ego’.

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  • Norma Yuniari: Look how different the eyes before and after. I am so glad you are saved little one!
  • IncrediBelleJessi: I’m glad her foster decided to adopt her. Who could be more perfect than the one who taught her to trust again?
  • Michelle Anderson: Not hard to see why her foster fell in love! Much respect Hope for Paws for all that you do in giving these precious pups their HappilyEverAfter story!!!
  • Angys Babes: I’m not just commenting this because a lot of people do but this actully made my day I was it having the best day but this made it better??
  • Tu-Shey: I’m not a religious person but I can say with all confidence that you are doing Gods work.

    Thank you, so much

  • E Dawn: I hope to foster when I’m older! But I most likely will just adopt all the animals I foster, cause I just love animals so much!! Lol ?
  • Retired Army: I had to stop watching for a year, or so, because these are so heart-wrenching, even though they are usually “feel good” videos at the end. (And I’ve seen some horrible things)
    I don’t know how you do it, but thank God you do!
  • R. McBride: What a sweetie face! The look of terror in her eyes at the beginning just crushed my heart. So lovely to see her so happy now.
  • Great- grandma Kirk: She was so scared ? poor little thing thank u for saving her.❤️
  • Nat Le: I can understand why, she is so adorable and her adoptive siblings seem to have formed a really lovely bond as well ❤️
    Edit: them reassuring each other with kisses ?
  • Tman NC: Looks like she’s having a grand time, probably the first time in her life.
  • janithvi mahima: Her scared eyes when being rescued, i got tears ??
  • The Byronicmann: It’s heart breaking seeing them so scared but so good seeing them happy at the end! Well done guys! ❤️
  • Akari Rioko: Good job guys!!! As always! Blessed you all for being true compassionate human beings
  • Queen B: Just hate breeders and abandoners. I remember my dog who lived 14 years long god bless his soul was living in a huge house with everything in it. But the family didn’t care I used to go visit him everyday till they gave him to me and I lived in a 3 bedroom apartment. He was so happy despite having so many healthy issues he was the most playful, spoilt and agile dog. And now I have a cat that I saved when he was a kitten saved it 5 times put it with his mother but she wasn’t ready to accept him. So on the 5th day when I heard noises from the sewer I picked him up and brought him home, the vet said I could try saving him but chances are low and even if he does survive his back portion won’t let him walk ever. I stayed up all day and night nursing him and after a week I was trying to give him to the shelter he meowed at me for the very first time and I was like that’s it we are going back home and now it’s been 4 years now. He is perfectly fine with no issues and the vet says he is amazed with him being normal. So now my MIMIPOT is one big cat who is spoilt and pretty much thinks I’m his slave. But I love it. Please be nice to animals they really don’t need much from us, rather than buying 10 fancy things buy 9 and donate the money of the 10th to these charities. Do whatever you can anything in anyway always help even if it’s only the thought that you want to help. Thanks sorry for the long story.
  • Silvie Ficová: It is amazing how friendly and loving rescued animals are, how compassionate and empathic ! Humans are stupid – blind and deaf … that is very bad for us – we have to come back to Earth again and again …
  • Dolphin HH: This is amazing you have saved some many lives and made everyone’s lives so much more happy! This means a lot what you do and I thank you so much, Bless you.
  • Jay Jay: 0:23 I tried to look over to the other side on my phone lol…?
  • Mairwyn Curtis: God Bless the “foster fails” – they are my favorite endings of ALL TIME!!!
  • Food Kart: *Who thinks Animals are way better than evil selfish humans…… !?*
    PS: I donate all the proceeds from my Food channel here for welfare of animals, hopefully U doin your part too ?
  • Casas Lalah: Yeeh! For Brave.FOSTERs you are the best for adopting her ??
  • Annie Corbin: Omg, that’s exactly the story of my BooBoo! He came to me as a foster when the breeder dumped him at a vets office. He will never be afraid or alone again.
  • Judith Neeley: She’s a cutie! It’s wonderful to see her so happy after the loss of her pups and life she had before. Her sadness broke my heart.
  • Jenny: Seeing her play with the other dogs ?❤
  • Nocturnal: Love your work hope for paws, some people can be so disgusting.
  • Lidia Blanco Camacho: Esos ojitos, esas orejitas, esa mirada señor del cielo no tiene precio, eres tan lindo mírate corazón! ?
  • Glenn Weeks: those little eyes broke my heart…
  • Ruuyu-san: Such a lovely dog?l am crying OMG
  • Octo girl: Im so happy when i see the rescue dogs tail wagging at the end?
  • Kovu is a Weirdo: Her lil eyes At the begening thooo..
    So cute
  • Lucy B: Beautiful darling, so happy she’s found her forever home ??
  • Lisa G: Awwww this one made me cry tears of happiness when I saw her running on the beach so happy and loved ?❤️
  • MeLlamabanTerry: I love all these foster fails.. I’m one of them!?
  • Pepper F0X: Not first, but I think I broke my finger pressing on the notification to hard.
  • shannon w: Brave is absolutely adorable! I am so happy she has a forever home ❤
  • kasandra: I love the happy endings
    Thank you, how beautiful it is, it looks happy now
    Good job
  • Keyla Ponce: I am so happy that Brave has a home and is loved so much!❤
  • 1911HeadBanger: From SCared, alone, hungry and unloved.  To Happy, Healthy, Loved and part of a Family.  God Bless Hope For Paws and all of their friends, associates and partners and the work you do.
  • bhagat singh: This is the meaning of being human, salute you ????
  • Hermiony 78: That moment you hugged the dog, and he New that it was gonna be ok.
  • Kylieee: The cute little kiss at the end <3
  • Tressa: I love the little cute spots on her head…..God bless!
  • marinarasauce: she is darling, i love the meaning behind her name. thank you hope for paws for just being amazing once again ?
  • Akhila hoskere sridhar: It is so terrible to see a dog so scared and shivering when touched ???it kills me
    Tysm u guys for saving her from further harm❤❤❤
  • Hi: 1:35
    Damn, she was ready to strike with that long claws
  • Shari Nelson: I’m so happy her foster mom is now her forever mom!
  • Lindsay Hayward: Awwwww brave is so cute!
    I’m so happy she got adopted!
    She fits in so well with her pack!
  • Fall Out! At The Disco: The name ‘Brave’ suits her ?
  • Amsy Aragoncillo: These people who disliked the video are breeders.
  • Lynne Walton: Beautiful girl happy and safe now ?
  • Gloria Willis: When I’m older I want to be a vet ??
  • MaryCR: @1:43 that sweet little girl looked up at Loretta w a glint of hope in her eyes….God Bless her sweet soul..
  • Bramblestar The smelly: 1:09 her eyes were sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo cute (or his)
  • Lahana Tadakamalla: That’s soooo sad that she lost her pups ??????? but Brave is sooooooo cute!!!!!!!! Who would abandon such a cute dog!!!!❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️???????????? Thank you for saving her!!!!!
  • Akio 2D: 2:57 Hello I’m Brave and i most faster dog in earth 🙂
  • iiTheShatteredSoulii: I feel so guilty for leaving a little puppy on his own in the streets when I was walking from school I hate myself.
  • Snapple Snack: awww she looked so scared! breaks my heart :{
  • Tunbuntunbun: Awww, thank you guys so much for resqueing her! ????
  • Gone Zapatero: She was so scared, wow, glad you saved her
  • Darlene Washington: Beautiful, God bless u guy’s always neve fail
  • lemontea128: Awwwww she’s gorgeous! Poor baby ?
  • Kim Berly: It reminds me of my dog?
  • Casey Finnegan: She’s sooo sweet!! I love this channel! <3
  • pupper: What a beautiful girl ?
  • Barb Murphy: Oh I love a good foster fail!!! Bless you all and most of all…Brave! ♥️♥️♥️
  • Tracy Davies: I love a good foster fail story ?❤️so happy this little one found her forever home ?
  • Thatonefriend: Imma start fostering animals as soon as I’m old enough! I would love to be able to help these beautiful creatures
  • Maritza Zeiberg: This is so amazing keep up the work ?
  • jasmine k: Awe she’s so adorable ?. Hope u find her a forever home
  • Geraldine McGuckin: OMG I am in love! Look at the wee tail up and having such fun
  • Paw Palz: I love how she went from being so scared to happy. Nice video!
  • Emilyblu: Awe, that was awesome, Im so happy she was adopted. Happy dance!!!
  • Debbie Heine: When I first discovered your channel, I binge watched. Since then, I watch every video you post. My favorite part of each is when the rescued pet receives a bath. How he/she must feel to begin a new life filled with love and affection. It’s like all the bad is being washed away.
    For some reason, this video touched my heart, and made me cry a lot. I’m so happy that Brave has a wonderful start to a new and fabulous life. God bless you for the work you do.
  • Prince Joey: Thank You, God, for sending human angels here on earth.
  • elegant0896: Awesome! She’s loving her new life! So happy for her!
  • Maria Guerrero: Lol ….I love watching her catch the dog’s ?
  • TheGoddessOfDreams: I love this rescue. It made me cry
  • Arwyn Gibson: I want to do this when I’m older ? ?
  • iZaher: What you guys are doing is just incredible love you all ❤️
  • Oof: She kind of reminds me of my dog <3
  • D Turner: She looks very happy now, thank you so much for giving her the opportunity to thrive!
  • S. Garr.: I already have three rescues, I wished that I could have more. ????
  • Robyn Kallee: 1:10 I love dogs! Aw right here the puppa looked so scared he thought they were dog catchers and he looked up for a way to escape then looked back at them scared for life I felt so bad
  • Rachel Disk: Oh the irony of the name at first. 🙂
  • Rudi’s Planet: I love Hope For Paws ? ♥️
  • sue Rea: Poor baby she’s so scared. I just love her big ears. She’s so cute!!!
  • Hi people’s: ❤️❤️❤️Bless that dog❤️ ❤️❤️
  • Nova Morf: Such a sweet sweet video! I can’t stop smiling. 🙂
  • Ham. R.: They all deserve the best Life with unlimited love.

    Thanks once again nd God bless

  • Nikola L: I love how you help animals my dog died but I’m trying to be happy of my life ❤️????♥️??????
    Her name was roxi I miss her so much????????
  • chickapey: she is so beautiful ! Her before and after is amazing!
  • MEESJE: I love the things you guys do for animals. Its realy nice. Much love❤❤❤???
  • Sonia R: I love the little kiss between the 2 dogs at the end ?
  • Ivan Volf: That eyes ? she was scared as hell
    Nice to see her happy again ??
  • Eddie Rodriguez: All I could see were those hips on the gorgeous blonde??
  • Animal Luck: I love all your videos and they make me cry in a goodish way ? ?
  • C Noelle2.0: I love all the names you give the dogs ot diys their character very well???
  • alin0909: I love seeing the tails wagging!
  • Godess Call: Brave is so adorable. I’m glad you saved her.

When I go and work with people, I never say, ‘Your dog is changed for the rest of its life.’ It’s like a diet. You’ve got to maintain a discipline and ritual in your life to keep a certain figure.

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The media should be ready to cover every event at the Oberois’ residence. If Vivek’s dog has dysentery tomorrow, we should be prepared to hear Vivek talk about it on camera for three hours.

I hope that dog lovers around the world will support the Cruelty Free International global campaign to end the use of dogs in outdated and cruel experiments.

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I have a dog. It’s an English mastiff called Dolly. Her middle name is Poppy.

The number one mistake is giving pets table scraps. I made the mistake thinking I was showing my dog love by giving her food and treats. You see a tiny 4 oz. piece of cheese, but for a Boston Terrier like mine, that’s like one and a half hamburgers. That’s unhealthy.

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On the one hand, I want to go off and live in the desert with my dog and sculpt things out of adobe.

Owners who buy aggressive dogs for security may be kidding themselves: The chances that the victim of a fatal dog attack will be a burglar or human attacker are 1-in-177. The odds that the victim will be a child are 7-in-10.

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Right before ‘ANTM,’ I was offered a recurring role for the TV show ‘Switched at Birth.’ I had to pick one because both of the shows were happening at the same time. I couldn’t choose, though, so decided to let my dog Foxy decide. She picked ‘ANTM!’

I’m even able to have kind of a little bit of a second career in dog rescue. Doesn’t pay anything, but it’s become a real passion for me.

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