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You cannot share your life with a dog, as I had done in Bournemouth, or a cat, and not know perfectly well that animals have personalities and minds and feelings.

My campaign is about getting pets to be more active, and exercise with your animal is a great way for people to exercise. When you’re out with your pet, it becomes fun. You don’t think of it as a chore. For me, taking my dog out for a walk is very relaxing.

I am fine with ‘Puppy Love.’ I hated it for a while. But I still sing it. I have a country version, a sexy version and a cheesy nightclub version. I am trying to infuse it with maturity. I will never escape that song. I will always be Mr. ‘Puppy Love.’

I came down to Los Angeles without knowing anyone. I had my dog, and that was it.

I signed a dog collar. Someone gave me their dog – a live dog – and I signed its collar. When they handed me the dog, I didn’t know what to do. That was weird.

Everything I have has dog hair on it, and that’s just the way it is.

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  • MakeupMenaree: What a sweetie! You can tell he was very loved bf he was on the streets. I’m so happy he gets a 2nd chance at being loved again!
  • A Floyd: People, your older family members have pets that deserve to stay with your family when they pass, so have a damn plan in place as to who the next loving caretaker will be! Don’t just thoughtlessly abandon pets!
  • Kathy Macomber: I never realized how exhausted they are when they can’t relax
  • Sneaky Evil Vampire: My friend and I rescued a dog and we quickly went to a place to help him see if he had a chip. He didn’t but we called out community police and they found his owners! I’m proud I was able to help someone find their dog
  • Paolo Dimal: That was sad?
    The owner Died and his dog get homeless?
  • McKaylee Evangelista: He’s so adorable and not aggressive ?much love to Yoda ❤️❤️
  • Chrissy J: When I make my will my pets will definitely be included…. thanks for saving him… he’s beautiful ❤️? ?? ❤️
  • Thu Lekovish: He’s so cute. Blondie likes him too. Thanks, Lisa and JoAnn, Yoda is safe now. Next stop, a forever loving home.
  • Richard W: What a happy scrappy little guy. Hope he has many years left to be loved.
  • Kristy *: Yoda you are safe and happy! Yes another wonderful rescue. He is a charmer. Many blessings Hope for Paws!!
  • Walker Family Walker: The resin y I’m watching this is because me and my family adopted him
  • Princessa Lucia: I don’t understand the 115 thumbs down; what’s wrong with people. Little Yoda was saved, that’s a good thing.
  • An awkward bunny: 3:20
    I just love how he smiled after Lisa gave him a kiss on the cheek ??❤️
  • Jenna Whelan: 3:15
    “oh!” *falls down*
    i love this so much! love you guys!
  • Rubab M: i wanted to say thank you not only for what you do but sharing this with us? im really, really frightened of dogs (its an irrational fear i’ve had since i was child, even though i do love and care for dogs, seeing them in person really strikes my fear) but these videos really help me see and try to stick into my head how gentle dogs are in person, i really do feel that these videos help with my fear! thank you again for all you guys do!
  • Paxus: i nearly pissed myself laughing when he shook himself so hard he nearly fell over
  • Endorphin Rider: “Do you like to lay on your back?!”
  • Aurelija Garbanovaite: 3:20 omg after she kissed him he just SMilEd Im meltingggg
  • Au Dio’: Truly the force was with him!! precious Yoda!!
    p. s. wow!! didn’t see the leash slipped on him. That was amazing!!
  • Mikey Mike: I would like to see one of the large fast food chains donate free cheeseburgers for life to Hope For Paws, for their rescue missions. 🙂 It would be a great public relations for the company. If anyone in power that works at one of these fast food chains reads this, please consider it. Cheers, 🙂
  • The Seattle Life: “I Need Baby Gates!”Me…
  • Luna Bella: His just the sweetest thing ever I love him ??❤️??
  • ꧁Çøõkíë࿐ eRRoR: Ur the best hope thank for saving so many animals keep up the good work
  • ARHL AI: 3:20 that smile when yoda got kissed ? ? ? ?
  • Joanna: Aww what a cutie ❤️ He looks like a shiba chihuahua mix to me ?
  • Gaby Dersch: So cute. Love him.❤?❤ God bless you.
  • Regina L.: Yoda’s beautiful smile after being kissed! Seeing the incredible transformations and the happiness and gratitude of those saved animals is wonderful.
  • Puja Manandhar: Aww his smile at 3:21 made my heart melt.????
  • Elvira Forsberg: 3:20
  • Sammi C: So sweet! He just wants somebody love, bless him ❤ I hope he got his forever home x
  • Arnier Hamz: 3:20 OMGOSHH he smiled <3
  • Join the Journey: Fantastic work that you are doing … love the story! Bath scene was heartwarming
  • Sara vu: This reminds me of my dog that died 2 days ago??❤️❤️??????
  • Alexa Cardenas: I love this channel it makes me cry every time and it’s so heartwarming
  • Sea Pig: 3:19 That cheesy smile after he gets a kiss.
  • Panthera Pardus: He’s cute <3 He sure has alot of energy. I am glad that you guys saved him <3
  • Joey Jojo jr. Shabadoo: I just have to say thank you for doing what you do, and that the blond lady in these videos is absolutely gorgeous.
  • Kenzie Gaming: I wanna help like them when I get older
  • Livin’ N Lavender: Aw that beautiful smile he had on his face made my day♥️?
  • MY FAVORITE DOLLS AND MINITURES: Awe, he is so adorable! I’m so happy they were able to rescue him, and give him a chance to be loved again.
  • Anastasia Popescu: Ohh my god he is ADORABLE??
  • AllieRose: That SMILE ?❤️ So precious
  • Shelby the Small: Aw thank u for everything hope for paws ❤️
  • HybridYuki: HE’S SO CUTE I WANT HIMMMM!! ♥ D’:
  • seema rampersad: Oh he is so cute I love his I wish I can have him
  • Kosmik: Aww, Yoda is so cute. ♥ And he looks just like Yoda with those ears. 😀
  • Matt Wicked: The same thing happened with the dog that claims me as his owner, his owner’s passed away days apart. Their sons never took care of him, so he learned to climb up the chain link fence. So one day je was walking past, i hollared for him. Every since that day, he comes and goes. Comes to get some food, some water and sleeps on the back deck. I’m glad to see this dog get the same treatment, every pet needs a good home an good treatment.
  • Gucci. Juice: I’m so happy that we have ppl like u guys in this world❤️❤️
  • triffin55: Aww he’s so friendly, his momma must have loved him so much. I’m sure she’s thankful you found him
  • Gealeen Eun: When he smiled. I got smitten ??
  • J So: Awww. What a great dog. I love seeing your rescue expand with even more rescue ninjas! 🙂
  • Nancy Chuba: He is so adorable thank you for saving him and has a second chance god bless
  • Hobi’s Sprite: Poor baby
  • Emma’s Life: Love this rescue love little yoda !!!!!♥♥
  • Takuma Sensei: He run his love directly in your face ?
  • Lilly Lloyd: It’s very sad to see that poor Dog on the streets, because his owner is gone sad very sad, am glad u guys got him, Thank you
  • Brenda Dog Friend: Aww, sweet little Yoda! I can see he was loved, and well cared for! I’d take him in a heartbeat!!❤❤ Great rescue!!??
  • pixiemimi20: Yoda finally relaxing in the car??
  • Spirit Fox: Yoda? That’s such a cute name! I also love Star Wars so the name reminds me of that ??
  • Toni Aguilar: Awww, Lisa, YOU should adopt him, he absolutely loves and adores you. ❤❤❤
  • Alpha DoubleS: It looks like he’s smiling, so cute ?
  • LMS VLOGS Darkness club: You guys make me so happy what y’all do!!!
  • Casper Douglas: He has such a gorgeous little personality I’m sOft
  • Robert Martin Chaplain: if only it was 2019 I would have adopted him in a heart beat!!!! I hope he found a forever home!!! Thank you Ladies for all that you do!!!! Hoping that Yoda found a home!!!
  • Lorrie Rabbit: You made me smile from ear to ear… I was so happy for him and his new life ! Thank you guys !! You rock ! As always !!
  • Juli Oh: He’s so cute. It’s sad that the owner died. Thank you for saving him.
  • Elani Aniyvwia: What a sweet playful boy!!! Just show this video he will find a home!! He’s so adorable!!!
  • Michael Mendillo: I am sure the owner is looking on with a Big Smile !!! God Bless you all !!! Just Beautiful !!! ??✌???
  • William Miles: Look at his smile, so cute ???❤
  • Stephanie W: This is one of the cutest pups i have ever seen rescued! <3
  • Chrissie’s Cuties: I just donated. You all touch my heart and life. Blessings♡♡
  • Luminus: Good job by your team & another precious life rescued!Thank you & my sincere respect.. Many blessings & keep it going!???
  • Evi Chr: I am in love with him ????
  • chrstn243: That smile he gave after getting a kiss from one of his rescuer was heart warming
  • Vanna Rocha: She is so very precious ! Thanks that she is safe and will be loved ?
  • Mariposa_ 05: OMG love his little smile 🙂
  • Overstar: Why couldn’t the person’s relatives take the dog themselves?!? Dogs can’t ever be cold, hungry and scared for the rest of their lives!
  • Sarah holland: What a sweet little dog. He looked so happy to be saved❤️
  • Vanessa Laurence: This is one of the cutest fur babies I’ve ever seen. Thank You Angels were there to save him????
  • R Sezi: What a happy ending ?❤️
    Thank you heroes ?
  • Cita Garcia: Yoda’s adorable i’m sure his owner loved him so much
  • Gacha Cake :3: So cute
  • Jane Doe: y’all just really pulling on my heartstrings
  • Luna Bella: I love this little guy his such a cutie and adorable ?❤️? his just full of love whoever adopts him is gonna be the luckiest person in the world ??❤️❤️❤️ i wish I could adopt him ???❤️❤️❤️
  • Lois Griffiths: Good job by your team & another precious life rescued!
  • roy oquendo: OmG all that energy lol ??God bless hope for paws
  • Katy Bonilla: So cuteee
  • JadeRider6: A happy Yoda he is???AWW!!! The best rescue result I’ve seen??
  • Pancho: he’s so much lovely ❤️
  • Rhonda D: Heartbreaking that he was so alone after his owner died. Thank you so much for saving him. What a sweetie.
  • pauline holden: Wow look at his smiles at the end!! ? aww so glad he was rescued and he was obviously missing those human fusses and loves the poor fella,amazing job yet again you guys,bless you all ❤
  • Lely’s Life: Watching these videos only inspires me more to become a vet assistant! ?❤️ I start school in 2 months! ??
  • Kerit Ann: he looks so happy now??
  • Wild Mules-sso: OMG so cute i love this organisation ❤️❤️
  • SAMMIsLIFE: Awww! Hes such and adorable happy little guy ❤
  • Shaddow: You guys make the world a better place by rescuing these pups and I’m so proud to be a supporter <3
  • Viona GS: that smile at the end ?
  • Sanat Naik: I feel so relaxed and happy when I see a happy dog.♡
  • Pia Canlas: It’s so nice to see Liza and Joan again. ?❤️
  • Sanga Sasanka: Yoda – The cutest dog ever?? well done hope for the paws ?

I never thought it was fair that women couldn’t travel freely because it was dangerous. I’d stay by myself on the North Carolina coast for a couple of weeks, with my dog and my gun, and my mom would be terrified. I told her, if I stay home, a lamp could fall on my head. You can’t spend your whole life inside because you’re scared.

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Training a dog, to me, is on a par with learning to dance with my wife or teaching my son to ski. These are fun things we do together. If anyone even talks about dominating the dog or hurting him or fighting him or punishing him, don’t go there.

You’re never the same after you run the Iditarod, and I still lust to go out and run with dogs, even though I know that I shouldn’t. But I’d give just about anything to be able to do it again. To see the horizon again from the back of a dog team would be wonderful.

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The ‘Chronicles of Narnia’ have been favourites of mine since my childhood when I misread ‘Aslan’ as ‘Alsatian’ and was struck by the genius of naming a lion after a dog!

You can’t go to medical school and come out and be like, ‘I’m going to be a dog catcher.’ That would be so pointless.

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A lot of people think I am the one to turn to for dog behavior issues. I’m not. All you have to do is meet Tucker; you’ll know that I’m not an expert at training dogs.

I have removed the spleen from a dog, from cats, and rabbits. In all cases, the animals survived the operation and did not appear to be in the least affected by the absence of the organ.

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It is not the size of the dog in the fight that counts, but the size of the fight in the dog.

I’m such an impulse buyer. I once went into a pet store for dog food and left with a fish tank and five fish. And yes, of course I forgot to buy dog food.

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