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Bad stories are written about me because the press knows they can make me into a weeping dog and few people will object.

I would look at a dog and when our eyes met, I realized that the dog and all creatures are my family. They’re like you and me.

Now that I have a dog, I frequently have to take him out and get some exercise, which also gets me exercise.

In the past when I was in Hollywood, I was like a dog. I felt humiliated. My English was not good. People would even ask me ‘Jackie Who?’.

My first pet at home in Edinburgh was a dog my dad had called Glen. He was a small sheepdog and went with my dad every day to work as manager of a cooking centre, which made the children’s lunches for schools.

There are writers, and I know some of them, who are very disciplined. Who write, like, four pages a day, every day. And it doesn’t matter if their dog got run over by a car that day, or they won the Irish sweepstakes. I’m not one of those writers.

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  • Kitty Kitty: What about the two cats by the car are they ok
  • omg really: I fill so bad for those cats but wait there was other cats there to need homes
  • Angel Crowley: “!I don’t know how to close this door!”

    “Lower it like a guillotine”

    “Ah yeah that does it”

  • OpalStar27: What about the other kittens?
  • Heru Muhammad: i hate that people just throw trash Anywhere ITS DANGEROUS PEOPLE!!! What if they didnt find the cat?? Or what if sombody Ran over the Jar with their Car and busted a tire?? IT MAKES ME MAD AND SAD AT THE SAME TIME!!!! Poor kitty ??? thanks for saving it!

    Edit: OOF i didnt know i would get likes Thanks! I. Just hate to see people or animals get hurt

  • Abbie and maddie Hernandez vlogs and show: Omg when the kitten was crying I was so heartbroken POOR kitten
    Please like is YOU agree
  • babe brown: Thank you for caring about every animal- it’s always so kind

    You sit for hours if need be,
    You guys are the real hero’s of the world

  • Denice Moody: These people just warm my heart. My heart is so full of joy.
  • Olivia Taylor: Wait did you get the other two?? They probably miss him 🙁
  • Frances Gwatking: I am not allowed to go near a cat but i would go to help them are they ok please say they are ok
  • Katrice Ortiz: Did y’all get the other kittens ?
  • Doris Daumann: I never can stand a crying kitten … ?
    These cats are very beautiful – so good that you guys saved them – God bless you !! ??
  • Norai Darif: The reason why they left the others is because they live there for a reason but this cat was indangered
  • Chuck Keough: Those kitty cries break my heart. So glad you guys are saving lives. Love you Hope For Paws!
  • Ceely: You guys are the best at saving pets I been dreaming of being one of you guys
  • G Scarlatti: 3:48

    He finally knows what love is. And it is good. ?

  • Cyber Spinosaur: Oh my gosh, I can’t imagine the relief finally having that jar off of you. I hope he’s doing ok, and the others
  • Masked Hero: 1:32 The Cat Changed The Tone Of His Meowing Wich Sounds Like A Cry
  • Becky Irene: When the cat started meowing when caught, I literally started tearing up?. Who else???????
  • Ashlee Hill: I let my cat watch the video with me and he never took his eyes away from the screen!!
  • Evan Brah: I feel so sad about the other cats, part of me wishes they were still kittens so they could be domesticated… I hope they’re doing well even for ferals ❤️❤️❤️
  • Wolfie Playez: Aww hi Jarrow! Your still very brave, even with the jar on your head! Stay strong and sweet!??❤❤❤???
  • Madeline Chiu: i add a jar to every like i get


  • Tricia AW: Hope For Paws rescues never fail to make me tear up.
    The compassion and love you have for ALL animals gives ME hope for humanity.
    Thank you for rescuing Jarrow, and for all you do. Hope he has his forever home ?
  • Twintasticduo Bella & Arwen: Whenever I watch your videos they warm my heart to see amazing kind people like you in this world to help animals in need, thank you for that!?
  • Lokitty Lauefson: Adorable I really love what you guys do!? Keep it up!
  • NipponCat Japanese Lessons: Poor baby. It was crying so much. Thank you for rescuing him/her.
  • Rivers Cloud: I was so afraid for the little boy!! I love him ?
  • Catherine Sullivan: Oh I love you all so much! I cannot stop watching you! So many hearts from Seattle!
  • Erika Hahn: wow new things to carry in car: castile soap to loosen glass and plastic jars stuck on strays heads?
  • Victoria LightningHawk: ugh I was literally in tears I thought the cat was going to die ???????
  • Nitka_q 12: I’m crying? thank you for save that cute cat ❤️??
  • Ellie Games: 3:53 I have that exact same stormfly plushie
  • •IINico i•: I did a report on you guys at school! I love what you do!
  • Marios Papaioannou: What about the other kitties

    Btw love you Hope for Paws ❤

  • rodolfo vasquez: I love how they do such a good deed for cats and dogs specifically because cats and dogs are very fast?
  • kitty bouncer: When the cat was meowing when he was trapped in the net irt sounded like WHY?WHY?WHY?
  • ердан осмонгача: MashaAllah ☝️☝️☝️❤❤????????
  • fan of every thing: There’s a female cat with its three babies that lives in my terrace i try my best to give them food and pet them daily
    Your videos motivated me to do this 😀
  • Mike Jones: When he said lower it like a guillotine I couldn’t help but bust out laughing so hard
  • Melodie Frances: Omigod. Bless you for helping him.
  • Eka Widodo: thank you for helping him ??????
  • Galaxy Sky Star: Wait a minute..I Live near there!!
  • ex59neo53: U lost the opportunity to call him Jared 🙂
    ( Jar … head …. OK I’m already gone :p )
  • lps rose Productions: Omg I love cats this is so just omg I’m cring with joy omg its safe omg ????????????
  • Ajla Rexhepi: This made my cry because i love love loooove kitties!!
  • JustAutumn :3: Awwww that poor thing! ?❤️ thank you for rescuing them
  • Monkey Murphy: Please comment me while I was in the other cats please tell me you’re safe ??
  • Rogem Ollino: What happened to the other cats?
  • Whitney Wagner: He looks so much like my cat omg
  • EmilyGamerKitten1 :3: You seperadet Them how could you!??
  • Tahlia Booth: You have inspired me to do this when I leave school thank you so so much.?
  • Itz_Lara_The_Witch: Once, there was a cat in my yard just soaking in the sun, my dad told me to go see if it was our cat (Ali) it wasn’t, but he was so beautiful, but here’s the sad part, his muscle and skull was showing on his head, I ran inside and broke down crying and told my dad. We fostered it and rubbed vasaline on his head, every night, he slept in the barn because my dad was always in the barn, working, so he would have a friend when my dad wasn’t at him job. We called the humane society and they took him, my mom showed me a post on Facebook about him, my sisters and I thought of names, it was Hope, if it was a girl, and Skully, if it was a boy. So Skully got a home, he is happy and healthy, and I miss him so much, but I saved him, and gave him a home, that, for me, is the biggest win ever! Please respect all animals, and thinks about if that was you, would you want to die because some idiot did a hit and run, no, so, that is Skully’s story. Go rescue an animal!<3 Edit: OMG Thank You, Hope For Paws!
  • Neil Carroll: You are a amazing man I wish I could be like you when I’m older
  • ginmar: Oh, God, I need to go hug my kitties now.
  • Kaylee Rios: I saw like 5 or 4 other cats though, what about them too?
  • Sky Cookie: IM SO SAD ABOUT THIS KITTEN!!! ?? I hope i Will ne like you!!! ?
  • mxmmy cat: I hate to see the poor cats in pain ???
  • Danietss.: Omg his screams?? poor baby
  • Maxx Reverie: I am SO glad Jarrow found a new home 🙂
  • Smelly DOnut: jarrow is so beautiful 🙂
  • TT OST: We LOVE you Hope for Paws, Eldad and Loretta <3 <3 <3
  • Blissful Arrogance: His little plaintive cry was so heartfelt.❤️
  • Truelove: Name him “RECYCLE”
  • Hailey Sanders: I love what you guys do for these animals❤️❤️ but why name him after something that could have killed him?anyways love you guys????????
  • Ennyxx Gil: God Bless ya’ll ❤️??
  • Frεε Heart and Paw Necklace on my Profile: Aww gorgeous! ??
  • TinyTot101: Hope For Paws inspired me to save a dog that was living alone on the street shes living happier now her name is Freya
  • Rozina Hasnain: Thanks for saving Jarrow but what about the other two
  • April A: Thanks for saving the kitten. I hope the kitten finds a loving forever home.
  • Ruben Daniel: Great job, thank you once again.
  • Dinosaur gaming: You guys are amazing for saving that cute kitten
  • MemGems: His meows. My god, my heart hurts.
  • Heather Wells: Thank you so very much for saving his life.?????

    Please can you go back to the same place and rescue the other cats as well please. ?

    Thank you so very much.

  • Brandi Palmer: i love you hope for paws!!!!!!!
  • Izdet Nelson: Thank you for saving kittens ❤️
  • Celia Nancy: Jajaja ? Amor, Amor, Amor! Muy bien, Muy bien, Muy bien! Maravilloso! Muchas Gracias! Mis amores, pequeños hermosos e inocentes! ????❤️?????
  • It’s Mimi: Wait what about the other cats? ???
  • Ezella Calvillo: Aww I feel bad thank you for saving it I love cats and kittens
  • trendy music: should have called jarvour jar survivour ❤
  • Diana V: You are amazing people. Love that you help all these animals and that poor poor cat. He is absolutely gorgeous, damn well thankful you managed to hell
  • Jess Kastelein: My cat was next to me when I watched this and heard the meowing and got worried ?
  • Veronika McDonald King: <3 <3 <3 <3 I hope you'll show more cat rescues and rehabs.
  • AGOY_ Yogateacher DK: Thank you JoAnn for being amazing ❤️
  • Forrest: 3:12 This is known as a California stop.
  • Ambrosha Rogers: I watched so much im crying it makes me happy
  • Leslie aka crookstanks: Adorable! He turned in his feral card pretty quickly.
  • DJpotato Luna: Im so happy that someone helps animals ?
  • Deborah’s Designer Cakes: I’m so glad he/her is saved
  • Don’t Read My Profile Picture: aww hes so cute i hope shes okay i love you guys aww so sweet :3
  • Salma Sbeih: I cried when i saw her ur the best saving paws
  • Maddie Baase: im really thinking of adopting him… wish me good luck!!
  • Sky Fluff: Why didn’t you save the other two stray cats?

Letters actually work. Even the top dog himself takes time every day to read 10 letters that are picked out by staff. I can tell you that every official that I’ve ever worked with will tell you about the letters they get and what they mean.

St Bernard Rescue Dog – Cute Puppy Wallpaper

I don’t really understand that process called reincarnation but if there is such a thing I’d like to come back as my daughter’s dog.

The first time I ever spoke to John Cassavetes was at a Lakers game. I got up to go for a hot dog, and he was coming in the opposite direction. I don’t know who said hello first, but we started talking, and it turned out that he went to high school with my first wife, Alice.

Dachshund Puppies For Adoption – Pusheen Cat Wallpaper

Herb Solo at that time was the head of MGM. I said, ‘I want to live like Clint Eastwood.’ Did I know at that time Clint Eastwood, to him, Heaven was a truck, a dog, and a picnic basket for food or something?

I look at myself like a show dog. I’ve got to keep her clipped and trimmed and in good shape.

Doberman Wallpaper – Wildlife Wallpaper

We heard about people who went backstage at dog shows with scissors and cut parts of a poodle’s hair off to sabotage the dog.

It is rewarding beyond words to rescue a dog from the shelter and have that dog become part of your family.

Rocky Mountain Puppy Rescue – Great Dane Puppies For Adoption

I need to be able to be at a gig and just put my bag on the floor and not worry about it being stood on or getting ruined. You want a bag that can go through anything. And a little bit of softness is always lovely. If I don’t have a dog, I can just pet my bag!

I never thought it was fair that women couldn’t travel freely because it was dangerous. I’d stay by myself on the North Carolina coast for a couple of weeks, with my dog and my gun, and my mom would be terrified. I told her, if I stay home, a lamp could fall on my head. You can’t spend your whole life inside because you’re scared.

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